Chapter 020 – Poisoning Yajia Luojia【3】

Although the elements in this world were magical, the tyrannical strength of these six elders definitely wasn’t a joke!

It was at this moment that Li Xuan finally and genuinely viewed the experts of this world with more importance. Before, as the unprecedented martial emperor who had torn space apart, although he had died in the void within, he was still proud in his own right. He felt that this world was nothing more than some basic and crude place. As a person who had come from Earth and understood its advanced systems of knowledge and theory, as well as a person who was capable of casually awakening and improving innate talent without limit, he assumed the road to becoming an expert was very simple!

But now, he suddenly understood that no matter what world or civilization he was in, there was always something of value in it. If his arrogant attitude continued to persist, then it would definitely result in a future setback!

At once, Li Xuan gathered his wits together as his mind also calmed down. He no longer held any sort of contempt for the people of this world.

“Huh? These are only two little 3rd Fen 9th Layer magical beasts. It seems as though that magical beast with the powerful aura isn’t here.”

“En, it probably hasn’t arrived yet. However, I have discovered the object of interest. An Indigo Devil Fruit that has just ripened isn’t any cause for alarm!”

“Yi, this Indigo Devil Fruit is emanating pure wood elemental energy! Hahahahahaha, as expected, it’s quite good! No wonder!”

Elder Paulo’s expression darkened, and after letting loose some big-bellied laughter, his figure flashed and his two hands extended to directly take hold of eight Indigo Devil Fruits.

“Good heavens, so this is Indigo Devil Fruit? It looks to be Indigo Devil Fruit of the highest quality! 4-star superior grade, it’s worth at least a thousand moyuan coins, what a great catch!” At this moment, Yajia Luojia’s two eyes shined with greed and desire as he fixed his eyes upon those shining Indigo Devil Fruits in excitement.

“En, this is a 4-star superior grade good. However, if this isn’t properly stored in the right kind of interspatial ring, one can only take and eat it now. If not, its elemental energy will swiftly scatter due to losing its source of nourishment from being plucked.”

“Eight fruits, with one fruit not yet ripened. As fitting, the rest of the seven ripened fruits will be split among us, one for each of us.”

Yajia Luojia magnanimously responded.

“Young Master, although this is a superior good, we’ve obtained it so easily. There’s actually no trace of magical beasts in the vicinity? This is a bit unusual, so let me inspect it to confirm that it’s truly okay to eat, just in case!”

Paulo commented after deep thought.

“Good heavens, you’re really quite cautious. However, this place itself is quite desolate, and there were two partially eaten Indigo Devil Fruits. Looking at the marks, it was a probably an intelligent wind attributed magical beast that it. As such, there are only hidden traces nearby.
This indicates that this wind attributed magical beast is quite cunning, and deliberately neglected to leave any marks.
If there really was a large amount of beast tracks, we wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of these fruits.” Yajia Luojia chuckled and explained. He didn’t suspect anything of these fruits.

“Furthermore, those bite marks are clear proof that can’t be faked. After all, the teeth marks of magical beasts are totally different from that of a human’s, and cannot be changed.
In addition, I noticed when we arrived that there was a small bug crawling on the Indigo Devil Fruit. It seemed as though it really liked its elemental energy. And although it has clearly fallen onto the ground, it is not dead, but rather leaping about energetically. Take a look at that bug, it definitely looks as though it has absorbed origin wood elemental energy.”

Yajia Luojia’s tone was full of confidence, as if everything was in his complete grasp.

“Young Master has analyzed correctly. However, as we tread in the wilderness, no matter what it is, we cannot afford to be careless. We must always guard against any risk.” Paulo nodded his in a very satisfied manner as he looked at Yajia Luojia with a pleased gaze full of praise. Clearly, Yajia Luojia’s analysis had satisfied him very much.

After saying this, Paulo first sensed the elemental state of the Indigo Devil Fruit carefully, then nodded, no longer as suspicious as before. Following this, he extended his hand out in a grabbing motion without caring about the other five elders’ reactions and took a hold of a Skylark Beast several hundred meters away.

Paulo took a piece of that unripe Indigo Devil Fruit and stuffed it into the mouth of that Skylark Beast, then forced the beast to swallow it using magical force.

In the following two minutes, Paulo sensed the changes of the Indigo Devil Fruit in detail, then laughed in a convinced manner.

“Alright, there’s no problem. Everybody take and eat the fruit. Based on our strength, we will only need a minute to digest it, then we can guard Young Master.”

