Chapter 039 – That Fox Lady Is So Moist, So Attractive

“En. I more or less understand your thoughts. You may be excused! Jie Ruisi! Do you know why I have called you?”

“Ascetic Ka, your disciple does not know!”

“It’s fine if you don’t know. Although you are the number two genius in whole clan, even if Yajia Luojia is really dead, you will still remain as number two. The position of number one will never belong to you! Therefore, it is sufficient for you to just be my coachman this time! Additionally, Ancestor has said that it is preferable to kill a thousand than overlook one. If I find out that you hold any intents towards Young Master Yajia Luojia, the consequences you will suffer will be painful to bear!”

“Your dis-disciple does not dare! Your disciple has always esteemed Senior Disciple…”

“You will have a chance in the future to say these words. For now, go and prepare a Windline beast. We will head to Iris City!”


When Li Xuan walked out of his private cultivation room and felt the clean and refreshing air, his heart brimmed with satisfaction.

For now, he did not bother thinking about the sudden problem he had encountered regarding Xing Yi Quan due to his lack of understanding. Rather, he simply felt the mystique and beauty of nature in silence.

This world was different, and its strength system was different as well. However, the intrinsic nature of the Dao still remained the same.

At least, Li Xuan’s beliefs had never been altered due to his circumstances and been interrupted.

“Some of the explanations in the《Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual》actually parallel my cultivation of inner jin through Xing Yi Quan in terms of manipulating energy channels somewhat. It may be possible to merge them together. As for that《7th Xing Tempering skill》, it unexpectedly has a few merits. Confucius says to review the old and know the new, so I must undergo a deep study on these things for a time.
At present, I still need to conduct some research with the materials and resources of this world in order to have a better understanding of my spirit attribute.”

As Li Xuan pondered in his mind, he made a determination to enter the Li Clan’s Hidden Book Pavilion—although it was an extremely valued forbidden ground within the Li Clan. He simply did not care.

Based on his innate talent, if even he was refused when making a request to the Li Clan, then who would the Li Clan nurture?

This world was cruel, and if one did not possess innate talent, they would be abandoned. If one did have innate talent, no one would think it strange if people worshipped that person.

“Elder Brother Li, you’ve come out?” At this moment, the Li Yuan’er who had previously led Li Xuan was brought to Li Xuan’s side under Shuang Er’s guidance.

“En, yes! What brings you to find me? Could it be that you’ve taken a fancy to this Young Master?” Li Xuan answered with a beaming smile as his face expressed frivolity.

“Elder Brother Li, just look at what you’re saying, truly! We’re cousins. These kinds of words definitely should not be said. En, this time I’ve come to pass along a message from Elder Li Tai of the Hidden Book Pavilion. In addition, Clan Leader has said to let you receive a certificate for your entry into the library…”
(TL: so there’s the Hidden Book pavilion, and then the author says library pavilion. They’re probably the same thing.)

Li Yuan’er stamped her feet on the ground in slight embarrassment as a faint hint of pink appeared on her face. She didn’t find her elder cousin’s teasing out of the ordinary. In her perspective, this Li Xuan was an undisciplined and unruly fellow that could not be measured using common sense.

“Hehe, why be this way, Younger Cousin? We don’t even know how far the distance between our elders and ancestors are, and it’s unknown what generation brothers our fathers are.”

Rather than answering Li Yuan’er’s last sentence, Li Xuan responded with this.

In great distress, Li Yuan’er saw that Li Xuan stared at her soft, full chest without restraint and immediately grew flustered. It seemed as if something within her heart swiftly began to ignite and burn, and she immediately said in panic: “Ah, this, Elder Brother Li. En, quickly go and receive your entry certificate. Yuan-Yuan’er will be leaving now.”

After she said this, Li Yuan’er completely disregarded her task and unexpectedly fled as if flying.

Li Xuan chuckled calmly as that frivolous expression of his disappeared in a flash and returned to normal.

“Young Master, you, you really are too indecent.” Little Shuang Er spoke with a bit of indignance.

