Chapter 033 – Fiends

However, right as Li Wenhe’s words left his mouth, his body immediately went cold before a black figure descended from the sky. He did not have any time to react before “Pa”, he flew out from a slap.

“En, there’s so much meat on your face, slapping you is such a good feeling! Your words are so pleasant to the ear, so your teeth are undoubtedly solid as well!” Li Xuan brushed off his hands, then fisted them once again as his figure instantly appeared before the fallen Li Wenhe. After that, he continuously unleashed several fists and directly battered Li Wenhe until his nose became bloody and his face swelled with bruises, a mouthful of teeth plummeting out.

Not only that, when Li Xuan stood up after he was done beating him, he even used his foot to step on Li Wenhe’s head. Li Xuan’s gaze was sharp and ruthless, and he seemed to be like a starved wolf in the mountains as a dark gleam flickered in his eyes. Not only that, a huge surge of spirit force and tyrannical killing intent mixed together instantly causing Li Wen’s bruised and pig-like face to drain of color into a deathly pale expression of fear.

“Hmph, you senseless pieces of dog sh**. I’ll just speak bluntly. From now on, whoever tries to make it difficult for me, besides looking for you guys for trouble, I will also consult with this young master each time with my fists and feet, making him very, very comfortable. Therefore, if you don’t find me pleasing in your eyes, do not hesitate to look for me. My hands are conveniently just itching to move!
As for you, I’ll forget about today. Wait until I finish testing my innate talent and enter the core disciples, then I’ll continue to compete with you. Does not the clan really enjoy public fights? I’m truly fond of dueling with experts like you!”

Li Xuan spoke with a beaming smile.

At this moment, the faces of this group of spoiled brats all distorted.

A duel was a very glorious matter. However, if one constantly lost, it would only ruin one’s reputation. Most third generation disciples would not fight in such a manner to humiliate others or humiliate themselves unless there was a deep-seated grudge because all these duels were recorded. In fact, it was done so that even all of Iris City knew.

To rich and arrogant disciples like them who cared particularly about their reputation, a duel was very vicious.

“Ah….Wuwu….I, I was wrong.”

Streams of tears flowed down from the fatty’s eyes. He believed that he had never been in such a sorry situation, and sincerely felt as though his head were spinning and that he had entered into an abyss of suffering.

“Remember this. I don’t care about others, but for the members of the Li Clan that come to make trouble for me, no matter who they are, I’ll still come and thrash you first and let you firmly remember it!”

“Got, got it! I definitely, definitely won’t do this again!” The fatty blubbered as snot and blood mixed together on his face. Having lost his teeth, the air whistled quite harshly whenever he spoke, and even a simple sentence was indistinct.

Li Xuan took his foot off Wenhe’s face, but his heart was neither mournful nor pleased.

Many of his past experiences had told him that if one was not ruthless, difficulties would grow and problems not nipped in the bud would give birth to calamity! After living in the wilderness for twenty years, Li Xuan had long since understood the basic instinct of survival. As such, as his soul gradually recovered, his forceful aspect had also gradually expressed itself.

In regards to his demonstration of ‘not even letting someone with a hostile look get away’ and his arrogance and egotistical character, part of it really did stem from his dignity as a martial emperor. Another part of was due to his deliberate decision.

In Iris City’s Li Clan of tens of thousands of people, just counting the direct and branch descendants, the number amounted close to ten thousand people. If he simply bore it and swallowed his anger when bullied, then no matter how talented of a genius he became, he would still be taken advantage of by countless disciples.

For this kind of issue, if it occurred once, it would occur many times more. Only if one directly attacked the first time and made an example of one to warn others would it save one from future trouble! At the same time, it was also absolutely necessary to reveal sufficient talent. The more potential a person revealed, the more the clan would place importance on that person, and as a result, scoundrels would not dare to even think about bullying that person.

Absolute power, innate talent, and support would allow one to confront all the advances of treacherous plots and deal a devastating blow to them!

This was Li Xuan’s way of thinking, and it was exactly because of this that he acted so arrogant and despotically!

At this moment, Gina stood beside Li Xuan and further gritted her teeth as she looked at him. In those bright eyes of hers, hate brimmed as intensely as ever.


Testing one’s innate talent, elemental attribute, and degree of purity was the Li Clan’s most important examination, and for this kind of test, all of the elders and protectors of the Li Clan were required to be present.

Because it was handled so carefully, the innate talent examination was also very influential.

Elders, protectors, and the clan leader were the figures of power from the outside, and were also externally figures of authority. However, in the dark, the figures in power were the ascetics, marshals, as well as the most imposing grand elders.

Normally, the elders, protectors, and the clan leader were awe-inspiring enough. However, this time, for the sake of something as significant as ‘tri-element innate talent’ and the precious ‘spirit attribute’, the Li Clan had sent out a marshal and a grand elder.

On the road, a young lady by the name of Li Yuan’er led Li Xuan towards the examination ground.

Li Pin had known early on that after the servants had taken care of everything, Li Xuan would be led along with his family towards the examination ground. Ning Xuan, however, was only allowed to attend because her innate talent was quite outstanding and because her strength was a result of self-cultivation.

After they had passed through two layers of magic formations, Li Yuan’er slightly bowed and said with complete respect: “Elder Brother Li, this is the place. The grand elder as well as the marshal are all waiting beyond this point, so let us go in, Elder Borther Li.”


Li Xuan nodded and followed Li Yuan’er into the third and final layer of the magic formation into the forbidden ground. After doing so, he directly appeared in a special area.

It had suddenly become empty and spacious in this area, and the stifling and oppressive feeling he had felt before on the way here had also disappeared. Clearly, this was a ‘foreign’ dimension.

Li Xuan had just tilted his head upwards when he suddenly felt a violent ripple of emotion from his side.

“Huyan Weike!”

Li Ning immediately spat out these words as his two round eyes glared and brimmed with hatred.

“Li Ning, don’t say too much. For what happened that year, if it was not for Brother Huyan Weike stepping out to block Ju Ding Sect’s oppression, my Li Clan would have certainly deteriorated by now. Your strength could not match with the other party, so it turned out this way.” The grand elder faintly waved his hand and a gentle wave of fire elemental energy poured into Li Ning’s body. Only then did Li Ning’s extreme fury calm down a bit.

“But Yi’er was harmed to that extent, yet this Fang Shaoyan is still living successfully and happily!” Li Ning was seething with rage. And at this moment, Siqin Duanyue moved from beside him to gently hug him from the back, her tone tender, “Big Brother Ning, don’t get overexcited. Younger Sister Yi’er will definitely recover. As for that Fang Shaoyan, he won’t be able to escape this debt!”

“Li Ning, right now is the time for examination. It is not appropriate to speak of these things now. If you have the ability, then cultivate yourself and then go look to settle this account. Why must you place the blame of your inability on other people not taking action!”

Huyan Weike finally spoke after remaining silent, then just calmly swept a glance over Li Ning and focused on him no more, instead landing his gaze on Li Xuan.



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  2. I wonder how many time the author will remind us about Li Xuan’s 20 years experience in the wilderness 😀

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