Chapter 038 – The Expert of the Yama Clan

Barbalias City, in the Yama Clan.

The eyes of an old man in cultivation suddenly shot open and immediately flashed with bloodthirsty traces of madness and fury.

“Ka Luoya, get out here!” The old man’s tone was severe and icy as it carried within it a dignity that no one could defy.

“Yes, Ancestor!” A graceful and seductive figured woman swiftly appeared before the old man at once as she replied in an extremely respectful tone.

“I told you to protect Luojia properly, but the way you’ve handled this matter makes me greatly disappointed!” The old man berated her in an angry voice.

“What? Something happened to Young Master Yajia Luojia? No, that’s impossible!”

“Impossible? His spiritual imprint disappeared! We’ve put forth a lot of painstaking effort for the sake of this child’s special innate talent, to the point of secretly placing a spiritual imprint on him in case something happened. However, this imprint has suddenly disappeared, vanished like scattered ashes and dispersed smoke! This means that he was instantly killed by someone. Even his spirit was completely crushed!”

The old man was infuriated to the point that he was about to go insane. Although the Yama Clan was a 7th Xing monarch clan, how difficult it was to actually reach this realm! It was simply unimaginable. He himself had outstanding 6th He ancestor innate meditative talent, yet he had bitterly cultivated for nearly a thousand years without breaking through to the 6th He ancestor realm. To this day, he was still at the pinnacle of 5th Xing 10th layer!

“Based on Luojia’s innate talent, he probably would not even need three hundred years before he would undoubtedly reach the 6th He realm. However, this kind of talented junior was actually killed by someone! Hmph, this is the answer you give in response to the matter I’ve entrusted into your hands?!”

The old man’s tone was fierce, seeming as though he hated that he could not kill this woman in front of him a thousand times to vent his anger.

“Ancestor… This, I will give Ancestor an explanation! All in all, the Six Devil Wind Elders are always guarding besides Young Master. These six are all peak mages at 4th Xing 10th layer, and most importantly, they can interlink their minds. Once they take action, they hold the advantage over most 5th Xing mage envoys, and their strength is comparable to an expert at the 5th Xing 2nd or even 3rd layer. Young Master should not have had anything happen to him. In a while, I’ll undertake a detailed investigation, and at that time—”

The old man only swept a frosty glance over the woman. She continued to explain, but ultimately shut her mouth abruptly!

“You can go. Remember, it’s better to kill one thousand people than overlook a suspicious one, especially in the area where the incident took place. No matter how powerful the nobility are there, and regardless of how powerful the personages are there, kill all who resist!”

“Yes, Ancestor!” The woman bowed with an expression of respect at once then swiftly retreated from this training ground.

After a short while, she arrived in the main hall of the Yama Clan. At this moment, many of the elders, disciples, and protectors of the clan were already present due to the alarm bell.

As for the clan leader of the Yama Clan, he currently stood respectfully besides Ka Luoya.

“Ascetic Ka, might I ask what exactly the emergency is?” The Yama Clan’s clan leader could not help but ask. However, although he asked, it was clear that cold sweat dotted his entire face and that his face was inextricably pale. Obviously, at this point, this matter could no longer be concealed.

In the afternoon four or five days before, a core elite disciple had suddenly run over with a panic-stricken expression and knelt before him, telling him in great terror that something major had happened.

Only under his interrogation did he find out that a variant magical beast core that was especially given to outstanding talents within the elite core disciples—one that recorded one’s spirit force, had abruptly shattered. As for the owner of this magical beast core, it was the backbone of the clan, the future clan leader – Young Master Yajia Luojia.

After discovering this, he also panicked. However, he also believed that the situation was not necessarily the way it seemed because problems could also arise within magical beast cores themselves as well. It was also possible that the core had shattered because Yajia Luojia had suddenly fallen extremely short on spirit force. Therefore, he did not dare to immediately report it because once a situation like this occurred under his supervision, it would clearly lead to his beheading!

However, he was incapable of bearing the burden of such guilt, so in the past several days, he had no appetite and worried ceaselessly. He even incessantly dispatched people to make some inquiries, strictly guarding the areas which he investigated in order to temporarily suppress this affair to see if there were any good turnarounds…

But now, it was clear that this matter had already erupted, truly erupted.

That Ascetic Ka Luoya was intervening communicated that the ancestors and marshals of the clan had all realized what had happened also.

As such, as the clan leader of the Yama CLan, he could only let out a bitter laugh and kneel onto the ground without any objection.

“For now, do not publicize this matter. It’s fine as long as you know. Temporarily, you will still lead the Yama Clan while I go out to take care of some business.”

“Yes, yes. Your subordinate, junior, junior will obey.” The Yama Clan leader could not help but begin shaking all over. Although he was the clan leader externally, a deeply unfathomable figure who possessed unsurpassed authority, he was only an ant before the marshals, ascetics, and grand elders, a genuine ant!

Whenever any individual from this group appeared, they would at least possess the strength of a 5th Xing 5th layer envoy. With just his puny amount of strength, he was not even worth looking out!

As for the Ka Luoya before him, instead of noticing that she was a charming and beautiful woman who only looked to be around thirty or forty years old, she was in fact a woman who had already lived more than seven hundred years! At present, she further possessed strength at the 5th Xing 8th layer!

“Tell *Jie Ruisi and Yama Yiluo to come find me. I’ve come out this time to verify something, and if it is in fact true, then you or even me may perhaps no longer continue living! If it is false, then this issue can be considered to have passed. You’d best pray!”
(*TL: Based on the context, the names should simply be pinyin, but I don’t know who Jie Ruisi is so I don’t know how the name should be translated. If it’s just by sound, then I’d make it Geris, but this clan seems to have more names that are better suited for pinyin, so I’m keeping it as pinyin for now.)

After saying so, Ka Luoya stepped out of the clan’s conference hall, and right as she stepped out, Jie Ruisi and Yama Yiluo arrived before her simultaneously and directly knelt down to express their respect.

“Rise, you two. Yajia Dijia, you are twins with your elder brother. Although your innate talent is not very good, you have a certain understanding on your elder brother’s circumstances. As such, if you have this special sense, get a proper grasp on it.
Also, you two brothers normally have a very good relationship. Now that something has happened to your elder brother, I need to understand your brother’s normal preferences and some additional information to make it more convenient when I take action.”

“Ascetic Ka, whatever *you say, this disciple will do. Whatever *you wish to know, this disciple definitely will not dare to conceal!” Yajia Dijia answered her without the slightest hesitation.

Yajia Luojia had 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent, but Yajia Dijia only had 4th Xiang innate talent. In other clans, this innate talent would be considered to be at the genius level, but in the Yama Clan, this innate talent was simply trash! Especially when he was compared with his elder brother, he was not even worth mentioning!

However, he was not jealous because his elder brother treated him even better than he treated himself. Not to mention that Yajia Luojia would share good things such as medicines and equipment, even women he favored could be sent to him to play with!

What could he be dissatisfied about with this kind of elder brother? Therefore, Yajia Dijia was completely committed to him. Forget about helping his elder brother with anything, the heart he possessed was deadset loyal!

Precisely because of this, once Yajia Dijia found out that something had happened to his elder brother, he felt that the world was crumbling. Perhaps, in the not too distant future, the house he lived in, the women he played with, and his medicines and equipment would get stolen away, and he would get bullied…

Already, he did not dare to think about it any further, so he decided that he would give of his absolute best to look for his elder brother and expend any resources to locate him…



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