Chapter 022 – Respect!

It would not be considered safe even if such a clan’s inheritance was stored within an interspatial ring. As for the other two books, many clans had books with similar names. It was just that their content was slightly different, so possession of it wasn’t really an issue. Otherwise, those books wouldn’t have been passed to those six elderly guards to be so carelessly carried on their person.

After dealing with this matter, Li Xuan lifted his head to look towards to the lake water. At this moment, the lake was densely packed with low level fish-like magical beasts. It brimmed with corpses to the point that it seemed like an ant colony, which was a bit shocking. This poison was actually that malicious?

Picking up the equipment, Li Xuan once again used [Rainfall Technique] to rinse it clean, after which he used fire elemental energy to dry it. Only after checking with his fingers that there was no more residual poison did Li Xuan store the equipment into another interspatial ring.

After that, Li Xuan took out a random 3-star superior grade magic robe without a mark and put it on. He also took out a veil-like equipment, which conveniently did not have a mark either, and wrapped it around his head. Without altering his appearance, he walked towards Iris City.

This set of equipment was found in Paulo’s interspatial ring, revealing that this person had also taken part in some shady business. That would be the only reason why he would possess clothes without any mark hidden inside his interspatial ring.

Iris City was situated around two hundred kilometers away from Wakelyn Town, but with the assistance of the gale ring as well as various elemental skills like [Gravity Reversal], [Light Body Technique], and [Lightning Technique], his body essentially carried no weight. Adding the fact that he also utilized [Wind Soaring], Li Xuan’s speed was astonishingly fast, so fast that it even surpassed some wind-type beasts in speed.

And after getting used to this way of traveling, Li Xuan also activated the [Light Ray] technique to get rid of some air resistance. In this manner, his degree of speed increased even further.

Originally, traveling in such a manner would be extremely noticeable. However, Li Xuan’s magic robe, black headwrap, and the powerful spirit force enveloped around his body that seemed to manifest the imposing manner of full tiger-form, a skill from his past world, caused all the mages and travelers to hastily get out of the way in terror.

After two hours, the sky had darkened and Li Xuan had reached Iris City.

Iris City was enormous, and many magic buildings and constructions towered loftily in the sky as they pierced into the clouds. They were unexpectedly even more aesthetically beautiful and artistic than modern buildings, and although Li Xuan had understood this early on from his memories, seeing it in person was still quite shocking.

However, instead of gazing in every direction to appreciate the magnificent magic towers or searching for a hotel, Li Xuan directly went towards Wade Empire’s largest auction house—Allan Auction House.  

Allan Auction House was Wade Empire’s grandest auction, and it was controlled by the Allan Clan, which was likewise Wade Empire’s greatest clan.

Although the street was crowded to the point that people were squeezing past each other’s shoulders, or even that there were many people with 2-star or 3-star magic equipment, these people all took the initiative to get out of Li Xuan’s way in great respect. But when he had reached Allan Auction House, Li Xuan easily sensed many faintly discernible yet extremely dangerous auras within.

Clearly, there were numerous experts here.

However, Li Xuan did not really care. He had just walked through the auction house’s entrance when a thirteen or fourteen year old girl immediately led two elders whose strengths were profoundly deep and immeasurable to welcome him.

At this moment, Li Xuan’s heart went slightly cold when he spotted that first-rate beauty. He promptly and swiftly entered into the state of unification between nature and man.

“Venerable 5th Xing Envoy, we welcome *your coming to Allan Auction House.” The young girl spoke exceedingly politely and respectfully, bowing deeply to express her reverence.

As for the two elders by her side, their eyes immediately divulged hints of astonishment after studying Li Xuan for a bit. They had only barely released a thread of spirit force to inspect him, but the resulting shock was as though a trickling stream had met with a surging ocean. Immediately, the two elders who were 5th Xing 1st layer envoys understood at once that the man before them was unfathomably deep and absolutely could not be offended.

