Chapter 032 – You Dare to Make This Young Master Receive You?

“Hmph, from the moment I awakened, I already understood everything in regards to your relationship with your parents. It’s a pity, you probably didn’t know that the ability to divide my mind was not a result of our merging, but rather that I myself already possessed this ability! This bit of consciousness that you split out was instead only a method to allow me to sense the strength of my own soul more easily! I admit that when in the state of unification with nature, it was severely exhausting. The injuries you received were also not light! But now, the portion of the soul that I had hidden has appeared. Is it still necessary for you to continue existing?
Originally, I was planning on leaving you a path towards life, but you really should not have threatened me. You disturbed my normal cultivation, and even wanted to interfere with my decisions in every situation! You deserve to be killed!”

Extinguishing this thread of consciousness in one go, Li Xuan began to direct the six large reserves of soul force to condense within his sea of consciousness. Through the process of aggregation at the area between his eyebrows, he began to secretly cultivate.

This time, he truly unleashed his body and mind to merge with his consciousness to begin meditating, and those fragments of pure soul energy began to swiftly permeate throughout every corner of Li Xuan’s body. After doing so, the energy then looped back to the area between his eyebrows.

Time elapsed slowly, and after twenty minutes, Li Xuan opened his eyes and let out a turbid breath. His whole person had truly stabilized and calmed down by a significant amount.

As a martial emperor in his past world, on top of the fact that he had tempered himself with the wild animals for twenty-some years, his character was quite cruel and callous, and was the embodiment of ruthlessness.

At this moment, after completely dispersing that cowardly and shameless fragment of a soul, Li Xuan felt truly at ease.

Only now, when the feeling that his body and mind were united had strengthened, did he understand that this was his return to his ‘original’ nature! At the same time, it was only after his entire soul had undergone this kind of reconstruction did he realize that originally, his soul had been severely damaged. At this point time, he had unexpectedly recovered only near a tenth of his original soul force!

But the might of just this tenth of soul force seemed to have harmonized with a portion of spatial law. Hence, its power was sufficient to compare with the spirit force of a 5th Xing 7th layer expert or higher!

As such, Li Xuan was truly and thoroughly reassured by a significant amount.

At least, he had now once again recovered a good amount of his previous power.

At once, Li Xuan probed around outside and realized that they had already entered the city, but had not reached the Li Clan’s residence yet. Therefore, Li Xuan began to ponder upon Xing Yi Quan and cultivate.

In his past world, he experienced light jin, dark jin, manifest jin, and the encompassing dan realm. In this life, he still wanted to stay and walk down this path.

After the so-called encompassing dan realm, there was still the void tearing realm as well as the the path convergence realm, and finally the world yin and yang realm… All these were possible realms that were simply deduced according inference and theory, but Li Xuan had now way of judging its authenticity.

Because no matter if it was void tearing or path convergence, the degree of difficulty to accomplish these things was simply enormous and unimaginable! When Li Xuan tore space apart, he was actually attempting to break through to the void tearing realm, but it resulted in a horrifying outcome.

At this moment, he again began thinking about these things and his heart grew even more determined.

Although there was no world spirit qi, taking the world elemental energy as spirit qi was the same, and Li Xuan didn’t really care about the results of cultivating this way.

After all, cultivating this way allowed him to improve all the elements at the same time as well as advance at lightning speed! Not only that, because he had irrigated and broken through nearly all of his energy channels, he had reached the unprecedented innate realm and attained an ‘innate body’. Naturally, it would be much easier to advance when he cultivated higher levels of inner jin. Not long after, he would be able to reach the manifest jin realm as well.
(TL: jin = martial arts side of his cultivation. terms like 2nd Hui or whatever refers to the magic side of his cultivation.)

In regards to the actual realm of inner jin itself, Li Xuan thought that it was a bit strange. This was due to the fact that because of the elemental energy, he had, at best, just reached the stage of manifest jin. However, the distance towards the encompassing dan realm was still exceedingly far.

The issue which Li Xuan thought odd in particular was that the manifest jin realm, relatively speaking, was extremely weak in this world. It was not even enough to supplement a 2nd Hui 1st layer mage. But, what was strangely wonderful was that after transforming inner jin into elemental energy, just barely at the manifest jin realm, Li Xuan had the strength of someone at 2nd Hui 7th layer! This kind of disparity was clearly evident!

After Li Xuan had finished thinking, his heart had eased up quite a bit. From the time he had returned to the slums and killed people this morning until now as he was entering the Li Clan in Iris City, it seemed as though he had gone through so much although it was just a mere half day’s time.

Li Xuan understood that this was due to the fact that he had shed his *chains and fetters and that his soul had completely transformed, enabling his temperament to progress once more!
(*TL: I’m assuming that’s the old cowardly Li Xuan)

As for Lisa, Li Xuan’s thoughts were still the same as before. If this woman came again, he would definitely cripple and kill her! And for the Balan who had crippled his cultivation, although he had acted against the past Li Xuan, it was the present Li Xuan who occupied his body now. Therefore, how could a person like Balan who constantly schemed and calculated in his heart be allowed to live peacefully?

