Chapter 002 – Martial Emperor Reborn

“Honored mage, if you* could save him…” An old woman whose face was full of wrinkles knelt on the ground, repeatedly kowtowing as if pounding garlic with a mortar.
(*more formal/respectful term of address)

*Aunt Yue, please get up. Considering my relationship with Brother Mo, I will definitely try my hardest.” An elegant woman dressed in a white magic robe waved her hand lifelessly, and then helped the old woman up. As she held onto the old woman, she looked towards the youth with a dagger stabbed into his solar plexus and a series of complicated emotions flitted across her eyes.
(*Raw of aunt refers to the wife of the speaker’s father’s younger brother)

This was a true genius, similar to her in possessing the natural aptitude towards five-segment meditation——the aptitude to reach the Xing realm (5th).

However, his talent was destroyed by another and he became a useless person. Once he became useless and their family clan found out, the original intent to accept him back into the family clan immediately changed due to this unforeseen incident, and he was thoroughly abandoned.

Originally, his father was an illegitimate child born by a servant girl, and once it reached his generation, he was looked down upon even more. At least he had a bit of talent, but after being too domineering and haughty for another, he ultimately brought disaster upon himself and created this outcome.

However, she was satisfied with one thing, which was that he wholly committed himself to the woman he loved, even to the point of death.

But, within the Moyuan Continent, all the nations revered strength. Anything else was secondary. Love was merely something worldly. If you couldn’t look beyond this point, then it would be hard to have any future prospects.

“Intercessory Prayer!”

“Curing Light!”

“Healing Ring!”

“Curing Stream!”

“Prayer of Blessing!”


Continuously spitting out mouthfuls of essence blood, using up an extremely valuable 7th Layer Fen realm (3rd) magical beast core to forcefully enhance magic strength, and unleashing a [Prayer of Blessing] that only Xing envoys could perform, Ning Xuan finally restored Li Xuan’s chief wounds. Following that, she let out a sigh: “Aunt Yue, he’s suffered extremely heavy wounds, and needs about ten days of rest before he will fully regain consciousness. Once he wakes up, his memory might be impacted, but for now, his life is saved.”

“Thank you, honored mage, thank you, honored mage…” With a face streaming with tears, the old woman once again knelt and prostrated herself, kowtowing in thanks.


In reality, Li Xuan had already regained consciousness. But, the current Li Xuan definitely wasn’t that old Li Xuan anymore.

This was because the current Li Xuan had come from earth, and was in fact a cold-hearted martial arts expert. He was a genuine, peak Xing Yi Quan grandmaster and martial emperor.

The reason he died wasn’t because he was wounded, nor was it because he died of old age. Rather, it was because he was fusing the *Twelve Xing Yi forms into one form in order to erupt with a power strong enough to attempt tearing space apart. As such, he was struck by lightning as if he had provoked heaven’s wrath, and died in the space he had torn apart.
(*Concerning Xing Yi Quan, there are twelve animal forms which I believe this is referring to… but I see nothing about animals in the raw so I’m not sure. I’ll change it later if necessary.)

This was basically equivalent to forcefully tearing a hole in space, and simply dying due to the chaos within the void.

Within the void, there were monstrous terrors that were frightening beyond the human mind. Although his soul had already passed through space and been reborn, he was still indescribably terrified.

The feeling of tearing through space was simply horrifying beyond compare, horrifying beyond compare!

Softly exhaling a stifled breath, the feeling of choking dread had gotten a lot better, and Li Xuan began to thoroughly and attentively look through all the memories of the body he was in.

After gradually merging the memories together, Li Xuan tidied up his newly acquired knowledge a bit and found out that this was a world called the Moyuan Continent.

This was a continent that practiced magic, and those that could directly cultivate magic without undergoing tempering cultivation were all classified as those with talent, and were all capable of becoming geniuses.

For most cultivators, they had to first start by tempering and strengthening their bodies until a certain level in order to be able to sense the magic elements. As for the ability to sense magic elements, it was called ‘meditation’, and also signified one’s innate talent. A portion of the strength of this meditation ability depended on one’s innate talent, and this strength signified the possible heights of their achievements.

The meditation ability was generally divided into 1st Yuan, 2nd Hui, 3rd Fen, 4th Xiang, 5th Xing, 6th He, 7th Xing, 8th Fa, and 9th Ming, these nine levels. As for the ninth level of meditation, it was referred to as ‘9th Ming innate talent’, and was the highest level of talent one could possess.

For those who had innate meditation abilities, they were all considered geniuses no matter what status or stage they were at. They didn’t need to temper their bodies, and could directly vitalize their body by absorbing the magic elements to strengthen themselves. Ninety percent of the people within the continent did not possess this innate ability, and could only rely on acquired cultivation, which was forcefully awakening one’s innate talent.
(TL: because the word talent is being used so much, just imagine it as when it is forcefully awakened, the quality is obviously not as good compared to if it’s already naturally available)

Through forceful awakening, under most circumstances, the innate ability would not exceed five levels, or 5th Xing innate talent. As for the method of forcefully awakening, every person across the continent understood the process, and it was nearly identical everywhere. It was called [7th Xing Tempering Skill].

According to the theory, [7th Xing Tempering Skill] could awaken innate 7th Xing meditation innate talent, but this was, after all, only a theory. To actually awaken 5th Xing innate meditation talent was extremely difficult.

