Chapter 019 – Poisoning Yajia Luojia【2】

After around two hours, Li Xuan knew from what he had seen before that based on his surroundings, he had about a thousand meters to go before reaching Yajia Luojia. And at this distance, Li Xuan no longer drew nearer. Instead, he first looked for a dark and shadowy corner to plant the Indigo Devil Fruit, making use of the earth element to handle it properly and make it appear quite natural. After that, Li Xuan again circulated earth, light, and water elemental energy to deal with the thorny undergrowth that covered the ground…

After finishing these tasks, Li Xuan thought for a bit, then used fire elemental energy to ignite the incredibly poisonous plants he had acquired, refining them via his extraordinary perception ability.

Following this, he took a few heavy metals and began combusting them because they contained toxic substances, something people on Earth knew.

In this manner, after countless refinements, Li Xuan took the most poisonous essence of the plant in powder form and mixed a bit of water with it, utilizing water elemental energy to form a pin-sized needle. Piercing it into the Indigo Devil Fruit, he directly inserted the poison into it.

The Indigo Devil Fruit was about the size of a tangerine, and because of the dense gathering of elemental energy in it, the poison swiftly blended and merged within after injection. As for that tiny pin-sized hole on the surface of the fruit, Li Xuan circulated wood elemental energy to take care of it, sealing it like a human wound.

After that, a layer of withered yellow leaves drifted down and fell beside the Indigo Devil Fruit.

Li Xuan studied the environment, then silently floated into the air and left.

Because he could divide his mind to focus on two things at once, he could simultaneously float and complete the tasks he had in mind. Hence, there was not even the slightest trace of him having been there.

Following that, Li Xuan quietly drifted about two to three hundred meters away, then immediately hid himself towards the top in a dense cluster of trees. He concealed both his presence as well as his aura, then entered into a meditative state and once again activated a state of unification between nature and man.

The first thing Li Xuan did in this state was to spread out his vision in all directions, and he quickly discovered a World Devil Bear and a Thunder Flash Panther. At once, he compressed his spirit force into a pressurized form—because this was spirit, Li Xuan could infer that he could demonstrate methods similar to pressuring the soul. As expected, when he compressed his spirit force in such a manner, it’s effect was quite evident.

The World Devil Bear and the Thunder Flash Panther were immediately provoked, and roaring in anger in response, they charged over in Li Xuan’s direction.

But Li Xuan didn’t seem to care. Instead, he hastily extended his vision and in the exact moment those six elders were in sight, he abruptly exploded forth with the pressure of a ‘magical beast’.

Having dwelt deep in the mountains accompanied by beasts for twenty-something years, Li Xuan was quite knowledgeable concerning the aura of a magical beast. Let alone the fact that Xing Yi Quan included the Twelve Animal Forms, the art of the Twelve Animal Forms embodied each magical beast’s form and spirit. As such, the expressions of the six elders simultaneously distorted under Li Xuan’s actions!

“Not good, it’s the aura of a Flying Black Fiend Tiger!”

“No, it’s more like the aura of a Flaming Thunder Tiger!”

“There’s unexpectedly the aura of a 4th Xiang realm magical beast? Could it be that some precious treasure has appeared?”

“Go, let’s take a look!”

“Alright, we’ll take Young Master to take a look. Right now, let’s split up. If there are any enemies, it will be hard to guarantee Young Master’s safety.”

“Alright, let’s go!”


When Li Xuan saw the situation, he immediately recalled his sight and awakened from his state of unification as a sliver of ridicule flickered in his gaze.

Li Xuan had a profound understanding of human nature. In this sort of environment in the Magical Beast Forest, magical beasts of the 4th Xiang realm or higher wouldn’t appear. But once they did, it undoubtedly indicated a fight for treasure. As for those six elders who were comparable to a 5th Xing expert when acting together, they were naturally invincible in this place! Hence, because they were unequalled, they weren’t the least bit afraid.

Based on that, it would be no problem to get them to fight for the Indigo Devil Fruit.

Once they had defeated the magical beasts and acquired the Indigo Devil Fruit, Yajia Luojia, who was in the midst of rapidly improving his strength, would naturally have no misgivings about consuming the fruit, and once that happened, he would definitely get poisoned.

Although this kind of poison did not reach the degree of poisons like white arsenic, it definitely couldn’t be looked down upon.

The degree of poison of the powdery substance Li Xuan had obtained from burning the toxic plants was something even he was afraid of. At this moment, he was only worried that the people might discover that it was concealed within the fruit. This was why he had deliberately left the partially eaten Indigo Devil Fruit there to prove that it was safe to eat, and also the reason why he purposely attracted magical beasts. This was to indicate that the magical beasts were also willing to expend effort on acquiring the fruit. In addition, Li Xuan had even wrapped the fruit with a layer of dense wood elemental energy—Li Xuan’s elemental energy had already undergone the process of purification twice, and under his meticulous aggregation during purification, his elemental energy had genuinely transformed into quintessential elemental energy. It was even comparable to ‘origin wood elemental energy’. Based on this, no matter how careful the other party was, they would suspect nothing!

Under these conditions, wood elemental energy ripples undulated from his body as he again concealed himself, making it seem as though his whole person had completely fused with the whole tree. After doing so, Li Xuan once again activated the unification state and completely blended into his environment with a heart of tranquility.



After the World Devil Bear arrived, it easily discovered the Indigo Devil Fruit, and with a loud roar, he charged towards it.


(*TL: I’m choosing to leave the raw sound effects in pinyin unless I find it necessary to use a better/clearer English translation)

A dark purple thunderbolt instantly struck towards the World Devil Bear, and all the fur on the bear’s body immediately stood on end. The bear immediately turned its body and unleashed a mad roar towards the sky, causing the earth to tremble. A massive earthquake began to ripple outwards as the Thunder Flash Panther swiftly leapt in a flash. As for the ground, it directly split open as countless earthen spears suddenly pierced outwards.

“This, this is [Earth Splitter]…”

Li Xuan’s gaze calmly looked on although he was a bit shocked in his heart. If he confronted these two magical beasts, he wouldn’t be able to do anything unless he drove elemental energy into his opponent’s body and unleashed a devastating blow in one go. However, his opponent’s defense would make all of Li Xuan’s efforts count towards nothing.

Right as the two magical beasts began fighting, six terrifying auras surged downwards in an instant and six 4th Xiang 10th layer elders took action without the slightest hesitation.



An enormous light sword that seemed as though it was a divine weapon forged by the heavens and the earth abruptly transformed into a ray of light. With a ‘whoosh’ sound, it slashed across the Thunder Flash Panther’s neck. Immediately, the panther’s head flew up into the sky, as easily as though a rubber ball had been bounced, then tumbled into the underbrush. As for the panther’s body, it twitched twice, then a gush of blue blood spurted out like a fountain from its neck, gurgling as it went as it persisted for ten minutes.

On the other side, the World Devil Bear wasn’t much better off. It was directly smashed downwards with a gigantic mountain-like boulder and crushed flat into the ground with a booming sound, its body creating a massive pit.

After a short while, the gigantic boulder crumbled. Disregarding the filthy mess on the ground, the World Devil Bear’s whole body had already been torn into pieces as a blood mess of flesh mixed in with the mud.

As for the World Devil Bear’s magic core, it had already been crushed into pieces like a shattered jewel, ceaselessly sending out earthen yellow radiance.

At this moment, Li Xuan inhaled sharply. These 4th Xiang 10th layer experts were actually so ferocious!



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