Chapter 030 – Domineering

As long as these kinds of geniuses continued to mature, they were destined to be the glory of a generation! This point had been rationalized through history.

And Li Xuan also understood this situation.

Originally, Li Ning still disapproved the violence of Li Xuan’s method a bit, but the more he thought about it, the more he did not speak. It was true. Some incidents could only be deterred through fierce methods, or else if evildoers constantly came to harass a person, how could one defend against it!

At once, Li Ning slightly turbulent mood calmed down and agreed tacitly with Li Xuan’s method.

As for that Gina, she just obstinately stood by Li Xuan’s side with a wooden face.

“Father, Big Bro, Elder Sister Ning Xuan, let us go inside.” Li Xuan spoke calmly, and as he spoke, he swept his gaze over the distant vicinity at those noisy and raucous slum residents. At once, those residents were scared out of their wits and scattered like birds and beasts one by one.

And Li Xuan simply waved his sleeve and first stepped into the house.

In the house, the only good place had been previously used by that lackey, Li De, and the room was a chaotic mess. He didn’t have any wealth either, and in a small interspatial ring, there were only several tens of thousands of gold coins. Nowadays, Li Xuan honestly did not care about such a small amount, and directly handed it to Li Mo to keep.
(*TL: yes I know tens of thousands seems like a lot, but compared to how much Li Xuan’s father’s ring could have been sold for, it really isn’t that much. BTW, Chinese lesson: there is one character that stands for ‘ten thousand’ 万, so the raws are basically saying several ‘ten thousands’, or several 万)

“Father, Mother, it just so happened that this time when I went out, I had some good harvests and got my hands on some elemental elixirs. Both of you take it, and then you can recover the internal injuries you both have received from toiling and laboring so hard. After some time, I will help you—you both know that I have the innate spirit attribute, so I can still provide significant assistance towards your cultivations.”

Li Xuan spoke calmly. In actuality, Li Xuan’s feelings towards Li Ning and Siqin Duanyue did not run as deep as expected. After fusing with the past Li Xuan, this feeling of familiarity and kinship gradually grew weaker and weaker. Especially after his soul injuries had gradually recovered, he all the more lost a sense of closeness with this family of his. However, he could still accept the feeling of a blood relationship and make amends for both his family’s sake as well as that cowardly and incapable so-called genius, the past Li Xuan.

In other words, as long as he satisfied them and allowed them to possess truly perfect and wonderful lives, Li Xuan’s heart would no longer be shackled and hung up on them. He could be considered to have paid the past Li Xuan back.

Exactly because of this, Li Xuan behaved naturally and neither servile nor overbearing before these people.

“Xuan Er, this elemental elixir, I’m afraid its terribly precious—” Siqin Duanyue said in a voice as if it was unbearable to use it.

“Mother, only if you are blessed and happy can our family be blessed and happy. This thing is only a material item, don’t worry about it!”

Li Xuan answered her firmly, and his words allowed his parents to release the hesitation in their hearts.


After some treatment under Li Xuan’s control, Li Ning easily acquired 4th Xiang innate talent, and Siqin Duanyue likewise, although they were not aware of it.

As for Li Xuan, he did not intend to continue staying in this place anymore. This was because if he continued to stay here, there was no way for this place to slum house to hold eight people.

Therefore, using the Windline beast carriage which Li De had driven, Li Xuan worked with Li Ning to take Siqin Duanyue, Li Mo, Ning Xuan, Shuang Er, Gina, and Li Pin towards Iris City.

As for Li Pin, he had long since used the name of Iris City’s Li Clan to gather three Windline beast carriages in town as well as three coachmen, and the entire group headed towards the Li Clan in Iris City.

When they had not yet reached the Li Clan, two elders wearing black magic robes had come to receive them alongside a handsome and elegant middle-aged man on the road.

They had not even entered Iris City when these three people arrived before the Windline beast carriages.

The beast carriages abruptly stopped, and Li Pin had long since jumped down from the driver’s seat to bow and kneel down, saying: “Your servant, Li Pin, pays his respects to Clan Leader, pays his respects to Senior Elder, and pays his respects to Second Elder.”

“En, arise, Li Pin.”

Those two elders did not speak, but that middle-aged man nodded. He then turned to Li Xuan and asked: “Li Xuan? I heard you inherited the Li Clan’s 5th Xing innate talent, yet you behave so presumptuously and dare to casually kill one of my clan’s managers?”

At this moment, Li Ning and Siqin Duanyue had already rushed out of the carriage. At the same time, Li Mo and Ning Xuan also stepped out of another carriage and respectfully stood to one side.

If one’s elder was admonishing the younger generation, then the younger generation had to listen. This was the Li Clan’s regulations.

At this moment, this question was not directed towards Li Ning, so Li Ning was prohibited from answering.