Of course, great clans would definitely have higher quality tempering skill methods, but it would naturally be kept from getting circulated around

Besides innate talent, this world’s strength divisions were extremely detailed and enormous, and basically the same as meditation divisions. They were divided into the 1st Yuan, 2nd Hui, 3rd Fen, 4th Xiang, 5th Xing, 6th He, 7th Xing, 8th Fa, 9th Ming, 10th Fang, 100th Jie, Grand Jie, and Myriad Zun realms.

Each realm was further divided into ten layers. Starting from the 3rd Layer of 3rd Fen realm, one would be able to have an honored title, because starting from the third realm, one was already a genuine expert.

The third realm was called the 3rd Fen realm, and its title was ‘Fen Mage’; the fourth realm was called the 4th Xiang realm, and its title was ‘Xiang Master’; the fifth realm was called 5th Xing realm, and its title was ‘Xing Envoy’; the sixth realm was called the 6th He realm, and its title was ‘He Ancestor’; the seventh realm was called 7th Xing realm, and its title was ‘Xing Monarch’; the eighth realm was called 8th Fa realm, and its title was ‘Fa King’ (TL: omg this wasn’t how I wanted it to be…); the ninth realm was called 9th Ming realm, and it’s title was ‘Ming Lord’; the tenth realm was called 10th Fang realm, and its title was ‘Fang Emperor’; the eleventh realm was called 100th Jie realm, and its title was ‘Jie Saint’; the twelfth realm was called Grand Jie realm, and its title was ‘Jie Sovereign’, as well as ‘Jie Immortal’; the thirteenth realm was called Myriad Zun realm, and its title: god.

Although there were numerous realms, experts after the 9th Ming realm almost never before appeared, nor were there any legends, or at least in the memories of Li Xuan there was no recollection. This was because in Iris city, the strongest known experts were only 5th Xing Envoys, and their numbers could be counted on one’s fingers.

Of course, this continent was enormous, to the point that its magnitude was beyond imagining because Li Xuan’s knowledge was limited.

And according to the old Li Xuan’s memories, his father was Iris City’s first illegitimate child born from a large clan, and was the ‘mixed blood’ born from his grandfather and a servant. Adding that he himself didn’t inherit the superior blood of this 5th Xing clan along with the fact that he had been the victim of a scheme, he was driven out of the clan.

And because he was not favored by the clan, his father had once strived to the utmost, but because his innate talent was extremely poor, he couldn’t even reach the 2nd layer of the 2nd Hui realm. Furthermore, his mother was an extremely poor widow. Because his father had saved her from almost getting raped by a wicked man, they developed good chemistry and subsequently bore him and his other two siblings.

His older brother Li Mo was very understanding and mature from a young age, and although his innate talent wasn’t good, he was extremely hardworking. From tempering his body to awakening his innate magic talent and cultivating it, by twenty years old he had reached the fourth layer of the 2nd Hui realm, a cultivating speed comparable to the geniuses of the clan. However, because it was discovered that Li Xuan’s innate talent had been forcefully removed, other people beat Li Mo up until he became a cripple and his cultivation had been exhausted. Originally, 3rd Fen realm light mage Ning Xuan (TL: wow this is wordy..) had prepared a variant magical beast core to give Li Mo a hope of recovering, but this object had been stolen by Li Xuan and presented to Lisa.

And his little sister Li Ru, because Lisa had said that one of her friends’ older brother had taken a fancy to her and was going to gift her with a two-star grade magic staff, he simply deceived his little sister into going into a dangerous area, allowing her to almost get violated at only twelve years old…

All these events, Li Xuan (current one) simply couldn’t imagine, but he could understand.

This was because he sympathized. He sympathized because when he was still in the capital city of modern society, he had also experienced betrayal similar to this and consequently immersed himself in martial arts. Therefore, he totally understood that Li Xuan had been blinded by love. It’s just that, there was a difference. Understanding an event was one thing, but accepting it was a whole other matter. After all, this kind of behavior that was considered worse than an animal, to the modern Li Xuan, it was something he could never bring himself to do.

“Put aside all the regrets and anger in your heart. In place of you, I will properly deal with them. You haven’t died, but have rather chosen to combine with me. This is the respect I accord to you, but you must completely give yourself up so that we can fully merge into one entity! Otherwise, in order to survive in this world, I have to start anew in terms of language and knowledge, and that is a total waste of time!”

Once Li Xuan said this in his heart, immediately, the stifling feeling within his body gradually disappeared and bit by bit fused into his mind.

Adding his perfect memory and extremely high intelligence from his past world to the fact that his soul had undergone arduous training and received the baptism of ‘divine lightning’, thus strengthening his soul, it was actually extremely easy for him to just forcefully take over the old Li Xuan’s soul. But because he was sympathetic, he chose to merge with it instead.

As for the old Li Xuan, he let go of his body and mind in gratitude and relief.



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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Your translation is great! The language and flow is good. Holy snapples. Things are about to get real. Perfect memory? A former grandmaster martial artist? Extremely powerful soul? SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

    Something I caught.
    A portion of the strength of this meditation ability depended on one’s innate talent, and this strength signified the possible heights of their achievement.

    A portion of the strength of this meditation ability depended on one’s innate talent, and this strength signified the possible heights of their ACHIEVEMENTS.


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