Chapter 026 – 2nd Hui 7th Layer

“The value of this book is really not ordinary! Before, I truly was a bit short-sighted. It’s good that I came to myself early! It also makes sense. After all, in such a vast world, how could it be possible that every person lacks knowledge? On the contrary, I was the one who was blind and considered these people to be uncivilized!”

Recovering the elemental energy which had scattered outwards, Li Xuan’s heart was extremely satisfied. This time, he had smoothly advanced to the 2nd Hui 7th layer, and his progress was still incredibly fast. However, after undergoing an increase in all-elemental energy after the elemental energy had irrigated his body, he faintly felt the difficulty. It was at this moment that Li Xuan realized that his future cultivation would probably increase in difficulty.

Breaking through without any trouble did not mean that cultivation itself was easy. It was similar to how a person had a talent to become a scientist, but how many truly became scientists? This was the reasoning behind it. There were many people in this world, and in such a large population of people, it was not strange for geniuses to exist. Even 7th Xing and 8th Fa innate meditative talent had appeared before, but truly accomplished people were far less in number.

Therefore, the aggregation of elemental energy, merging with that elemental energy, and the issue of one’s affinity with elemental energy and so on were also sources of difficulty during the process of growth.

The benefit of innate talent laid in the fact that for two people bitterly training until a final bottleneck, the person with innate talent could directly understand the next level of profound understanding. On the other hand, the person without innate talent would get obstructed. They would rack their brains for an answer and perhaps instantly breakthrough, or they might never breakthrough.

2nd Hui 7th layer, all-element, en. Temporarily, this should be classified as just eight elements. For now, I’ve only just entered into the realm of spatial magic, and I need to cultivate it little by little. It may be that my body has already reached the 2nd Hui 7th layer for spatial magic, but in this area, I’m really too unfamiliar. I must train in it for a period of time.

When we return to the Li Clan in Iris City today, I’ll temporarily demonstrate fire, wind, and lightning. Fire magic will be at 2nd Hui 7th layer, and the other two will be at 2nd Hui 3rd layer. When it is necessary, I will reveal my innate talent explosively at a suitable time. Only by doing it this way will I have a position within the clan!
I believe the cards I have are already sufficient, but closing myself off and being secretive isn’t my style. However, my current strength is really not strong. If my revealed innate talent is too monstrous, I’ll definitely get murdered out of jealousy, and just attract disaster onto myself. Therefore, I can’t overdo it! This way, some matters won’t be too important and the pressure won’t cause anybody to crumble. I won’t need to hide anything under those circumstances.
(*TL: I’m a bit confused on certain sentences in each paragraph so I’ll leave the raw above. It’s really only two phrases, but they’re not that important.)

Only after Li Xuan made a few plans for the upcoming events did his heart ease up a bit.

For the moment, the things that should have been taken care of were already dealt with. Although Li Mo and Ning Xuan’s love story unfolded a bit like a soap opera, true love was in fact just like that. Love was about both parties being mutually considerate towards each other and living or dying for the other.

There was no vow of loving until the seas run dry and the stones go soft or the mindset of loving until the end of time. However, just expending one’s efforts in silence as time passed in itself surpassed all things. Marrying and growing old together was just a phrase. Ning Xuan using her actions to demonstrate her love, however, was the best method of communicating it. No forsaking each other or leaving each other, this was true love.

Li Xuan envied them, but envied them not because Li Mo had found a pure and lovely woman, but rather that he had found one that was so willing to give of herself. Of these two aspects, the first only regarded one’s outer but temporary beauty, while the latter referred to one’s spirit that would forever exist.


Li Xuan casually loosened his bones and muscles and didn’t refrain from using a [Rainfall Technique] on himself, thus allowing his body to become extremely clean and fresh. After that, his ‘inner jin’ faintly shook as elemental energy expanded outward. Immediately, all the water vapor on his body had dried up.

He then stretched over and opened up the private cultivation room’s door.

At this moment, Ning Xuan, Li Mo, and the little lady Shuang Er were all standing and waiting outside the door.

“A-Xuan, you broke through again?” Ning Xuan roughly inspected Li Xuan’s improvement and seemed to have sensed Li Xuan’s imposing manner and his strong power, which is why she inquired of him in astonishment.

Before this, Ning Xuan knew Li Xuan’s strength. Furthermore, when she was with Li Mo yesterday, she learned that Li Xuan had also recovered his innate talent, and that his innate talent had actually grown more shocking. In just a short period of time, he advanced in leaps and bounds, his progress extremely easy. However, she had not thought that he would have improved over just one night.

