Chapter 027 – Establishing Might

A party of people returned to the Li Clan, and far from its entrance, Li Xuan saw a large group of troops silently and respectfully keeping watch over the Li Clan’s entrance. At this moment in the slums, it had exploded into clamor and liveliness. Many men and women, old and young, all stood at the doors of their houses as they looked afar at the commotion at the Li Clan’s abode. From time to time, they would quietly discuss with one another.

“It’s true…”

“It seems that people of the Roth and Albee Clans have all come. I heard that they were all garnered over by Manager Li De. This time, he’s brought a lot of people over, so it looks like Li Xuan, that fellow, has really been regarded with importance.”

“This child actually has immense innate talent. It’s a pity that he was so incapable before.”

“What incapability. Is infatuation wrong?”

“What infatuation. Even infatuation requires one to check whether the other party is good or not.”

“The Roth Clan came because of Manager Li De. I heard that Manager Li Pin got driven out of his position because he wasn’t capable.”


From far away, Li Xuan could faintly discern what these people were speaking about, but only after he drew closer to the slums did he hear and understand what was really going on.

That Li Pin was the Manager Li who had previously had his face stepped on by Li Xuan and been forced to kneel. As for that Manager Li De, he was probably dispatched after Li Pin did not successfully take Li Xuan over to the Li Clan.

It was just that, if Li Pin was expelled right after this manager’s appearance, it was basically provoking the position of Li Xuan’s family in the clan.

After Li Xuan slightly pondered over it, he knew that this Li De was only displaying a show of strength. His actions were to let Li Xuan’s group of people know that even if the Li Clan received them back, they were still outsiders without any kind of status, that they should not even try to oppose them, and instead should properly conduct themselves and understand to behave according to the rules.

All these were undoubtedly a challenge as well as a trampling of there status.

After realizing all of this, Li Xuan’s face revealed a cold smile. It was convenient that when Ning Xuan was moving things over, she had sent him a mysterious, black, iron dagger. This could also be counted as a type of magic equipment, and its function was convenient for cutting and slicing things up. Although its grade was not very good, its material was outstanding, and as such, Li Xuan considered it to be a good item.

Therefore, for now, he only sensed the dagger within his interspatial ring as his face smiled and revealed a sort of ferocity and ruthlessness.

The first time, when Li Xuan had met the two people from the Roth Clan, he thought about the disadvantages and did not kill them.

The second time, he had met Li Pin and considered the element that when two sides were at war, their delegates must not be killed. On top of that, Li Pin’s attitude had changed very quickly and had turned very sincere, so Li Xuan did not do anything vicious to him.

However, there would only be a first and a second, not a third! This was what Li Xuan believed in, not only in his past life, but this one as well. It was just that, he had dominated the world in his past world. How many people would dare to truly provoke him?

But in this life, he had already been provoked twice in just a short period of time and had never responded cruelly. However, this time, under the situation that two managers existed, one of them had to die!

He just need to see which one was more suitable to becoming a dog for him!

Li Xuan muttered in his heart for a bit, then walked in the direction of the Li Clan.

“A-Xuan, it seems that the Li Clan has sent out yet another manager. This clearly shows that the Li Clan values you~” Li Mo laughed and commented.

“More like they’re worried they’ll suffer another setback.” Ning Xuan said thoughtfully.

“Come on, Big Bro. Let’s go in.” As Li Xuan said this, he was the first to step towards the Li Clan.

At this moment, those two out of those four mage guards standing by the door suddenly lashed out: “Slow down. How is the Li Clan a place where lowly and inferior people like you can enter? Beat it!”

When these four guards saw Ning Xuan and Shuang Er, their eyes immediately lit up as it filled with a degree of longing.

And that kind of arrogance of theirs in which they put nobody in their sight was simply presumptuous to the extreme.

Li Xuan originally assumed that Li De knew that he had instantly killed the guards, Kyd and Amer, of the Roth and Albee Clan, and would subsequently exercise restraint. Only after knowing one’s enemy would one take action to deal with them. However, it now seemed that this fellow absolutely could not even compare with Li Pin. This was because there was a disparity between the inherent character of Li De and Li Pin. Li De did not even understand the least bit about adapting according to the situation.

Thinking towards Kyd, Li Xuan realized that the other guard he had killed, Amer, had no family. As such, if he was dead, then he was dead. However, Kyd still had a daughter, a daughter whose innate talent was pretty good, and a daughter who waiting for him to earn money for her education. Therefore, the matter of Kyd dying should have been a bigger issue. After all, Kyd was all a 2nd Hui 7th layer mage. If all mages that became guards could not receive any guarantees posthumously, then who would be willing to become a guard? Hence, those clans’ people had come for the primary purpose of apologizing for offending Li Xuan, and the second, an obligatory few words in passing for the people who had died under his hand.

“You all are really too excessive. You don’t know that this is Li Xuan’s older brother? This person is—”

“Shuang Er, no need to say much. These things will bite anybody.” Li Xuan explained with a beaming smile.

Originally, Ning Xuan and Li Mo were going to say a few words, but at this moment, they abruptly stopped.

This was because Li Xuan’s sudden words caused Li Mo and Ning Xuan to sense that Li Xuan was going to personally take care of this. As such, they stopped interfering at once.

And at this moment, Li Xuan only glanced towards the two guards coldly, then said in a calm voice: “You guys think that you do not dare to trample on anybody in the Li Clan, but out here, trampling on me will be easy? I’ll explain it to you then and make you forever remember it!”

Li Xuan’s severe voice caused the two guards to look on in disdain. One of them even laughed coldly and prepared to act out and teach Li Xuan a lesson.

However, how could Li Xuan be afraid? His *soul oppression almost instantly exploded in intimidation!
(*TL: I’ve decided it to give it a name because it’s easier that way. It’s basically using his soul to oppress others)

Before, his soul oppression was sufficient to cause the hearts of six 4th Xiang 10th layer mages to shudder and cower in fear. By now, his strength had already advanced another level, and the pressure his soul could unleash had grown even more tyrannical.

Although this increase was not very big, in a small range, it was still matchless.

It was just a wave of force, and these four guards immediately grew panic-stricken, their faces instantly growing paperwhite. Their lips had also begun to tremble.

And only at this moment did people from within in the clan notice the commotion outside.

However, getting intimidated by this kind of force on the contrary caused the four guards to grow even angrier, as if this lowly peasant in front of them had trample all over their dignity.

Yet in the next moment, four terrifying sonic booms suddenly resonated sharply in their ears. Only after they came to themselves did they feel that there was an acute, piercing pain in the space between their eyebrows, and their brains seemed to explode and crumble… After that, there was no after for them.

Their consciousnesses instantly sunk into darkness, and following that, their heads directly exploded as blood sprayed in all directions and brain matter overflowed.

This scene caused all the passerbys to be shocked still. After that, the residents within the crowd that had never seen much of the world all emitted alarmed and bloodcurdling shrieks. Some little girls even let out hair-raising screams because this scene was really too gory. Ghastly white skulls were still steeped in blood, and lumps of viscous, cream white brain matter mixed with blood. The air was filled with the vile stench of fire burning human flesh…

At this moment, even Shuang Er’s face was deathly pale, and her tender body began shaking. Clearly, she had been severely frightened.



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