Chapter 036 – True Innate Talent—Perfect 100th Jie!

Ning Xuan had long since known about what Gina had gone through, and out of sympathy and compassion, had grown to be more concerned and caring towards her. At this moment, she softly walked over and pulled Gina into her embrace.

As expected of her temperament, Gina struggled and resisted at first, but she soon gave up, instead throwing herself into Ning Xuan’s arms and sobbing.

This sobbing helped her to vent her frustrations, and for a time, she wept until streams of tears ran down her face and she sank into a total mess.


Returning to the old manor, Li Ning and Siqin Duanyue’s faces expressed both distress and happiness. There were unexplainable traces of helplessness as well as slivers of sadness.

And to all of this, Li Xuan remained a passive bystander. Because the other party did not explain, he would not take the initiative to inquire about it and face the resulting trouble from finding out.

“Li Pin, you are the head manager of this place now, so from now on, you must learn from Li De’s example when you are dealing with outsiders outside. When they speak of my name, they must tremble in their hearts! Correct, I want you to become an obedient dog, understood?”

Li Xuan looked coldly at Li Pin, and Li Pin immediately started releasing cold sweat all over his body. Hastily nodding his head at once to express acknowledgement, he did not have the slightest notion of daring to contradict.

“Also, Elder Sister Ning Xuan has sent Shuang Er to me to cultivate along with me. As such, just send that elven slave to Elder Sister Ning Xuan’s place; I won’t need her. As for a maid, just let Gina take on that role. Don’t bother being courteous with her either – no matter if it is messy or heavy labor, she must do it! However, there is one thing that I must warn you about. She is a person that I favor, so while you can scold and punish her, you cannot mess around with her, understand?
I am only saying these things once. If you do well, then I will naturally reward you! If you fail to do it properly, then you will be the second Li De!”

“Young, Young Master. Your ser-servant understands, and will definitely do it properly…”

Li Pin seriously felt as though he was starting to fall apart. Even when he faced the clan leader or the elders, he still wouldn’t be this panicked. However, whenever he ran into this god of slaughter, he truly felt that his heart couldn’t bear it.

The word ruthless was no longer sufficient to describe this young master’s methods. In the entire estate, the faces of anyone who mentioned Li Xuan would pale. One could see how unfathomably notorious he was.


Dismissing Li Pin, Li Xuan let out a faint sigh. The reason why he took Gina in really was only to research the energy channels of this world. His intent was not to nurture a tiger and invite calamity upon himself.

This courtyard of his had a pavilion and a small brook, its environment really quite good. Even the villas in Li Xuan’s past world could not compare with this villa.

As he walked through this courtyard, all he felt was complete tranquility and relaxation.

Outside of the courtyard, there were several high-ranking protective formations that a few grand elders had set up together. It could even be said that Li Xuan was so well protected that even a drop of water could not leak through.

Besides this, there was also a black-figured woman inside the courtyard. She constantly stood on guard in silence, and although she did not follow behind him, her gaze was constantly riveted on him for his protection.

Apparently, his impressive innate talent had genuinely obtained the clan’s attention.

There was no one else besides all these but Shuang Er and Gina.

This courtyard was an isolated area located within the manor grounds, while Li Ning, Li Mo, and the rest of them lived outside. Of course, there was a courtyard that belonged to Li Mo and Ning Xuan as well.

Strolling around the courtyard, even more satisfaction welled up in Li Xuan’s heart.

At once, when he found the cultivation grounds, a bigger impression of the Li Clan’s wealth and power further ingrained itself onto Li Xuan’s heart. This meditation ground actually had a magic formation that condensed the world elemental energy!

This kind of magic formation which accelerated one’s cultivation speed really was not something that ordinary people could construct because its materials and supplies could only be bought using ten thousand moyuan coins!

A wealth of ten thousand moyuan coins was also something that astonished Li Xuan.

In terms of the purchasing power of a gold coin, and under the circumstances that one moyuan coin was equivalent to ten million gold coins, ten thousand moyuan coins was one hundred billion gold coins.

This was simply unimaginable! Yet the Li Clan was actually willing to present such a place to him!

However, this was also beneficial. This way, his cultivation speed would accelerate, which meant his strength would also increase quicker as well!

Li Xuan thought for a bit, then sat down in this magic formation and began meditating.

In reality, Li Xuan’s cultivation looked as though he was cultivating magic on the outside, but he was really just cultivating inner jin. As such, he did not really care about the magic realms he was in.

Wholly absorbed in meditation, the pure soul force of those four guards which he had killed as well as that unabsorbed soul force of Yajia Luojia gradually began to merge within him. In this manner, Li Xuan eventually sunk into deep cultivation.

Under this process, his body gradually began emitting a faint but substantial red radiance. If, at this moment, anyone saw him, they would discover to their astonishment that this light truly represented 8th Fa king innate talent!

However, this process did not end there. In the wake of Li Xuan’s continual sensing, his body once again radiated a different colored light. The light soon turned from red to a rainbow-colored light, which then turned to a dazzling multi-colored light, subsequently transforming into a colorless light. After that, it no longer changed colors.

A rainbow color signified 9th Ming innate meditative talent.

Multiple dazzling colors meant 10th Fang innate meditative talent.

No color was representative of 100th Jie innate meditative talent.

Furthermore, once one’s body began to involuntarily radiate the light of one’s innate talent, that meant that one’s innate talent had already reached the true pinnacle of that respective layer!

Despite the fact that Li Xuan’s cultivation methods were different and that there probably was a definitive discrepancy in between, this difference would not be too distinct. After all, Li Xuan was still using the method of this world to absorb world elemental energy and temper his body.

And it was also because of this that Li Xuan was extremely content with his improvement.

After recovering his original disposition, Li Xuan no longer had any qualms towards cultivation.

However, after reaching the latter layers after 2nd Hui 7th layer, it was still possible to advance all of his elements, but it was necessary to conduct proper arrangements first. If he once again reached the next layer in one go, it would result in his elemental energy losing its purity. As such, advancing was secondary, while the main issue was still the purity of elemental energy.

Li Xuan’s focuses were different from the people of this world. The people of this world would probably begin understanding the purity of elemental energy after reaching higher realms. However, they all considered this to be an unavoidable difficulty after reaching a certain realm. Thus, cultivators would not be told to purify elemental energy themselves. Because of this kind of thinking, the latter stages of cultivation were incomparably challenging, and would even result at being stuck at a lower realm.

Therefore, they believed that if one could advance through realms at an insane speed, then that was what should be done. One’s whole effort was to be put forth in advancing towards higher realms, and only then would one be able to bring forth more of their potential.

However, Li Xuan disagreed with this concept. If one’s foundation was not solid, the latter stages would definitely be more grueling, and when he thought that the frequency of advancement would reduce to once every thousand or ten thousand years, Li Xuan absolutely could not accept it.

Hence, he would always use his enormous and terrifying spirit force to undergo purification whenever he cultivated. Only after that would he integrate the elemental energy into his dantian.

Under this kind of cultivation, Li Xuan gradually began sensing the changes within his body, and his mood had also subsequently turned for the better.

However, as he was absorbing this pure soul force, a sudden flash of insight sprung up unbidden. In a flash, he instantly grabbed onto that thread of understanding that had resulted from a spirit ripple caused by Yajia Luojia’s soul force.



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  2. Wow the MC is turning into a tyran… he’s bringing deterrence to another level… if he bullies people too much the charm of ruthlessness will lose its luster.
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