“En, I accidently broke through.” Li Xuan gleefully answered. Because he had already seen through human society in his past world, in this life, no matter what he did, he was very joyful. He was able to demonstrate the instinctual vigor and enthusiasm of a youth, so when he laughed and talked, his mood seemed very natural, without any feigned or careless appearance.

In other people’s eyes, this was a lively, carefree, happy-go-lucky and honest youth.

“You accidently broke through again? Although before the 3rd realm, it’s true that the difficulty of breaking through is not too high, it definitely is not as simple as this… A-Xuan, the issue that your innate talent has grown and truly awakened… It shouldn’t be wrong.” As Ning Xuan said this, she could not help but speak a bit seriously.

“Uh, about this, I’m not very sure. In any case, to me, cultivation does not seem to give me any kind of pressure at all. It’s very easy.” Li Xuan did not really want to shock people, so he just spoke casually. One must know that for these early stages, if it was not for the fact that he wanted experience it for a bit, he would have long since broken through to the 3rd realm in one breath.

But, there was no meaning in doing so because after the 3rd realm, he would still have to experience other things. If he got accustomed to it now and steadily reached the 3rd realm, the latter experiences would be much more relaxed.

Familiarity, understanding, and blending into this world was what Li Xuan’s current need was.

“En, if it is truly like this, we will test it when we return to the clan.” Ning Xuan responded after thinking a bit.

After saying so, she actually extended her hand out and rubbed Li Xuan’s head, her actions unexpectedly gentle: “Oh you, if you like Shuang Er, then just let Little Shuang Er follow you. I basically already know about your business. Cultivate properly, and based on your innate talent and capabilities, you will have many beautiful girls rushing after you like ducks.”

“Miss, how could you abandon Shuang Er. Shuang Er does not want to follow this annoying fellow.” Little Shuang Er seemed to have a slight instinctual fear towards Li Xuan, and saying that he was annoying was in truth, just an excuse.

“Alrighttt. Oh you empty-mouthed lass. Yesterday, when you suddenly could not see A-Xuan, you were so worried and afraid that he went to go look for that person only to get beaten up again.” Ning Xuan teased.
(*TL: yeah so I know lass seems kind of weird, but the raw would translate to fellow, and that doesn’t seem very fitting for a little girl…)

Ning Shuang was immediately embarrassed and uncomfortable. She hung her head and used her little hands to fiddle around with the corners of her magic rob, unexpectedly so shy to the point she could not say anything.

Li Xuan just chuckled as he saw this and said cheerfully: “Alright, if there is nothing else, we had better go home now. En, Elder Sister Ning Xuan, in the future, we will be one family.”

“That’s right, one family.” At this moment, Li Mo also laughed honestly and pulled Ning Xuan’s hand over, his face revealing a blessed smile.


“Big Bro, you guys hold on to this interspatial ring. I still have another one, so it is just in time for Elder sister Ning Xuan’s departure. Her things can be conveniently carried over.” Li Xuan took out that extra interspatial ring and explained to them.

“This, I won’t refuse then. Hehe, A-Xuan you’re still the best.” Li Mo did not bother with any courtesies. In regards to this interspatial ring, his heart was exceedingly covetous, but when he accepted it, he directly placed it on Ning Xuan’s finger personally. Ning Xuan only laughed speechlessly and did not stop him.


Author’s note: In truth, I actually planned on not letting the people of another world use any Chinese expressions for this fantasy novel. However, after thinking about it a bit, if I didn’t use any Chinese expressions, the words would be a bit dry. But, using Chinese expressions also seemed a bit inappropriate and unsuitable for this world’s style of speaking. As such, I simply did not bother about it anymore. In any case, the world in this novel is similar to ancient China, only with a different development. You all can just interpret this using China’s particular style.



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  2. There was no vow of loving until the seas run dry and the stones go soft or the mindset of loving until the end of time. However, just expending one’s efforts in silence as time passed in itself surpassed all things. Marrying and growing old together was just a phrase.
    So difficult to understand. Especially the second sentence lol.


    • okay the first one is like word for word translation, and that is what it actually means. second one means that just doing what you can for the other party without saying anything is the greatest love. and the third sentence is just saying that people throw about the phrase ‘marrying and growing old’, but don’t actually express it in action.


  3. Hmm . .
    I think it’s fit well, in ChnNov or ChnDra I often saw n read that lass was used towards young woman or little girls that below 20s. And lad for young man or boys below 20s.
    Well, it’s been long time since I watch Chn drama last time. . .


  4. thanks a lot!
    -pats on the back- thsoe difficult cultivation terms are really…mind-blowing, aren’t they…? hah….
    well, anyway, lol, so romantic! at least li xuan can see that a person’s most important point is their spirit!


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