Chapter 035 – The Title of Genius

Although the following examinations were quite shocking, with Li Xuan heading the series of results, Li Mo and Ning Xuan’s 6th He innate meditative talent only excited the two elders, and did not really stir them up.

When it came time to test Li Ning and Siqin Duanyue and it was found that they both possessed 4th Xiang innate talent, the two people themselves did not quite dare to believe it.

However, after they recalled using those unimaginably high grade elemental elixirs, they did not doubt the results any more.

As for Li Yuan’er who had brought Li Xuan to the testing grounds and the group of elite core disciples spectating the examination, their gazes towards Li Xuan grew to contain great fear and veneration.

Innate talent like Li Xuan’s where he possessed the spirit attribute and could instantly cast two kinds of magic was simply abnormal!

With just 2nd Hui 7th layer strength, Li Xuan was unexpectedly able to instantly kill 2nd Hui 9th layer Manager Li De! Li De was an extremely cruel and black-hearted person and also had an elder to support him in the background. Most elite core disciples definitely would not dare to offend him, and most did not think that Li Xuan would actually kill him. He did not even bother giving the least bit of face.

Not only did he kill Li De, Li Xuan had also beaten the Young Master Li Wenhe black and blue right when he had arrived at the Li Clan. An entire mouthful of teeth had been broken off… This person was simply a demon, and killed people as if he was mowing grass! One definitely could not provoke him!

Additionally, assuming a person wasn’t an idiot, they would know that with 7th Xing innate talent, as long as no unexpected mishaps occurred, Li Xuan would grow in the future to become a 7th Xing monarch expert, a monarch, a perfect being!

In the entirety of the Wade Empire, or even the whole of the Moyuan Continent, everybody would discuss this sort of exceptional existence!

If in the future he would become such a character, would a person still go provoke him? Was that person tired of living? Even if the probability of actually becoming a 7th Xing monarch was one in ten thousand, he was still someone capable of becoming a 7th Xing monarch! Under the support of the Li Clan, this probability would expand limitlessly, and the Li Clan would put forth all their effort to protect and guard such a person. Everything he did would also be treated leniently…

In a flash, these thoughts had run through all the spectators’ minds, and subsequently, their gazes towards Li Xuan had genuinely grown reverent.

And when Li Xuan saw this, he slightly lifted his head and demonstrated a sort of contempt and disdain-Of course, this was actually done deliberately. It was necessary for him to express this kind of frivolity to make them know that he was not a person to mess with and that he was arrogant. This would also mollify the scheming hearts of other people a bit as well.

But in the depths of his heart, Li Xuan was exceedingly calm and unflustered.


“Alright, everything has been taken care of. From this day forward, you all are genuinely part of the Li Clan’s core group of people. The manor on the south side will be divided amongst yourselves. That place was cleared out back then, and although many people were intent on obtaining that place, I continually kept it empty for your sakes in the hopes that you would return proudly. To again hold the residential authority of that place, and then, then, hehe.”

As Huyan Weike said this with a smiling face, his looked deeply at Li Xuan, then nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Marshal Huyan, grand elder, many thanks!” Li Xuan slightly cupped his fists and bowed in salute in a show of respect towards these two experts.

“En, good. Although you were filled with resentment in your heart before, that you are able to calm down now shows that your character is not lacking either. However, in the path of cultivation, one must always temper and hone one’s character. You can first go down.” As Huyan Weike watched Li Xuan and saw that he had sincerely bowed to them in respect, satisfaction immediately abounded in his heart.

After Li Xuan’s family had all departed, the numerous elite core disciples had all left one by one. These disciples were now currently thinking how to avoid offending this genius whose position in the clan was now like that of the sun at midday.

As for those *ancestral rank elders, they grouped up with three other elders that were present as spectators and subsequently summoned all of the upper-level members of the clan to undergo a private meeting.
(*TL: the rank of those ascetics, grand elders, and marshals as mentioned in ch. 33)


After they came out, Li Xuan first saw Shuang Er and Gina waiting outside the entrance. Shuang Er had only been worried about the results of the examination, but Gina cared even more about Li Xuan’s innate talent. She wanted to know the exact circumstances before attempting to get her revenge.

When Shuang Er saw Li Xuan, she was first delighted, yet soon retreated a few steps in fear and said: “Young, Young Master, so you’ve come out.”

“En, that’s right. Did little Shuang Er miss me?”

“Young Master is talking nonsense again.” When Shuang Er heard Li Xuan’s words, her charming face immediately blushed red.

At this moment, Gina’s eye brows wrinkled as she thought in resentment: Hoodlum! Playboy! What infatuation with Lisa! Previously I had still sympathized somewhat with him, but now I see that he was nothing more than this! Hmph!

But Li Xuan did not care about what Gina thought and only continued to laugh with little Shuang Er. When Ning Xuan and the rest of them walked out, Shuang Er finally let out a sigh of relief and hastily ran towards Ning Xuan’s side.

“Miss, how was it?” Shuang Er could not help but begin asking.

Although she saw that everybody’s faces were steeped in undisguisable smiles and could guess that the results were indeed very good, she still could not keep herself from asking.

“Your big brother Xuan has perfect 7th Xing innate talent! As for me and your older sister’s husband, we both have 6th He innate talent.” Ning Xuan laughed jubilantly as she answered. From the moment she was born, there truly was not a time where she was a joyful as she was now.

This was due to the fact that her innate talent growing signified that there was a hope to settle her grudge!

When little Shuang Er heard this, her face immediately expressed happiness as her two eyes squinted into little crescent moons, an extremely adorable sight.

Yet at this moment, Gina’s facial expression grew even paler. Clearly, she was unable to accept this kind of circumstance.

“You little brat, you should also have 5th Xing innate talent now. If you don’t believe me, then I can take you inside to test it now.” As Li Xuan looked at Gina, there weren’t too many ripples of emotion. After he had gradually returned to his original nature, Li Xuan’s heart had become a bit more wicked, and as such, he quite enjoyed teaching an obstinate and defiant young girl.

“You—I won’t check my innate talent! I definitely won’t accept your good intentions!” Gina tried to force her voice to be calm, but when she heard that she might have 5th Xing innate talent, her first thought was disbelief. However, after remembering Li Xuan’s terrifying strength and arrogant behavior, she began to somewhat believe him. As for going in to examine her innate talent, as a peasant and an outsider, she would more or less be a genuine part of the Li Clan after she entered.

If this happened, it would be hard for her to resist the attraction of those innocent people. She was afraid that once she established close bonds with people of the Li Clan, it would be unbearable to act against Li Xuan when the time came. Therefore, she determined not to make any friendly relations with anyone. This way, when she really did look for Li Xuan to avenge her father, even if she died, no one would be grieved or worried by it.

As Gina pondered in her heart, she suddenly realized that when a person died, they lost everything. What would that be like? If I die, then will the existence of Gina forever cease to exist in this world? Since Father has died, would he be eternally unable to return?

For a time, Gina went silent, then her two eyes began to redden.



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