Chapter 023 – Origin Laws?

iThis, what kind of monstrous person was this! Five elements, he actually simultaneously cultivated five elements! Furthermore, each element was nearly pure to the degree that it came close to origin magic! Good heavens!

If the two ladies were not worried about the face of Allan Auction House, they would have already dropped down onto their knees in respect!

As for Ai Wei’er, she was instantly stunned into a daze. Her facial expression had also become quite marvelous to look at.

“L-Lord, *you, *you astonish us too much! This kind of strength, if Lord has any sort of need, I’m afraid Allan Auction House might be hard-pressed to provide things that are up to Lord’s standards…”

Although she did not really want to admit it and lose face for Allan Auction House, out of consideration for the items that such a distinguished character as Li Xuan would need, she did not dare to boast. If it turned out that there was no item available, the fury of a character such as this was simply not something Allan Auction House could bear.

At this moment, not only Ai Wei’er, but Ai Daya and Ai Da’te definitely did not believe that this person was only at the level of a 5th Xing envoy. However, if he was a person was exceeded the strength of a 5th Xing envoy, then, then he would be an absolute power within the entire Wade Empire. He would even be someone that could stand on equal footing with the king of the empire…

Wiping off the cold sweat on their foreheads, Ai Daya’s and Ai Da’te’s bodies began to tremble. When they took took a closer look to study him in detail carefully, they immediately saw that Li Xuan seemed as though he was completely enwrapped in the origin of the laws. Those sudden flashes of spatial tearing in particular, in which multitudes of terrifying dimensional voids appeared, caused their minds to shake. The originally already powerful elemental energy instantly fluctuated, and a faint feeling of backlash immediately drove the two people to turn pale with fright. Their originally straight backs suddenly bent over as their heads silently lowered in reverence.

“In truth, I am only an amateur at refining medicine. Before, I constantly focused on cultivation, so right now I am only just trying it out. I will not cause you guys any trouble. Conversely, I actually met a clown in the Magical Beast Forest by the name of Yajia Luojia who had brought six people with him who were only 4th Xiang 10th layer mages. They unexpectedly spoke disrespectfully to me, so I erased them. It is convenient that my cultivation does not require the accumulation of wealth. None of the items they had on them were useful to me, so I have decide to sell it to you all at the auction house.”

Li Xuan spoke indifferently.

And hearing these words, Ai Wei’er’s, Ai Daya’s, and Ai Da’te’s faces nearly went green.

Yajia Luojia? A clown? Six mages who were only at the 4th Xiang 10th layer? Erased them?

Seeing how the other party had spoken so lightly, the three people’s faces couldn’t help but start twitching. As expected, such a powerful person really was not ordinary. Even an expert was called a clown….

Yajia Luojia, you are truly awesome, really too awesome, so capable! Admirable, you even dared to provoke such a powerful character…

The three people shared these same thoughts, and at this moment, Li Xuan casually waved his hand as all the items flew out.

“En… these are nine sets of 3-star superior grade magic robes, one 3-star middle grade magic robe, one 4-star middle grade magic robe, seven 3-star superior grade magic staffs, seven 2-star grade interspatial rings, and eleven 3-star middle grade rings of the lightning and fire type…”

Ai Daya took inventory of the items, Ai Da’te swiftly recorded them down, and Ai Wei’er speedily calculated their values. These items were all valued according to the highest price.

As to the issue of whether the auction house receiving these items would incite trouble? Naturally not! Because the auction house was recognized by the entire empire and classified as an ‘emperor’ merchant. Not to mention that it was strong, it also possessed enormous influence, so there was definitely no problem.

And after these items had undergone an additional secret refining process, they would be considered brand new.

“Lord, the total amounts to 3,530.6 moyuan coins, so I will directly round it to 3,531 moyuan coins. As for the proportional exchange rate for the moyuan coins, it will be calculated as ten million gold coins for one.”

“En, then just make it 3500 moyuan coins and exchange the remaining thirty moyuan coins for 300,000,000 gold coins, transferring it over to a hidden and unrecorded crystal card. That makes it more convenient for me to take care of some business. As for the rest, help me register another crystal card whose owner is recorded as Mu Xuan with the realm written as 5th Xing 10th layer.”

Li Xuan spoke indifferently. 5th Xing 10th layer was the realm he had decided in his state of unification would better sway others. His natural strength did not surpass 2nd Hui 6th layer, but he was playing with fire and did not care the least bit.

As long as his ‘soul’ was restored to its peak state before he had torn space apart and his remnant injuries were recovered, his powerful soul would be able to form a genuinely substantial oppressive form. At that time, just a surge of his aura would be able to intimidate 5th Xing experts!

When that time came, he naturally would not have any sort of fear, but for now, he had to first deal with these issues. According to the explanation in the “Understanding Magic Formations” book, some special marks still remained on some items. If a person wanted to keep it, then they had best let it lie in their interspatial ring forever without ever taking it out, or else they would get caught sooner or later.

And at this point in time, Li Xuan’s strength was not yet enough. He could only frighten people, so once he met any 3rd Fen or 4th Xiang experts who were really trying, he would not be their match.

“Alright, Lord Mu Xuan, we will have it handled for *you.” Ai Wei’er answered him respectfully.

She had heard Li Xuan’s words quite clearly, so besides preparing the things he wanted, she even prepared an interspatial ring as well as a few 1-star 2-star grade medicinal ingredients.

After a short period of time, everything had been handled. Finishing the transaction, Li Xuan did not bother with any formalities either and directly accepted the other interspatial ring as well as those medicinal ingredients.

Compared to moyuan coins, low-grade medicinal ingredients really weren’t worth much. This was because the process of refining pills was complicated and difficult, so most of the costs originated from the process rather than the actual ingredients themselves.

“Lord, might I ask if *you have any other instructions?” Ai Wei’er continued to speak very respectfully.

“No more. I am very satisfied with the transaction this time. Wait for me to refine some medicine and I will come again to make a transaction.” Li Xuan nodded and calmly answered her.

“En, it is our honor that Lord conducts business with us.” Ai Daya and Ai Da’te hastily said in response while bowing.

After faintly muttering to himself, Li Xuan said: “Alright, you three do not need to send me off. I can simply go alone.”

Saying this, Li Xuan coolly walked out of the VIP room of the auction house, and although he had told the three people not to see him out, they still politely escorted him to the exit.

And after waiting until Li Xuan had finally walked a distance away, Ai Wei’er and the other two let out a big sigh of relief. Only now did Ai Daya and Ai Da’te wipe off the beads of sweat on their forehead.

“Manager Daya, this time we’ve unexpectedly met such a powerful person. It really makes a person’s nervous! I never thought that I would meet such a person the first time I took over the clan’s affairs. I almost can’t believe it! Previously, when Grandfather said that these kinds of experts existed, I still didn’t really believe. I never thought that I would actually meet such a person! That natural grace that lingers around him, is it the ‘Law’?”



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