Chapter 029 – Insane Hatred

Provoking this monster, Li Xuan, at this time was simply looking for death! This fellow’s strength was not only astonishing, his innate talent was monstrous. His cultivation speed caused others to be madly jealous, and once the Li Clan obtained news of him, they had definitely intended to wholeheartedly cultivate him.

“Gina, if you wish to kill me, then just stay by my side and watch my cultivation speed. This way, there will be the aspect of comparison and you will still have a chance! Once you are not at my side, you will not know the details of my growth and you will lack pressure, so your intent to kill me will just be the ravings of a lunatic!” With just a simple look, Li Xuan could tell that this sallow-faced and malnourished little girl naturally very sincere and honest. However, her father was Kyd, so her bitterness and hatred soared to the heavens.

The hatred of truly innocent people was often world-shaking and astonishing.

If it was a person of vile character who was scheming and restrained, Li Xuan would not mind killing him. Furthermore, if this girl was only like his little sister in appearance, Li Xuan would not have any misgivings about killing her either. However, to a martial arts emperor of a generation, killing such an honest and innocent young girl who did not possess even the slightest bit of resistance was a living mockery. As such, after considering it for a bit, Li Xuan decided to temporarily leave her alone.

This kind of person would not touch the people close to him because they were clear about their grudges.

And this kind of decision was made as a result of Li Xuan’s bountiful experience from his past world. This was due to the fact that he had lived alongside wild animals for twenty-some years, and judging a whether a person’s character was good or bad was a basic capability and simple instinct for animals! Naturally, Li Xuan grasped onto this capability to the point of perfection after twenty years, and discerning good and evil for him was only a matter of a casual look. With just one glance, he understood everything!

As for Kyd, he had only wanted to teach Li Xuan a lesson, but was killed instead. However, even if Kyd was a bad subordinate, he was a good father! In order to earn some favor and monetary reward from the young master for his daughter to get some proper education, he sold his dignity and honor to do things.

In this world, there was no person who was right and no person who was wrong. From Kyd’s viewpoint, what did it matter if he bullied an impoverished coward?

Just like how when Li Xuan had bullied the Li De whose strength was unequal to his own and trampled his bones to pieces, who cared?

However, right was right and wrong was wrong. To Gina, this was her enmity. Li Xuan had snatched away her beloved and great father.

Therefore… Li Xuan’s so-called letting her go was an attempt to use his powerful soul to keep her bound and make her become a genuinely reliable lackey! After that, he would provide a favorable environment for her and allow her to mature to become a useable subordinate.

Of course, this was only for the purpose of testing a few theories concerning energy channels. If a day came that the other party matured into an existence that possessed a threat towards him, her final conclusion would be her death.

Only because he did not have to worry about her harming innocent people did Li Xuan choose to take her in.

“Fine! I’ll follow you, and I will definitely surpass you!” Gina wept, but she walked towards Li Xuan’s side with determination and without the slightest fear!

Even when she had seen such a scene of carnage, she had not even blinked!

Although Li Xuan had already seen early on that she was disgusted to the point of wanting to vomit, that tenacity of hers allowed her to persevere and keep from revealing the slightest change in expression.

This, is the kind of attitude an expert must possess!” Li Xuan inwardly nodded in approval, and after passing the items to Amar the fatty and Philroth, he waved his hand to disperse the crowd while speaking in a forceful and severe tone: “To all of you as well as the Albee and Roth Clans, between us, this was just a small fuss. No need to mention it!
As for Li De and the rest of them, they were no more than insignificant slaves, yet they acted so arrogant and domineering and even dared to challenge the dignity of their master! Their deaths were necessary to justify my status! Alright, with this situation over, I will go with my father, elder brother, and elder sister Ning Xuan to head towards the Li Clan in Iris City. Everybody, we will meet another time!”

Li Xuan’s neither servile nor overbearing yet stern words caused the crowd’s hearts to loosen up a bit, and also increased their degree of respect and admiration towards him. After his words, a group of people turned and left at once after leaving behind a few polite greetings.

As for that Li De, in actuality, Li Xuan had already blocked the majority of his acupuncture points, and he basically did not possess even a chance to live. However, Li Xuan wanted to torment him for thirty days and thirty nights, neither letting him live nor letting him die!

In regards to whether someone would save him, Li Xuan did not worry the slightest bit. Who would save a slave whose entire body was crippled? Even if he was saved, he had no chance of living.


“Xuan Er, your methods are too violent!” After thinking a bit, Li Ning relayed this to Li Xuan in a serious tone.

“Father, it is necessary to use this person to establish our authority! Moreover, this person’s heart is petty and narrow-minded, and is a person who will report something with the slightest glance. If I do not kill him, it will cause no end of trouble in the end. This kind of nasty character is the hardest to defend against, and it is better to just end it once and for all and get rid of future problems! If you cut the grass without weeding out its roots, it will grow once again when spring arrives!” Li Xuan responded without the slightest bit of hesitation.

And at this moment, Li Ning faintly nodded and let out a soft sigh, no longer saying anything more.