Besides this, Li Ning, Li Mo and Ning Xuan could be considered to be people on his side. As such, Li Xuan naturally would not act against them. After all, the past Li Xuan could not even be compared to this people.

After Li Xuan muttered to himself, his dispersed the elemental energy around him and poured it into Gina’s body. Although this small body did not develop well, that milky white and fair skin as well as her appearance that seemed to show signs of a beauty testified that she would actually grow up to be an exceedingly outstanding beauty. However, Li Xuan did not have any interest in that for now. Circulating the elemental energy throughout, the young girl’s soul could not help but shake a bit as Li Xuan helped her break through some clogged energy channels.

As for innate talent, Li Xuan could not give a concrete judgment, but she most likely possessed 5th Xing innate talent now. After all, if this young girl tagged along beside him, but was weak herself, she would only be a burden.

“What did you do to me!”

Suddenly, Gina’s eyes flashed open and glared, her little face purple as she huffily spoke.

“Wait a bit and you’ll thank me. A while later, I’ll take you to test your innate talent!”

“Hmph! Even if you treat me well, I’ll still kill you! Just you wait!”

“If you have the ability, then just kill me then!”

After Li Xuan said this, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked outside the carriage.

At this moment, the Windline beast carriage had stopped and the middle-aged clan leader as well as those two elders had gone off to take care of some examination. On the other hand, a group of lavishly dressed male and female youths walked over.

Currently, the giggles, snickers, and insults could be heard floating out from the group as they swaggered and strutted towards the entrance to wait. Looking at them, it appeared that it was once again another attempt to make a show of their strength!

“That little bastard. You guys are really quite arrogant, and even dare to kill Manager Li De. As I see it, you are all tired of living!”

An obese figure tilted his nostrils to the sky as he spoke.

Previously, it was his grandfather, or the clan leader Li Yishan, who allowed him to go and properly receive this exceedingly great genius, and exhorted him not to offend this person. Furthermore, he had even repeatedly emphasized how monstrous this genius youth was. This caused the first young master, Li Wenhe, to be extremely displeased. What kind of thing could make *me—the future clan leader, to receive you? This little bastard, even his father is an old bastard who was driven out of the Li Clan. Slaves like this even dare to make *me receive them?

These were Li Wenhe’s thoughts, so although he expressed respectful and reverent agreement, he secretly looked for a group of people at once to prepare to teach this bastard father-son pair a vicious lesson. He wanted them to know that he, Li Wenhe, was the true young master!



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  2. Huh, I liked it better when he actually cared a bit about his new family. I wonder why the author decided to abruptly change that. Oh well, I hope he finds at least one person to genuinely care about. I’m all for stomping arrogant minor characters but it’s nice once in a while to read a chapter that elicits something other than sinister laughter. Thanks for the chapter!


      • had the author wanted to troll us he would put some super secret item to stupid Li Xuan and imprisoning OP Li Xuan forcing him to become an old grandpa for SLX….
        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)


      • It’s not the same though. Helping just out of obligation and since he sees them as valuable pawns on his side is not the same as doing it out of feelings. I mean how could he not feel for a mother who stayed guard over him for ten days.

        I don’t like his personality at all to be honest. Even Chu Feng is better than him in this aspect as he cherishes his family, and friends more than anyone no matter how ruthless he is to his enemies. Previously I thought Chung Feng was one of the MCs that I didn’t have a lot of respect for but I am disliking this MC more and more. Not to mention he is rediculously OP but even his personality is cold and rotten and heartless. It’s ok to be heartless towards enemies and bitches like Lisa but not feel any connection to your friends and family means you are simply inhuman and a monster, even an animal is better.


    • I am just like you. I liked him better when he genuinely cared about his family. Now I can’t relate to him at all. Characters like Linley were truly the best


  3. *Laugh* it feel as if the author having 2nd thought about having secondary consciousness within the MC mind.

    I enjoy reading MER. I have to say though, It seems Totem is slower but got stronger foundation and character detail on its story.


  4. If I guess right, based on other novels, jin is the energy of the soul, qi/energy is the power of life force, while elements refers to the fundemental forces.


  5. You’ve us, countless leechers, reading your translations! what more do you need for motivation😿😿😿😿??? But still thanks for the chapter… We’ll be waiting for more *sob sob*


  6. I’m usually fond of proper explanations from authors about their energy system and such, since it makes it easier to visualize how the MC powers up. However, this author’s wild ideas about Xing Yi Quan are so not fun to read…

    Anyway, that cliffhanger… I’d love to read the next 2-3 chapters right now 😀

    Thank you for the translation Ice


  7. This have so much potential too bad that it will go back to 1 chapter a week, but it’s still better than none, so thanks for that 🙂


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  9. Thanks for the chap 🙂

    I don’t understand what’s so great about having soul force at the lvl of 5th Xing 7th layer. From what I understood it’s being able to release the aura of such an expert, but that won’t help him in an actual fight <_<

    He keeps blabbering about how amazing this or that amazing cultivation method, energy, technique etc. is that I've now lost complete sight of what he's cultivating and how.
    (Honestly it's getting quite frustrating Q_Q)


  10. Thanks a lot!
    yeah, i’m amazed the family is so good, but the previous li xuan was horrid…quite unfortunate. well then, time to beat up some more people?


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