Chapter 021 – Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual

An hour later, the seven people’s faces were all drastically pale, and Yajia Luojia, who was the weakest of the group, carried an even uglier face. Seemingly toxic blue veins had already popped out on his face. Clearly, the poison had begun acting.

Li Xuan slowly opened his eyes, and via his state of unification, his whole body suddenly exploded forth with all of his soul force. A terrifying wave of soul force instantly oppressed the seven people, and Li Xuan simultaneously began unleashing fire and lightning needles.

“Swoosh swoosh—”

Deafening sonic booms and air splitting sounds enabled Li Xuan’s two attacks to instantly pierce through the space between Yajia Luojia’s eyebrows.

There was no moment of suspense. Under these circumstances, the fire needle directly penetrated through the defenseless space between his eyebrows.

Once the fire needle entered Yajia Luojia’s head, Li Xuan willed the needle to abruptly stir around violently. Yajia Luojia promptly let out a blood curdling shriek!



The six elders immediately took action and fiercely charged towards Li Xuan. Sweeping through the air with [Wind Soaring], Li Xuan dispersed the rest of the poison into the air and followed up with a [Rainfall Technique] to poison the six elders yet again!

Especially because four of them were unleashing vulgarities and curses, they were not able to defend in time and subsequently inhaled twice.

Poison upon poison, on top of forcefully circulating elemental energy to go on the offensive and getting barraged by poison had instantly caused them to receive backlash. Under these hits, the bodies of five of the six elders immediately shuddered then dropped from the air.

As for that Paulo, he had already charged towards Li Xuan until he was less than ten meters away in flash. He was just about to unleash a ferocious attack when Li Xuan’s figure shifted and a wave of even more terrifying soul force condensed to form a mountain-like shape, viciously colliding against Paulo!

If he was in peak condition, Paulo might have been able to resist it. However, he had currently been poisoned twice in succession and had also withstood the recoil of an interrupted magic attack. His injuries weren’t light, and adding the fact that he had been directly slammed against by the condensed soul force, his figure faltered. Grabbing his head in agony as his soul shook, his body unexpectedly plummeted to a point on the ground behind him.

During this moment, Li Xuan had consecutively prepared numerous fire needles and was about to rush in and kill the elder, but the force was dissipated with a wave of the elder’s hand.

However, at this point, Paulo no longer possessed any strength to resist.

Li Xuan didn’t bother attacking again, and his figure flashing, he had already departed far away. As for those six elders and Yajia Luojia, they had thoroughly crumpled on the ground, and it was only a matter of time before they were finished.

An hour later, Li Xuan sensed that the auras of those six elders had weakened, not to mention that Yajia Luojia had already died miserably. Stealthily inching closer, he followed up by wholly exerting himself to deal a final blow and ended their lives.

After waiting until those six elders had breathed their last, Li Xuan was unbearably exhausted. Even under those circumstances, it was still so hard to kill those six 4th Xiang 10th layer elders. One could see how incredibly difficult it was to cross realms and truly kill one’s enemies.

For the next moment, Li Xuan didn’t bother with any courtesies and directly set the corpses of those seven people aflame with fire elemental energy. After burning the corpses, the remains that hadn’t been burned were only the magic robes and magic rings.

However, all these items had Skyflower Poison on it, so Li Xuan first collected all the items within the rings into his own ring by using his spirit force, after which he stored the rest of the items with poison on it into Yajia Luojia’s interspatial ring. Once he had done this, he used elemental energy to wrap around the two rings, then turned and flew towards a lake outside the forest.

After exiting the Magical Beast Forest, Li Xuan quickly arrived at a lake on the outskirts of the forest.

The lake water here was crystal clear and clean, and the water elemental energy in the area flourished abundantly. Li Xuan first gathered water elemental energy to use the [Rainfall Technique] he had learned from that little lady, Shuang Er, to cleanse his body. After that, he took Yajia Luojia’s interspatial ring and all the equipment within, tossing it into the lake water.

The other ring was directly washed repeatedly by the [Rainfall Technique] until it was thoroughly clean.

Originally, one had to use their spirit force to establish a link with an interspatial ring to use it, and every person’s spirit was unique. Only, Li Xuan had a genuine advantageous superiority over this requirement.

This was because once a ring’s owner died, the spiritual link would be broken, and the ring itself would seal the space within the ring. However, Li Xuan had accompanied animals in the wilderness for twenty-some years in his past world and had also trained in the Twelve Animal Forms of Xing Yi Quan. In regards to imitation and mimicry, it could be said that he had reached a godly level of achievement. Therefore, it wasn’t too hard to utilize his skills to break the spiritual seal.

In addition, Li Xuan’s spirit force was enormous and not the least bit inferior to the spirit force of 4th Xiang 10th layer mage experts like Paulo. This was also why Paulo had demonstrated such a serious expression before. He had mistaken Li Xuan to be a 5th Xing level magical beast…

This time, Li Xuan had harvested seven interspatial rings, twelve magic robes, seven extraordinarily first-rate magic staffs, and ten 3-star upper grade elemental elixirs in all. The remaining medicines could be distinguished as Heaven Fragrance pills, Heaven Direction pills, Rain Dew pills, Rainbow pills, Flame Preserving pills, Lightning Pills, Wood Flower pills, Earth Dawn pills, and Earth Shell pills. There were around twenty of each type, and their average grade was around 3-star middle or lower grade.

Apart from these goods, Li Xuan had also acquired two very thick and sturdy magic books:《Understanding Magic Formations》and 《Principles of Medicinal Refining》. There was also a handwritten copy of an inherited secret art: 《Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual》. After obtaining these three books, an inexplicable sense of pleasant surprise bubbled up in his heart.

Because he had not really taken a close look, when he casually flipped through the pages, Li Xuan’s heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate.

The Yama Clan was a major clan, and a major clan’s inheritance naturally was not ordinary. Even if it was Iris City’s Li Clan, they were not even comparable to the Yama Clan. The Li Clan was only a 5th Xing clan, while the Yama Clan of Barbalias City was a 7th Xing monarch clan! Even in the whole Wade Empire, it was ranked as one of the top three major clans!

The things such a clan would pass down were things that the Li Clan of Iris City could not even hope for.

No matter if it was magic formations or refining medicine, these subjects were things Li Xuan thirsted to study. He hadn’t thought that he would actually get obtain the things he had *never sown a seed for.
(*TL: more accurately, things growing in the garden that were never sown there, so unintentionally stumbling across something)

At this, Li Xuan’s mood finally stabilized a bit.

The Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual was a secret lightning-type cultivation art, and it included a tempering method that was genuinely capable of awakening 7th Xing innate talent. However, Li Xuan’s attitude was a bit like ‘thanks, but no thanks’ because when he took a simple glance through it, he disapproved. This manual only gave explanations and touched on several acupuncture points that Li Xuan was already familiar with.

However, Li Xuan still firmly imprinted its contents into his mind. As he waited for the poison-soaked equipment to be thoroughly cleansed by the lake water, he used around an hour to study and firmly engrave the Dragon Lightning Evasion Manual into his mind. After all, it wasn’t very long, and it was only around twenty thousand words. Once he had done so, he set the handwritten copy on fire and thoroughly burned it.



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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    That whole living among the beasts -> opening unopenable storage rings is… bullshit. How would it help, if he learnt how to shit like a tiger? How to eat lice like a monkey?

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    woo, he successfully killed them!good job, good job! oh—-so the yama clan is even greater than the li clan, huh…! well, precious goods! money’s no object, now!


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