Chapter 031 – Scattered Ashes Dispersed Smoke

(TLN: title means annihilation)

“Since it is like this, then let us go and return to the Li Clan!” Li Xuan calmly swept his gaze over that elder then stopped minding him.

As for those people who had stepped out of the beast carriage, including the family head and the two elders, Li Xuan did not say much to them. They would naturally know what to do!

Closing the door as he went in, Li Xuan went into the carriage alone without any misgivings towards the family head and the elders and just sat there quietly.

On the side, Gina coldly stared at Li Xuan with her eyes filled with that same biting hatred, and Li Xuan just acted as though he wasn’t aware.

In regards to the outside circumstances, he no longer needed to bother with it. That these people came to receive him outside the city, one could see that the Li Clan had already been shocked when they received news of him instantly killing the 2nd Hui 9th layer Manager Li De.

Instantly killing and simply killing were two different concepts. Instantly killing people was only capable by those with enough oppressive power!

Li Xuan was sixteen years old, and that a sixteen-year-old could oppress a 2nd Hui 9th layer leveled power was clearly sufficient to allow them to laugh arrogantly throughout all of Iria City!

This was why the elders and the clan leader had personally come to receive them!

As for the issue of attitude, Li Xuan had never once felt that it would be a problem. In this world, the strong devoured the weak. If one did not possess enough power to back their words nor possess a firm and unyielding character, then other people would think that you lacked capability and courage.

But for those who did not care for their conduct towards another party, on the contrary, that other party would appreciate that person’s daring and boldness. This was because proud people generally had genuine substance to them!

The most important point was that around just a month before, Li Xuan was no more than 2nd Hui 1st layer, just a pitiful bug! But now, after only a month, he instantly killed a 9th layer mage… This was the best explanation for a genius!

“Alright, let us return. From this day onwards, our Li Clan will have an additional elite core disciple, which is worthy of celebration! Li Ning, you have raised a good son!” That middle-aged man did not lack the slightest bit of sincerity. After confirming the truth of the situation, his heart was exceedingly content, and he nearly roared in excitement!

Furthermore, besides this, he had seen Ning Xuan and realized at once that she was at the 3rd Fen 5th layer. It was precisely because he had seen through her strength that he was startled! It seemed that the innate talent of this Ning Xuan who self-cultivated was also quite astonishing!

As the middle-aged man pondered in his mind, he suddenly felt as though his decision to receive them today was truly too spot on.

“Clan leader, all this is the result of Xuan Er’s own diligent cultivation. Right now, he has grown up.” Li Ning responded enthusiastically.

“En, we will discuss the details later. You all board the carriage then. Based on my strength, walking on the air is not something difficult.” After the middle-aged man said this, he promptly turned and soared up into the air and flew into the distance.

And those two elders behind him also concentrated and promptly turned, leaving behind after images as they swiftly departed.

Only then did Li Ning and the rest of them board the Windline Beast carriage and head towards Iris city.


“Hmph, you’re this vicious, rambunctious, and you don’t even put the clan leader in your eyes when he speaks! As expected, you’re not human!” The ten-year-old Gina still had some sorry-looking dust on her face, making it seem as though she was a princess who had met with dire straits.

“If I was human, then I would have long since stripped you naked, crippled your cultivation, and hung you on the city entrance on display!” Li Xuan indifferently replied to her, and Gina’s face immediately turned green.

“You demon! Beast!” Gina exploded with fury.

When Li Xuan heard this, the depths of his soul suddenly trembled. His face slightly changed, but he forced these tremors down.

“You have this much strength to scold me, you might as well train more! Looking at this innate talent of yours, even if you cultivate for a lifetime, you won’t ever reach the level of my accomplishment!”


“Here’s an elemental elixir. Drink it down, and your latent innate talent should awaken a bit. Like this, the distance between you and me will be shorter a bit.” Li Xuan casually waved his hand and took out an elemental elixir, throwing it towards Gina.

“Hmph, I don’t want the filthy poison that you stole from dead people!”

“Your father died in vain!”

“You villain, what did you say!”

“Are you going to drink it or not? If not, I’m throwing it out!”



Li Xuan closed his eyes and did not bother with Gina anymore, instead immersing himself into his ocean of thoughts.

Collecting his consciousness and pouring his concentration into the space between his eyebrows, Li Xuan visualized the universe to be a vast expanse of nothingness, and as he did this, a faint sense of anger arose in his heart. On his face, a cold smile disappeared as fast as it came.

“Li Xuan, you dare to disturb my natural thoughts? I have already displayed extreme benevolence towards your family, yet you are unexpectedly moved by this Gina? Simply absurd!”

“Hmph, your kind of character associates with wild animals! You’re unexpectedly a devil from the outside! If I knew earlier, then I would have directly allowed my body to die back then and made it inconvenient for you!”

Suddenly, that merged consciousness unexpectedly spoke out like this.