Paulo spoke happily.

Immediately, the other five elders and Yajia Luojia no longer hesitated. A water mage used [Cleansing] to wash away the dust on the fruit at once, then the seven people gulped the Indigo Devil Fruit down nearly at the same time.

Because every Indigo Devil Fruit was enveloped in a layer of wood elemental energy, the ruthless nature of the poison within was cut off. This was also why Paulo had not sensed any danger even with his meticulous methods.

Although he felt at the beginning that something was not quite right, he calmed down after a few inspections, no longer suspecting anything.

It’s just that he hadn’t thought that just a few minutes after swallowing the fruit, his expression had grown a bit ugly.

“En, this is dark poison, metallic poison, vicious poison… Sky, *Skyflower poison! We, we’ve fallen into the enemy’s trap!” In the next moment, Paulo’s face had suddenly turned extremely unsightly.
(*TL: so the name of this poison, I just literally translated it: 天花 = sky + flower, but together it also means smallpox. But… smallpox poison…? ._. whatever. Just know that it’s poison)

And when the distant Li Xuan heard the words “skyflower poison”, he immediately felt a bit odd. When his Heaven Opening Eyes had swept over the forest, he had discovered an incredibly vibrant-colored flower deep in a crack on a mountainside. This colorful flower’s stem was like a poisonous viper, its body alternating between the colors black and white. The actual flower, however, looked like a sunflower, its petals radiating a rainbow-colored light.

Immediately, Li Xuan had felt that this object was definitely extremely toxic, but he had never thought it would actually be the ‘Skyflower Poison’ of legends.

Skyflower Poison was a terrifying poison in this world, and once a person was poisoned, their body would break out in sarcomas. These sarcomas would continuously grow larger until they ruptured, resulting in the rotting and decaying of one’s flesh. If one was poisoned by it, they basically shouldn’t even hope of finding a cure.

Not only that, Skyflower Poison harmed the ‘soul’. Harming a person’s innate talent, it could be considered to be a poison that struck fear into every person’s heart.

The more time the poison had to mature, the more toxic its poison, and subsequently, the less time it had to mature, the weaker its effects.

As such, Skyflower Poison in general was an extremely horrifying thing. However, there was another value to Skyflower Poison, which was that it could be refined into a Skyflower Earth King Pill.

By undergoing a unique process, Skyflower Poison could combine with Earth King Poison to be refined into a ‘Skyflower Earth King Pill’ that allowed its consumer to forever preserve their youth, strengthen their soul and innate talent, as well as increase their lifespan.

Skyflower Earth King Pill was a 5-star grade medicine. However, its worth was far higher in comparison to 6-star grade medicines.

Furthermore, most alchemists definitely did not possess the capability to refine such a medicine. This was due to the fact that even if a person had Earth King Poison on hand, the probability of getting poisoned was incredibly high, while the rate of detoxifying the poison was pitifully low…

“What kind of person is this to actually refine such a poison, totally unafraid of attracting the whole continent’s wrath and contempt!” Another elder’s face had also paled.

“Ah—my head—”

At this moment, the rest of the elders were not yet even able to speak when Yajia Luojia struggled and toppled to the ground.

He rolled and writhed on the ground in immense agony, his body violently convulsing as his eyes brimmed with anger, indignance, and unreconciliation.

To have been poisoned by such a substance drove him livid with resentment, a resentment so strong that even he could not control himself.

“Ah—what kind of thing, get out here! I—Ah—! Tell Yama Clan—Ah!—Young Master Yajia Luojia, tell me, tell me! Who hurt me! I’ll destroy your entire family—I’ll make it so that you’ll plead for death but can’t get it, I’ll make you ah—!”


That Yajia Luojia who had previously appeared somewhat high-spirited was now terribly malicious.

And very quickly, cold sweat appeared on the faces of the six elders. At once, they sat up straight and began meditative recovery.

After that Young Master Yajia Luojia had hollered for while, he simply stopped and likewise sat up straight, beginning to take out medicine from his interspatial ring—his previously malicious expression unexpectedly vanished in an instant.


“Hmph, I knew you guys would play this card. Although Skyflower Poison is extremely toxic, would you really have no medicine on you given that you all have entered the Magical Beast Forest to train yourselves? Besides luring me out, what purpose does reacting so dramatically to the poison have? This plan to trap your enemy, how can I not see through it.”

Li Xuan contemplated in his heart and only silently waited for the moment the poison acted up.



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