Chapter 024 – Too Monstrous…

“That’s right, Miss. To us, that kind of ‘Law’ is simply only something we can wish for, but never hope to achieve. Originally, I only thought that the other party was only a bit stronger than us, whose strength was not too powerful. I never thought that just a surge of his comprehension of the Laws would result in us getting hurt. Although we can never even hope to reach the point of the Origin Laws, I can guarantee that that was definitely the Laws! Furthermore, I believe that in addition to those five elements cultivated by that man, he definitely cultivates spatial magic as well! However, in the territory of spatial magic, his achievements are extraordinarily profound. As such, we absolutely cannot have him as an enemy.”

Only after pondering deeply for a while did Daya finally voice out this careful conclusion.

“Manager Daya, just listening to this person’s voice, how old do you think he is?” An indistinct emotion flitted across Ai Wei’er’s eyes as she followed up with another question.

Young ladies’ sentiments are always somewhat romantic. A young lady of only thirteen or fourteen years old would naturally possess feelings of reverence and adoration to such an expert. Furthermore, when Li Xuan was speaking, his voice was masculine and charismatic, similar to the gentleness a rough general would express towards his children. For some reason, that kind of feeling caused her heartbeat to quicken.

Of course, it was barely a sense of longing, just her heartbeat accelerating a bit. This kind of reaction was only a result of her idolization towards an expert.

*Cough cough, “Miss, this, for such an expert as this, I believe that you cannot even imagine his current age. En… A five or even six element mage is at minimum an expert in the 6th He realm. It’s still, still better for us not to dwell on this too much.”

Ai Daya and Ai Da’te answered a bit awkwardly.

Ah, they could totally understand the feelings of this young lady. However, the difference in the two people’s statuses… it truly could not be compared. Perhaps, others might view Allan Auction House as extraordinarily amazing, but in the perspective of that expert, they really could not count for much.

It was not an exaggeration, but rather that he could not help but make a comparison between the honored elders of the auction house and Li Xuan. In the process, he was horrified and grieved to find out that it seemed as though Li Xuan was actually stronger than the honored elders and ancestors of the Allan Clan.

This was just a feeling, but just this feeling was still quite terrifying because once one reached their realm of achievement, their perception would never be wrong!

Once again thinking about the fact that the other party could aggregate elemental energy whose degree of purity nearly reached that of origin magic, it was simply, simply too monstrous…

“En, I know~ I won’t arbitrarily provoke that lord’s wrath. I’m just saying.” Ai Wei’er’s mouth slightly quirked as she pouted playfully. That kind of look was a bit unbearable even if it was Ai Daya and Ai Da’te. That look of hers had a devastating power, and was honestly too strong.

Ai, Miss’ charm grows day by day. If it keeps going on like this, our hearts are going to jump out of our skin, and will one day fail us. Truly, no wonder those old fellows are not very willing to get closer to Miss. However, this is also a hard to come by chance to practice controlling one’s feelings and desires! With great effort, Ai Daya got rid of that unusual emotion, then strove to calm himself down.

As for Ai Da’te, he wiped off the cold sweat that had appeared on his forehead and no longer spoke. However, looking at this appearance, there was no difference between his and Ai Daya’s reaction.

Ai Wei’er did not bother paying attention to the other two anymore, and turned to gaze deeply into the distance where Li Xuan had left. Although that area had already become an area of traffic by countless pedestrians, her gaze was just as before.

“I believe that this man shouldn’t be too old. Although it’s an unusual feeling, that indescribable aura shouldn’t be wrong. Based on my unique talent, there’s a low chance of my judgement being wrong. If I’m right and his age really is not that old, I still have a chance to try to penetrate through and understand him more deeply.
That callous disposition of his, his steady attitude, his chiseled physique, as well as his deep yet bright eyes are all so fascinating. And, facing me, he wasn’t like other people. His expression didn’t show the smallest hint of amazement… At that time, even Grandfather was flabbergasted when he came out of training. In other words, this man’s character is extremely hard to come by.”

Ai Wei’er spoke to herself. Even though the time they were in contact with each other was not long, she actually had such a deep impression of him. However, she ultimately still did not think much about it because she was already in a marriage agreement. Her fiance was to be the crown prince of Wade Empire, and basically the one who was to become the next king.