“You cowardly person, even you’re worthy of speaking such words? If not for the sake that we have the same name, or for the sake of your parents, I would directly let you know the price for speaking such words!”

“Your ability to divide your mind originates from me. You dare to abandon it? Fine, I am after all just a part of your mind, and what you said is right. You and me are originally of the same body, and there is no distinction between us. Our souls are interlinked. I understand your thought process, and you understand mine. These days, I’ve been watching what you’ve been doing. Many of your thoughts and methods are worthy for me to learn. However, if you wish to kill Lisa, I will absolutely never agree! Based on Lisa’s personality, she will definitely return to beg of you. I understood her, so you must promise me: you absolutely must give her benefits!”

That Li Xuan actually said these words.

The martial arts expert Li Xuan at this moment was very calm externally, because based on his honed instincts, how could he not understand this matter? It was just that when he tore space apart at that moment, his soul had undergone multiple attacks on all sides in the void. Scattered and smashed apart, he had transversed to this world. He had originally thought that he was dead for sure, but had never imagined that he would regain consciousness. After he regained consciousness, he had also been accepted into this body. Therefore, he felt that this body saved his life.

In order to repay this debt of gratitude, he did not take action to destroy the sliver of consciousness of the other party, but rather chose to merge with him. However, he did not think that this would gradually head to the point where the other party would be able to contend with him.

However, the earlier this appeared, the better it was for him!

“Even if Lisa doesn’t die, she is fated to have all her energy channels broken. I naturally won’t let this kind of cheap person live happily! You also understand how keen my instincts are after living with wild animals for twenty years! Previously, my soul was heavily injured, which was why it was constantly affected by you. My actions also lost their original manner. But now, no more! If you were honest and innocent, I would let you off. However, you actually bore this sort of mindset! Let me tell you then—Lisa, and your family, who do you choose? Of the two, only one side can live!”

Li Xuan spoke severely in his heart.

As expected, one could not have such a benevolent and righteous heart in this world. This was probably the meaning between a farmer and a snake. That Li Xuan, for the sake of a woman, even sold out his own little sister. How could this be a benevolent and righteous person?

“You, hmph. If you dare to touch even one of them, I’ll contend with you with all my might!”

“Just you—what do you think I left behind six 4th Xiang 10th layer mage souls for? You think that I really did not make any preparations for this moment? Hmph, you’re courting death!”


Suddenly, an explosion shook in his consciousness. That Li Xuan’s soul shrieked miserably in anguish, but was ultimately engulfed instantly by those six enormous soul forces. The old Li Xuan’s soul was strangled, then it promptly scattered into ashes!

From this day on, that Li Xuan had been thoroughly turned into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!



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    • Honestly I was thinking about dropping this because of what the old trash said but the last sentence changed my mind “From this day on, that Li Xuan had been thoroughly turned into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!” … so satisfying!

      Honestly how can someone be so stupid?! Didn’t he commit suicide after learning her true character and that all was staged to frame him (at least that is what I understood back then)? Either this is a cheap way of the author to get rid of the annoying trash or its character was really like that. Old trash you will be never missed and immediately forgotten *maniac laughing*

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  1. If only that weak shitty side of him really disappeared it would be nice, but I’m pretty sure that at some point it will return somehow. Why you ask? Cause it’s freaking annoying and we just can’t have a single novel without the annoying characters in them!

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  2. Wow. That shitty Li Xuan is seriously shitty. I have no idea how a person can be stupid to that extent. And hung up over another person who doesn’t even deserve it. It’s like stockholm syndrome, but worse.

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  3. My dear friend, don’t you feel bad for us! you!! *i told you not to spoil us but you still did and now!!* why you no posting chapters??? this is not good for our health, the anxiety is killing us…
    Please be considerate!! *sob sob*
    *heavy crying*


  4. Ahaha. I just started reading this yesterday and thought that i would read till the latest chapter before commenting, but reading the part where old li xuan soul was disintegrated because he’s still hung up with that bichy lisa was funny. I actually laugh a bit. Give her benefits. Hah!

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  5. really it’s the Lisa thing that gets to people. I for one kinda wanted the dual-natural naive vs cold-calculating, but the point where the MC wants to go back to that cycle he just got out of that’s pretty much the breaking pointing for everyone.

    not just the MC the entire story is basically just saying “he’s not needed anymore”


  6. thanks a lot!
    -sigh- that previous li xuan was really…-shakes head- even now, he doesn’t see that lisa was wrong?! i had toblink myself multiple times to make sure that he said that if lisa came begging, the current li xuan should still give her benefits?! i just went ‘kill her, kill her—–!’ lol. well, bye bye, old li xuan. -waves- you were blind in love to the very end, i see.


  7. finally that bastard with blind eyes was dead!!
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    that s just shit aahahahah
    thx for chapter

    did u have reccomendation novel that almost similar to this and ATG??


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