“Little Shuang Er, Young Master in fact still only likes you. You’re young and innocent, so it’s more interesting to tease you. The feeling is much more lovely and refreshing.”

“Ah, Young Master, you pervert! Hmph, Shuang Er is going to tell Miss.” Shuang Er’s porcelain face immediately flushed red. Although she was a young girl, people matured early in this world. In comparison to the nineties generation of his old world, twelve or thirteen year olds who had already probed about concerning the human body could be found everywhere.

Or else, how could the population on this continent flourish to such an extent? This world had an area thousands of times larger than Earth, yet had a population tens of thousands of times greater than Earth’s population…

However, these things were beneath Li Xuan’s notice. After seeing Little Shuang Er pout in discontent, he only smiled faintly, then walked out of the courtyard loftily.

After exiting the courtyard, he twisted and turned through a number of hallways and paths and passed through two small courtyards. He was just about to look for someone to ask where to find Elder Li Tai when he instantly spotted the Li Clan’s Young Master Li Wenhe strolling about proudly with his magic staff.

Li Xuan was immediately delighted upon seeing this person.

And the Li Wenhe who was swaying his head in complacency as he brandished his magic staff about immediately dropped his head when he sighted Li Xuan.

Currently, he was naturally aware that this person had an innate talent that drew close to 8th Fa king innate meditative talent, and was even a tri-element mage. Furthermore, he possessed an even more terrifying spirit attribute as part of his innate talent!

Just his innate talent that was comparable to 8th Fa king innate meditative talent alone was sufficient to make this young master feel an overwhelming threat. Without any sort of suspense, as well as some other factors, Li Wenhe could describe himself with one word—tragedy.
(*TL: in raws, the actual translation is ‘only two characters could be used to describe Li Wenhe, which were—悲剧’. As you can see, raws show 2 characters, but translation is only one word.)

Correct, a tragedy. Even if he wished to hide it was already too late.

“Ah… Great and handsome Elder Brother L-Li. Y-y-you’ve finished training?” The obese Li Wenhe’s mouth still let out whistles of wind, but his words had become much clearer. Clearly, in the time that Li Xuan had not seen him, Li Wenhe had recovered this well only after using a significant number of good medicines.

“En, you’ve recovered well. Are there any other places that itch now?” Li Xuan answered him with a dazzling smile.

“Ah—n-none!” Li Wenhe nearly cried, and his body had also begun to shake terribly.

As for the group of young masters beside him, their faces were currently all deathly pale and their bodies had also begun to tremble involuntarily. They didn’t even dare to move.

“What are you guys doing? En? You all are so happy. Say it so that this young master can also get in on the fun.” Li Xuan looked at this group of people in contempt as he spoke in a cold voice.

“Ah, th-this, we’re going to Intoxicating Moon House, Intoxicating Moon House to find some tigresses…”

“Tigresses? Beast people? Playing around with the beast people to research?” Li Xuan’s eyes lit up. This world was truly quite formidable.

“Cough cough. This, researching? Ah, y-yes. Young Master Li, if you, if *you’d like to, there are first-rate elves, fox ladies…”

“En. Young Master Li, do you know? That fox lady is truly a superior good. That kind of attractiveness and friction, along with the moisture of wood and light elemental energy…”

When one of the youths within the group heard ‘fox lady’, he couldn’t help but say loud and flattering words. However, right as those words left his mouth, he immediately noticed many strange looks thrown towards him. A bit unconscious of this fact, he was just about to continue when he suddenly realized that Li Xuan’s eyes contained an unexplainable smile and his heart thumped extra loud.

“You’re absolutely disgraceful! Your magic isn’t even up to par, yet you actually dare to get a hold of a fox lady! Shameful!” A middle-aged man walked into the group with an unsightly face and directed a fierce slap towards the youth who was previously immensely gleeful.

However, in the next moment, a surge of spirit force in a suppressive form caused the middle-aged man’s expression to change. At once, he drew his hand back.



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