As such, although Ai Wei’er possessed her own feelings, she never really thought much about them because of her pre-arranged marriage. She was unable to change anything, and therefore only viewed her feelings with a very simple mindset.


After Li Xuan left Iris City, he silently entered into the Magical Beast Forest. On the outskirts of the forest, he once again opened up his Mind’s Eye and surveyed the surroundings. Only after confirming that no one had followed him, he soundlessly and swiftly turned and began traveling towards Wakelyn Town.

As he passed through the Magical Beast Mountain Range, he had to travel a long distance. However, by activating the state of unification with nature and drawing support from his all-element auxiliary skills, traveling was incredibly effortless.

Although he had maintained the state of unification for such a long time, it did not drain much of his spirit force because he was not actively surveying in all directions. As such, the state of his spirit was still remarkably good.

However, when he arrived at Wakelyn Town, it was already midnight.

Taking advantage of the stillness in his surroundings, Li Xuan once again activated the state of unification and swept the area around him three times in detail to be extras sure that no suspicious people had followed him. After confirming his surroundings, Li Xuan silently arrived outside of the cultivation room which he had previously locked. Faintly stirring up elemental energy, the elemental energy quietly surged past the door to open the door, then Li Xuan walked in noiselessly.

Properly closing the door, Li Xuan’s bones immediately began crackling and popping. His magic robe instantly grew several sizes larger, so Li Xuan took it off.

Although 3-star upper grade magic robes were capable of self-adjustment to a certain extent, the quality of that feature on this general magic robe was quite lacking.

This kind of magic robe was not as simple as just having one elemental attribute. Instead, the magic formation inlaid in it had a general, all-round characteristic. Mages of any element could wear it, and as such, this kind of magic robe was more comprehensive and general in type.

On the other hand, specialized magic robes were categorized into different elements. Their effects were exceedingly powerful, and they were also capable of linking with their respective element to allow the equipment to make its own adjustments according to its wearer. Although its proportions were not too big, it was still enough to allow any mage to wear it comfortably.

Storing this magic robe into his interspatial ring, Li Xuan discovered that this tiny-scale interspatial ring really was not of much use anymore. The space within the interspatial ring he had acquired from Allan Auction House was, on the contrary, ten times larger. However, that interspatial ring was only for their VIP’s. If he put it on, it would probably attract the attention of Allan Auction House. However, this kind of secretive action really did not suit Li Xuan.

Regardless of a person’s strength, the wind will still blow over the mountain tops, and no matter how tyrannical a person is, the moon will still shine its light over the river.
(*TL: it’s from a novel, I believe? Anyway, its meaning is basically that one doesn’t give a crap about what’s happening, they’ll do what they want to do)

If there was no pressure, how could he improve?

In regards to inconspicuously selling of those goods, he had done so in secret because the Yama Clan really was too powerful. Even the Li Clan of Iris City was not its match. As such, he could only temporarily avoid the spotlight.

However, was there anything wrong with wearing the ring? This VIP ring was manufactured the same way any other ring was manufactured, excepting that it had an insignificant inscription. How would most people even know?

Furthermore, although it was Allan Auction House’s VIP ring, the amount of VIP’s in the world was quite large. He was only in a small town with several tens of millions of people, but in a nation with several billions of people, it was likely that nearly ten thousand people had it. What would it matter if he wore it?

With this mindset, Li Xuan confidently wore this ring on his finger and kept the smaller one in preparation to gift it to his older brother Li Mo.



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  2. Several billion people in one country? So they crammed most of Earth’s population into one country…

    Now that’s called overpopulation.


    • Somehow the authors of xianxia just have to throw around impossibly huge numbers. millions and billions are still small. I remember the phrase “billions of billions” from somewhere. It always throws me off the story and into disbelief.


  3. Relax mate, she isn’t that bad. Unlike the other girls what most impressed her was how he wasn’t salivating over her. In other words Ivy liked his personality and not just the power. Ivy also seemed like she wanted to understand him properly. So I can say she atleast isn’t some shallow gold digger unlike Lisa.


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