“Lord, we appreciate *your coming to our Allan Auction House. This is our auction house’s VIP crystal card, we hope that *you can accept it.” One of the two elders hastily bowed respectfully and offered up Allan Auction House’s incomparably precious VIP crystal card.

“Good! You two 5th Xing envoys need not be so courteous.” Li Xuan’s tone was calm and unflustered. If he was in his normal state, he might have been calm as well, but there would still be a bit of fear in his heart. However, in his state of unification where he seemed to have harmonized with nature, his tone naturally possessed the arrogance of an expert.

Li Xuan casually accepted the magic crystal card and stored it into his interspatial ring. There was not any kind of elemental fluctuation as he did so either, but the two elders further felt that he was completely unfathomable.

The eyes of the thirteen or fourteen year old girl, on the other hand, clearly lit up and expressed a sort of thoughtfulness.


“Lord Mu Xuan, is *your purpose for attending the auction today to participate in the auction or to buy any items you need?” The young Ai Wei’er inquired in a gentle voice.
(*TL: yes it is Mu Xuan, I’m assuming he gave a false name)

Previously, Ai Daya and Ai Da’te had already been introduced to Li Xuan. This Ai Wei’er had just happened to come to the city to have fun and decided to learn how to work at the auction house at the same time. After her school break finished, she would return to Wade Empire’s Magic Institute to study. As such, that she had come to receive Li Xuan was the greatest respect that could be given.

In regards to this, Li Xuan did not really understood. It was true that based on the identities of these three people, their treatment towards him was impeccable. However, this treatment was only demonstrated due to his so-called ‘strength’ that caused others to respect him.

Hence, Li Xuan felt even more deeply that strength was incredibly important in this world!

Ai Wei’er was an extremely beautiful and lovely girl. Her long, dimly golden and supple hair, her perfectly round and soft bosom, albeit not very big, and her firm, porcelain skin, nothing was an exception. All aspects of her physique were exceedingly good. As for her facial appearance, Li Xuan compared her in his mind to Ning Xuan and concluded that even Ning Xuan could not match her even halfway.

This Ai Wei’er was, out of all the women he had seen in the previous world as well as his current life, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Temporarily, there was no other that could compare to her!

Although Li Xuan was slightly stunned at first, his emotions no longer rippled after a bit. In his state of unification, emotions basically did not exist.

“En. This time, I’ve come to sell things. After that, I’d like to buy a few medicinal ingredients.”

Li Xuan faintly pondered a bit before saying.

“Medicinal ingredients? Lord, *you are an alchemist!” Ai Wei’er was a bit shocked.

“En!” Li Xuan answered in a low voice. He concealed his ability as a forger (TLN: that refines equipment) because in regards to refining equipment, he could directly demonstrate that ability in the open in front of the Li Clan.

“Alright, alright, there is no problem. Based on Lord’s abilities, refining pills is naturally nothing difficult. Ai Wei’er is fortunate to be able to receive such a character as Lord. Truly, it is Ai Wei’er’s fortune, as well as the Goddess’ blessing.” Ai Wei’er was a bit excited.

Li Xuan slightly nodded, and casually waving his hand, wood, water, wind, fire, and earth instantly encircled them. Dense and pure magic elemental energy comparable to origin magic immediately caused Ai Daya’s and Ai Da’te’s facial expressions to change. In the next moment, they nearly began trembling.



15 thoughts on “Chapter 022 – Respect!

  1. I think the author is implying that when he is in the elemental mind state he comes off as cold and arrogant because his emotional state is flattened. And that disconnected attitude is something experts have


  2. “Good! Two five exercise, do not hesitate.” Li Xuan flatly, if it is in the general state, he might calm, but the mentality has slightly fear, but in the state of Heaven, he fit like a world in general, Among speech, naturally strong arrogance.

    Also the Chinese part…


  3. thanks a lot!
    woah, woah, cool!concealing identity is fun! auctions are always fun! woaj, he revealed multiple elements, and that he’san alchemist too! cool—-!


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