Chapter 025 – Xing Yi Magic Fist!

(*TLN: 形意 = xing yi = form/shape, thought/intent
and wow this chapter was a nightmare to translate. Side note: Xing Yi Quan is also commonly referred to as Form and Mind Boxing, while Quan 拳 can refer to fist/style)

After tidying everything up, Li Xuan sensed the dimensions of this interspatial ring and discovered it to be around 5x5x5 meters, which sent a wave of satisfaction through him. For now, to have such a large space to store equipment was pretty good.

Within the space, there were basically twenty of each of those medicinal pills with their respective attributes. Besides this, there was also a set of 3-star upper grade all-round magic equipment, a set of 2-star superior grade fire attribute equipment, as well as a fire element staff of the same grade. There were still eleven types of 3-star middle and lower grade medicines of various elements that added up to a total of 137 pills. Of 3-star upper grade elemental elixirs, there were 10 flasks, and there were also three additional magic crystal cards. One of the magic crystal cards was the VIP card of Allan Auction House which contained 3,500 moyuan coins, while another was an anonymous and unlisted card that contained 300 million gold coins. The last crystal card was the one that Li Xuan had registered which contained 630,000 gold coins.

Besides all of these items, there were still two books:《Understanding Magic Formations》and《Principles of Medicinal Refining》. These were two incredibly thick books that were genuinely valued items.

After Li Xuan had returned to his normal appearance, he put on that 2-star superior grade fire attribute magic robe and recovered his original expression.

Following that, Li Xuan once again began meditating and restoring the damage the state of unification had brought him.

To sum it up, all the events had occurred according to his calculations and expectations. However, in regards to scorning his enemy and holding contempt towards this world, Li Xuan instead began to reflect on himself deeply.

After a long while when the sunlight began to faintly diffuse through the sky, Li Xuan exhaled a breath of impure vapor and stood up. He began to visualize the stances of Xing Yi Quan which he had not cultivated for a long while amidst natural enlightenment.

Xing Yi Dragon Form, Dragon Lightning Evasion, Dragon Dance Tribute.

Xing Yi Chicken Form, Phoenix Nirvana, Ninth Fiery Berserk Firmament.

Xing Yi Tiger Form, Dawn Wind Sky Stele, Thundercloud Moving Wild Intent.


These waves of forces intermingled together and suddenly, the *world elemental energy immediately condensed together and violently rushed forth. In an instant, Li Xuan felt that his entire body, including his four limbs and all his bones, were wrapped in a layer of elemental energy. This type of feeling was different from being filled with inner jin. It did not have any type of similarity with things such as light jin, dark jin, manifest jin, or encompassing dan, and was simply as if pure and unadulterated world spirit qi was irrigating his whole body. It seemed as though he had suddenly entered into an inborn, natural realm that allowed his body to become assimilated by the world spirit qi.
(*TL: Just to make a change, I’ve realized that for this particular phrase: ‘天地间魔法元素’, the author is actually distinguishing it from simple 魔法元素, or elemental energy. So just to clarify, there is elemental energy in general, and when it’s ‘world elemental energy’ it’s to specify that it’s coming from the natural world outside and not from within the mage.
Second. These different types of jin are the realms for martial arts in general, in Li Xuan’s case. It is different from his magic cultivation. Thus, when these terms are used, it’s referring to Li Xuan’s martial arts cultivation because Li Xuan is doing both magic and martial arts cultivation. Try not to think too much of the meaning behind the terms. If it’s important, the author will explain later.)

At the same time, the soul force of those six 4th Xiang 10th layer experts as well as Yajia Luojia seemed to have already been deposited into the depths of the space between his eyebrows within his sea of consciousness. However, although Li Xuan was in the midst of enlightenment, besides the initial absorption of that soul force, he did not do anything more to absorb or refine that soul force.


At this moment, this type of feeling was incredibly unique, but Li Xuan also understood that in a flash, his strength had once again increased.

Although when he went out, he went out for a mere day’s worth of time, it allowed him to understand a crucial point. That so-called superiority he felt from coming from another world really did not need to be so blatant. True experts were experts no matter where they were, and this world was so vast, possessing a population that exceeded Earth’s by a hundred or a thousand times! In this world, experts stood in great numbers, and if he kept maintaining that kind of attitude… One could imagine the miserable consequences that would result.

Only by concentrating, facing that secured attitude from the past world, and truly delving into this world to experience and understand would he have new breakthroughs and exceed boundaries!

It was exactly these thoughts that stirred Li Xuan’s soul. After meditation training amidst his state of enlightenment, his whole body once again involuntarily underwent a fusion with this world’s elemental energy and formed a unique magic skill—Xing Yi Magic Fist.

Li Xuan had absolutely never thought that Xing Yi Magic Fist would have such an immense effect of irrigating his body with elemental energy. This was due to the fact that he had never imagined that Xing Yi Quan would have the slightest connection with magic.