His son ultimately possessed the ruthless attitude of an expert, and after all was said in done, he was prone to become one. If so, he should rightfully cast off certain characteristics such as his past cowardice and naivete, his past simplicity and weakness.

It was also acceptable because an iron-blooded man with a proud and unyielding character ought to treat his enemies ruthlessly and decisively.

“A-Xuan, what you said is correct. It is only right to kill such a vile person, but your methods are truly too merciless. You scared Shuang Er.” Ning Xuan laughed and supplemented with casual words spoken in consideration of Li Xuan.

“Xuan Er, you did well! It seems that you’ve improved again. What layer are you at right now?”

“Father, I will indeed slow down in the latter stages of cultivation, and only now have I reached the 7th layer.”

“2nd Hui 7th layer? Then how could you instantly kill Li De?”

“Father, your child used spiritual pressure. My innate talent is high, so it places genuine pressure on his innate talent. I controlled this feeling and wholeheartedly carried out a spiritual attack!”

“Spirit attribute? This type of method is a marvel that rarely appears every tens of thousands of years, and I was just suspecting it. It seems… Hahahahaha, the greater your innate talent, the more we can reclaim justice! Hahahahaha, good, good, good!”

Pleasant surprise and joy flashed across Li Ning’s face. However, a sliver of crazed hatred also appeared then receded. Following that, he genuinely laughed aloud in comfort.

In his mind hovered that blood-soaked night and that deep-seated grudge towards the Ju Ding Sect. That lowly dog, Fang Shaoyan, wait for your death!


This surge of emotion disappeared as fast as it came. The Ju Ding Sect was a large sect, and even Iris City’s Li Clan did not dare to act too rashly. As such, Li Ning endured this matter silently in his mind.

However, he did not know that Li Xuan suddenly took notice of that heaven-shaking rage of his which had appeared so subtly.

“This undoubtedly is a deep-seated issue. Perhaps, it is an extreme hatred, and it probably has to do with my ‘aunt’.”

Li Xuan faintly contemplated in his heart, but did not care too much about it. For now, Li Ning did not mention it to him, so clearly, it was not yet time for him to know.

When the time came, he would naturally know the things he ought.

As for the so-called spirit element, that was something that occurred by nature of the world that resulted in a exceedingly talented genius. Those that possessed soul force were the true geniuses!

As long as these kinds of geniuses continued to mature, they were destined to be the glory of a generation!



31 thoughts on “Chapter 029 – Insane Hatred

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  2. Basically he sees that the little girl has potential and will grow up to be an expert if left alone not only will her talent most likely not come to fruition which in his eyes as a martial artist would be a sin, but if it did come to fruition she’d go seek him out and get killed in return, which is a waste, so he takes her along to nurture her talent and to maybe lessen her rage towards him?

    I dunno, I’m sure if it’s because of the author or the translation but I’m not completely sure what happened in this or the previous chapter and what the exact motivations are of the MC.

    Basically he let them off two times already and they disrespected him a third time so he became ruthless or something?


    • I think you’re spot on about the little girl.
      Also, if I got this right actually, with this Li De, there were basically three issues:
      1: this guy was in the old Li Xuan memories, he used to beg this guy to curry favor for his ex-girlfriend. This shameless past made the MC disgusted (with his old self and with this guy as well)

      2: The MC already dealt with one manager, Li Pin. The guy misbehaved at first, but he didn’t know the extent of the MC’s “recovery”, and he was eventually put in his place: the guy learned his lesson. Yet, the clan sent another manager.
      This “other” manager however, although he was now properly aware of the MC’s new situation (he’s no more trash, he’s now to be valued by the clan and his social standing is now that of someone to be respected), still disrespected him. The MC felt like even if he was put in his place, such a petty guy will keep being trouble for him in the future, because he’ll scheme to take revenge and so on, so he had one more reason to get rid of him quickly.

      3: People (the city in general) were still kinda doubtful about his new situation, and this Li De guy, a lowly servant of his clan, dared to be haughty toward him. If he let that pass, it would mean that his position in the clan wasn’t that important: he would be no big deal, if even a servant could trash talk him, why would anyone else bother to respect him and his family?
      So, especially for the sake of his close relatives (the way his “family” was treated was really bothering him since his reincarnation), he had to show them that he can’t be offended by someone anymore (even more if that someone had lower status).


  3. This is good, better than I thought. Somehow this way, I believe this little girl will not be lost in hatred and revenge and her fundamentaly good nature will be protected over time!
    It will be a hard task, but with time the MC can partly make amend for what he did to her now, I think.

    Thank you for the chapter, this is really interesting so far…
    dun dun dun… aha!


  4. Thanks for the chaaap 🙂
    A first glimpse at the plot 😮

    I’m going to flip a table, if the next chapter is about theories about spirit element and soul force…


  5. thank you—-!
    oh, so he’s keeping the daughter by his side, huh? yeah, revenge is worse when the person targets the people around you, rather than you yourself. well, li ning definitely has some grievances, that’s clear…
    ooh, spirit?! nice—-!


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