Chapter 034 – Innate Talent Examination

Currently, Li Xuan was also gazing at this elder calmly.

“So you are Li Xuan?”

“I am Li Xuan!”

“Good, how arrogant. I hope that your innate talent has the qualifications to be just as arrogant!”

“Then you just wait and see!”



As the two people spoke, there were no signs of seniority or disparity. It was as if Li Xuan was meeting a common peasant when he was facing Huyan Weike. As for Huyan Weike who was on the receiving end of this tone, he did not really mind. He only laughed coldly in his heart, thinking: This kind of arrogance. Just wait until the examination, and I’ll activate the harshest and most rigorous examination!

This kind of examination was detailed to the point of inspecting the concrete circumstances of one’s innate talent. For example, there were four assessment results: average, outstanding, excellent, and perfect.

5th Xing innate talent was considered to be good, but if the assessment resulted in the most common degree of 5th Xing innate talent, the person tested would just be considered as one of the more outstanding out of cultivators. They couldn’t be counted for much.

On the contrary, this was not done especially to deal a blow towards Li Xuan. Rather, it was because Li Xuan had said himself that he was a tri-element mage and that he also possessed the spirit attribute that it was necessary to conduct a more detailed examination.

“What do I need to do?”

“Meditate. Condense your spirit force and pour it into this magic crystal. The magic crystal will reveal results from 1st Yuan to 8th Fa innate talent in detail. You can try it.”


Li Xuan did not even sit down, and instead directly walked next to that erected transparent magic crystal. After arriving beside it, he stood with his back ramrod straight and relaxed his body and mind, his two eyes softly closing.

Condensing his consciousness towards the space between his eyebrows and visualizing the vast expanse of the universe, Li Xuan’s spirit force naturally began to congregate and swiftly flowed into the magic crystal.

Immediately, the magic crystal exploded forth with a piercing white light, after which the white light began to gradually change colors. Black, green, blue, purple, gold…

White represented 1st Yuan innate meditative talent, black represented 2nd Hui innate meditative talent, green represented 3rd Fen innate meditative talent, blue represented 4th Xiang innate meditative talent, and purple represented 5th Xing innate meditative talent…

As of this day, that radiance instantly broke through purple and revealed a pure gold color. This caused the entire area to immediately fall silent. Even Huyan Weike and that grand elder began to hold their breath because that flourishing aura did not show any signs of slowing down or dissipating.

Sure enough, that radiant gold light immediately broke through towards a dark golden color!

Dark gold! 7th Xing monarch innate meditative talent! As expected!

Everyone on site was equally dumbfounded because those that possessed 7th Xing monarch innate talent in Iris City was less than ten people! And Iris City had a population of at least one hundred million people! This kind of proportion was sufficient to show that this kind of genius had the status of one out of ten million! In a group of ten million people, there would only be one!

However, the dark, golden radiance did not stagnate. As before, it swiftly began to show changes and eventually turned into red!

“Red! 8th Fa king innate talent!” The originally unperturbed grand elder Li Fu’cun immediately blurted out in shock.

“No, it has not yet reached 8th Fa king innate talent. This is only the perfect state of 7th Xing monarch innate talent!” Huyan Weike answered with a somewhat trembling voice.

“En…. it’s true. What a pity… However, perfect 7th Xing monarch innate talent is fully deserving of being number two in all of Iris City!”

“As for number one, that person can also be considered number one in the whole of Wade Empire. Like in the legends, he possesses the light and darkness innate talent that appears once every ten thousand years, and has 8th Fa king innate talent. At seventeen years old, he already has the cultivation of 3rd Fen 5th layer. He truly is the genius of the Yao Clan!”

“En. That child, Yao Gang. His talent truly is number one, both in the past and now. No one can match him!”


As these two people conversed softly and saw that the red color began to suffuse the magic crystal completely, their hearts were extremely satisfied.

At this moment, Li Xuan cut off his flow of spirit force. Clearly, he had absolute confidence that this magic crystal would instantly explode if he poured in all his spirit force wholeheartedly.

And this innate talent result had already more or less brought about the effect Li Xuan wanted, so he wisely stopped.

“In terms of innate talent, you can indeed laugh proudly throughout all of Iris City. Not bad, not bad. You have the means to be arrogant now.
However, you previously said that simultaneously cultivated wind, fire, and lightning, as well as the spirit attribute?” Marshal Huyan Weike inquired after thinking a bit.

Currently, Li Ning, Li Mo, Ning Xuan, and Siqin Duanyue had all concentrated their eyes on Li Xuan. Clearly, they did not know that Li Xuan had also cultivated three elements. If he truly did cultivate three elements, yet cultivated the fire element to 2nd Hui 7th layer at the same time, this was really rather terrifying.

Facing all these numerous gazes, Li Xuan laughed lightly and spread out his two hands in absolute confidence. At almost the same time, a ball of wind elemental energy and lightning elemental energy had appeared in his two hands. He then willed these two forces to turn into a wind blade and a thunderbolt at nearly the same time and shot them towards a statue-like target on the examination platform.


This statuesque target immediately groaned twice, then followed through with a booming explosion. The target’s top half had been directly blown off.

Seeing this display of power, the expressions of Huyan Weike and grand elder Li Fu’cun became marvelous to behold, and their facial muscles had also begun to twitch involuntarily. Clearly, this kind of method had astounded them very much.

This kind of method was very simple because [Wind Blade] and [Thunderbolt] were both skills that were very ordinary and simple. Their might was also only around 2nd Hui 4th layer. However, what was difficult was focusing on two things and simultaneously controlling two types of magic. Furthermore, the elemental energy had also been incomparably pure, so what Li Xuan had done was simply monstrous! This was the biggest advantage of being a spirit mage!

Therefore, when Li Xuan unleashed these attacks, his identity as a spirit mage had already been confirmed. Furthermore, his actions had not only confirmed his spirit attribute. Only particularly outstanding spirit mages could divide their minds and simultaneously use two kinds of magic!

As such, Li Xuan’s innate talent in general was sufficient to exceed Iris City’s, or even the Wade Empire’s absolute genius—Yao Gang!

“Good! Good! Both wind and lightning elements are at 2nd Hui 3rd layer. It has already been proven that the fire element is at 2nd Hui 7th layer as well, so it’s not necessary to display it. In regards to the spirit attribute, there is no more need to test it. Indeed, your past words held no trace of falsehood! In fact, from the way it looks now, your previous words are even a bit modest! Good! Good! Good!
From this day forward, you are an elite core disciple of our Li Clan. Hence, all the resources you need will be delivered to you only by chosen people. If you have any issues that arise as you cultivate, you may enter the forbidden ground of the clan and seek any elder to help resolve your issue! Additionally, you will have a first-rate house and courtyard of your own, as well as a top-notch elven servant…”

A whole series of benefits caused Li Ning and the rest of them to seem as if they were in a dream.

However, as customary, Li Ning and the rest of the members had to have their innate talent reassessed upon their return to the Li Clan although Li Xuan’s results were exceptionally outstanding. Therefore, they still needed to continue testing.



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  2. I’m curious about Gina’s innate talent… he did the same thing for her that he did for Li Ning, but I doubt that she (who will be following Li Xuan around) would have experienced the same level of augmentation.


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