However, only at this moment did Li Xuan now understand. There were so many different paths, yet different paths could lead to the same destination. Xing Yi Quan was both a physical and spiritual manifestation of certain animals’ unique characteristics and strengths, while magic was a physical and spiritual manifestation of nature’s distinct qualities and strengths. In reality, in terms of their basic essence, these two things were completely identical. It was just that magic concerned itself with nature and the elemental energy within the world, allowing them to grow closer step by step and merge little by little. As for Xing Yi Quan, it concerned itself with animals as well as the world spirit qi which allowed the body to go under self-enhancement. It mainly had to do with pure temperance of the body itself.

Li Xuan’s understanding of these things caused him to think of Xing Yi Dragon Form’s Dragon Lightning Evasion-Dragon Dance Tribute. His heart slightly palpitating, the contents of the《Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual》couldn’t help but appear in his mind.

The Yama Clan viewed this book with extreme importance. Before, when Li Xuan forcefully memorized its contents, he did not try to understand it in depth. However, when he thought of it in more detail at this moment, he discovered that it also had its deep and profound aspects. One of those aspects focused on those acupuncture points that Li Xuan knew about and gave a different analysis and perspective due to a different understanding.

Before, Li Xuan did not care about these things, but at this moment, the contents drove him to deeply ponder about those energy channels.

The so-called energy channels could be categorized into standard channels and extraordinary channels. There were twelve standard channels, of which 6 were yang channels for one hand and one foot (3 each), while the rest were 6 yin channels for another hand and foot. In general, they were referred to as the ‘Twelve Meridians’, and were the main passages for the circulation of blood and qi. As for the extraordinary channels, there were eight passages – governing vessel, conception vessel, penetrating vessel, girdle vessel, yin heel vessel, yang heel vessel, yin linking vessel, and yang linking vessel. Altogether, they were called the ‘Eight Extraordinary Meridians’. Foremost, they linked and regulated the uses of the Twelve Meridians, and the classifications of the Twelve meridians were based on each meridian’s counterpart. The main role of the eight extraordinary meridians was to strengthen the connection and bond between each respective pair. Additionally, because some of those eight meridians had points that interconnected with regular channels who were unable to circulate to certain organs or other components of the body, the eight extraordinary meridians could make up for its insufficiencies.

The Twelve Meridians were also called the twelve standard meridians, and comprised the main bulk of the energy channel system. Its terminology was made according to the yin and yang characteristics, and these twelve standard meridians were closely linked with the inner organs, whose circulation paths determined the names of each meridian. The twelve standard meridians all belonged to a certain organ, and each channel employed the name of its respective organ’s name. They combined to circulate in a path which traversed through the hands and feet from the inside, the outside, the anterior, center, and posterior. According to academic theory, other distinct terminology was used, and these were the names of the Twelve Meridians: Hand Tai Yin Lung Meridian, Hand Jue Yin Pericardium Meridian, Hand Shao Yin Heart Meridian, Hand Yang Ming Large Intestine Meridian, Hand Shao Yang Triple Burner Meridian, Hand Tai Yang Small Intestine Meridian, Foot Tai Yang Spleen Meridian, Foot Jue Yin Liver Meridian, Foot Shao Yin Kidney Meridian, Foot Yang Ming Stomach Meridian, Foot Shao Yang Gall Meridian, and Foot Tai Yang Bladder Meridian.
(*TL: Info if you want it:

For the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, they were different from the twelve standard meridians. Not only were they not directly affiliated with inner organs, they also lacked any corresponding connections between the interior and exterior, and their circulation paths were extraordinary as well, thus earning its name extraordinary channels. One of their functions was to join up with the connections of the twelve standard meridians, while the second was to store any extraneous energy for regulating and nourishing the body.

Besides this, the twelve standard meridians also had its corresponding twelve sinew meridians, which were categorized into Li (depart), Ru (enter), Chu (exit), and He (combine), that circulated via the limb channels into body cavities. These twelve sinew meridians all branched off from the twelve standard meridians located at the four limbs. Yang channels branched off towards original channels while Yin channels linked with inner and exterior Yang channels.

And the twelve sinew meridians all arose from the ends of each limb, converging at the joints and following the skeletal structure towards the head of the torso along the body’s exterior without entering the inner organs. Of these twelve, the three Foot Yang sinew meridians traversed along the body’s exterior towards the face from the toes; the three Foot Yin sinew meridians traveled through the body’s interior to converge with the external genitals from the toes; the three Hand Yang sinew meridians circulated on the exterior towards the head; the three Hand Yin sinew meridians followed along the interior to converge at the chest.

These were only the known four main channel circulation systems. However, in reality, just the eight extraordinary meridians were enough to make a fighter’s head hurt, not to mention the rest of them! (*TL: you mean my head hurt (°°) ┻━┻)

And Li Xuan’s so-called opening of the channels was only breaking through the twelve standard meridians and the eight extraordinary meridians! He had only opened up a small horizon for himself, and as for those sinew meridians, he had absolutely never touched them before. This was because those areas were extremely pivotal, and a slight change would affect everything else. One wrong move and it would make the entire body crumble.

However, in this Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual, some of the intersections between the smaller channels and the bigger channels mentioned went as far as causing some of Li Xuan’s worries of possible outcomes to lighten. This, was truly succinct!



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