“Family head? Clan leader? Since you have come to receive me, then you should understand that stumbling blocks obstructing a genius should get rolled out of the way! As for killing a lackey that does not listen, I will kill him if I want to. Don’t tell me that Family Head has come to retrieve justice? If it is so, then does that mean that Li De’s abuse of power represents your, the Family Head’s, authority?”

Li Xuan pushed open the carriage door and just sat inside, his words arrogant and without the slightest intent of exiting the carriage. As for the ten-year-old Gina, she was as grim as before and just sat beside him, meditating in silence.



The two elders unexpectedly berated him at the same time. Not only that, a faint surge of an indescribable aura of destruction began to arise from them. This destructive aura was not killing intent, but was intended to punish Li Xuan’s disrespect and insolence!

This aura of destruction instantly flooded towards Li Xuan, but Li Xuan did not retaliate. He only spectated in a detached manner, his face cold and proud.

“Two elders, do not get agitated.” That middle-aged man waved his hand and dissolved their surges of force, then looked at Li Xuan deeply and spoke in a low voice: “You possess a lofty and unyielding character, which is pretty good. However, from where does your arrogance stem from? In my Li Clan, there are a myriad of third generation disciples who also possess this and are impossible to enumerate.”

“Genius? On what basis? I, Li Xuan, am untalented. At this point in time, I’ve barely only cultivated the three elements, wind, fire, and lightning, as well as the spirit attribute only. As for my innate talent, it is not high. It’s only 7th Xing monarch innate talent, and there should be many who surpass me!”

Li Xuan casually revealed some information.

“Three elements of wind, fire, and lightning! Spirit attribute! 7th Xing monarch innate talent!”

The three people’s faces almost simultaneously turned pale from fright!

“Spirit attribute? Spirit attribute?”

That middle-aged man’s expression was marvelous, and for a time, it unexpectedly seemed as though he had turned stupid!

“Spirit attribute, just how great of an innate talent is needed! How can you, a brat like you have it!”

The two elders were finally shocked, but the one of their expressions immediately darkened and asked Li Xuan at once.

At this moment, a frost light flashed across Li Xuan’s eyes. His gaze was like a sharp blade that pierced into that elder’s eyes, and that elder’s pupils contracted. He immediately felt as though his entire body had prickled with frost.

“Would this elder like to try out my spiritual attack? I guarantee you will not be harmed. Furthermore, it will be quite comfortable.” Li Xuan’s callous face eased up as he followed up with some light talk.

“Ah… This, this is unnecessary. Previously, this old man also heard that Young Master is a genius who instantly killed 2nd Hui 9th layer Manager Li De. In terms of your strength and innate talent, to enter into the elite core disciples is totally not difficult.”

This elder’s heart instantly shivered as he immediately replied a bit awkwardly and unexpectedly did not even dare to look at Li Xuan’s two eyes.



32 thoughts on “Chapter 030 – Domineering

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  2. What’s up with Gina? Does she understand that her father was acting overbearing and abusive? Does she understand the reason that Li Xuan hasn’t killed her despite her stated goals (i.e. pity for her age and innocence). Why is she able to stay so calmly by the side of the one she pledged to kill?


      • I would agree… but it doesn’t seem like she’s being tricked. It’s like she actually expects Li Xuan to train her to kill him. I mean, as readers we know that he intends to train her and convert her, or kill her if she becomes a danger, but she has no clue about that. So why does she think he will allow her to stay with him despite her intent? Why hasn’t she tried to assassinate him yet (if she truly is a gullible child)? Seems odd to me.


      • Well, I think it’s the most logical choice for her even if it’s seem fishy. Her father who’s probably her only source of income is dead, she live in the slum which mean she’s dirt poor. Not going with him would mean she’ll die from starvation in the near future or got killed. For assassination, there’s no way she could do that with her current strength. The way for the weak to kill the strong is to borrow someone else hand or use poison, which she have neither and don’t have any mean for getting one as well.


    • well the girl is not baka(unlike me)
      She is aware that its her father fault that he died
      but being his daughter its her responsibility to take revenge

      MC took her in since he is aware of this
      and hopefully he can win her out


  3. “Your servant, Li Pin, pays his respects to Clan Leader, pays his respects to Senior Elder, and pays his respects to Second Elder.”
    I think that
    “Your servant, Li Pin, pays his respects to Clan Leader, Senior Elder, and Second Elder.” will be better


  4. thank you very much!
    woah, awesome! but it’s sad he doesn’t really feel a closeness to his family! no—-!
    well, those elders blocking him! haha, him casually saying his insane level of skill/talent! awesome—-!


  5. Yes! Me too. I don’t really like him now. I liked him way better when he felt closeness to his family. Now he just comes across as some emotionless monster. Characters like Linley, Yun Che are someone I like because even though they were OP, but at least their base emotions were something a normal reader like me could relate to.

    This guy however kinda rubs me the wrong way with how easily he gathers powers and not feeling any familial bonds or love even though he never had any family in his past life which should’ve meant that he needed to cherish this family way more.


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