Chapter 017 – Unification of Nature and Man【2】

The elemental energy of the world abruptly channeled into Li Xuan from the space between his eyebrows, then cleansed and irrigated his entire body and mind. It then dispersed to every corner of his body to his limbs and his bones, after which it entered into his dantian like a good child and divided itself into its individual elements, flowing towards its respective areas within Li Xuan’s dantian.

The rainbow-colored stream of vapor grew even more substantial.

Under these circumstances, Li Xuan shut his eyes and thoroughly merged together with the earth, mountains, and skies of nature. Because of this sudden insight, he benefited much, and not only was he able to restore the injured portions of soul that were remnant from tearing space apart, but was also able to expel the impurities in his soul to make it even purer, even simpler, and even more natural.

In fact, his so-called soul was like the essence of his spirit force, and was inseparably connected to his consciousness.

At this moment, having chanced upon this kind of comprehension opportunity, Li Xuan immediately dived into this feeling. He didn’t worry the least bit about anybody disturbing or killing him because after having unified with nature, he was able to divide his mind to do two things at once. Not only that, but his twenty years in the forest in his previous life had allowed him to hone instincts even sharper than that of magical beasts.

After all, in the savage savannas and the ferocious wild and mountainous areas like *Shennongjia, vigilance definitely couldn’t be looked down on.
(*TL: forestry reserve in China, although I don’t know why it’d be so ferocious then..?)

And it was exactly because of this that Li Xuan didn’t worry about his own safety.

At this moment and in this kind of ‘meditative’ state, Li Xuan suddenly ‘saw’ himself as though he was the sovereign over the world while in a state of enlightenment and harmony. This unusual state caused him to feel like he had acquired the ‘vision of a god’, and that feeling of ‘looking’ at himself had specifically arisen due to his situation.

He looked all around him and the colors within the world abruptly began to dazzle and scintillate, with the air brimming with elements the hue of every color under the sun. These elements seemed to form a blanket of mist, yet it didn’t obstruct his vision.

Certain areas within the mist were denser, while others less concentrated than others.

The denser areas within the mist roiled and expanded, giving people an odd sort of feeling; and for the sparser areas within the mist, cyan mist curled into wisps of thinly flowing streams that invoked a sense of contentment within people.

After Li Xuan’s ‘vision’ had surveyed the surrounding world around him, his gaze seemed to billow outwards like ripples and waves, expanding aimlessly.

The towering trees, grasses, thorns and brambles, as well as the magical beasts all appeared within Li Xuan’s sight with incredible clarity, and under his gaze, these objects and creatures did not do anything out of the ordinary either.

As his gaze continued to spread out, Li Xuan discovered that there were a group of people in a cave located within the depths of a mountain forest—yes, it was a group of mages.

Within this group of mages, there was a youth with an imposing presence who was currently in the middle of meditating with his eyes shut, and at his side were six black-garbed elderly mages seated cross-legged. Ripples of elemental energy throbbed and pulsed outwards from their bodies, displaying extremely formidable power.

When Li Xuan’s vision landed on these people, an elder with an aquiline nose abruptly opened his eyes as a pallid gleam flashed across them. After he fiercely and abruptly scanned the surroundings around him, his expression was utterly frightened!

“Paulo, what’s wrong?”

“En? You guys didn’t sense that? Just now, I seemed to sense something spying on us.”

“Hahaha, Paulo, stop joking. In all of Iris City, no one can spy on us unless they’re at least 5th Xing 2nd layer envoys! If they aren’t, to try to spy on us is just a wishful delusion!”

“That’s right, Paulo. Although we’re peak 4th Xiang 10th layer mages, when our spirits are interlinked, several common 5th Xing 1st layer mages aren’t even worthy to be our opponent!”

“You’re too cautious, Paulo!”

“Hmph, this is the Magical Beast Forest, the Magical Beast Forest! Don’t you know that? Although this is only the outskirts, you’ll pay the price for underestimating!” Paulo’s eagle-like eyes contracted a bit as he retorted in a fierce tone.

After the other five elders heard that, they faintly grew more serious, and one elder with a snub nose said in a low voice: “Paulo’s words aren’t wrong. We’re too used to having an attitude of superiority outside, so we can’t be negligent. Especially because Young Master is currently attempting to break through, we must be even more cautious!”

“En, no matter if it’s true or false, what Anlo says makes sense. From this point on, let’s split into three groups and take turns to guard the entrance to the cave!”



Li Xuan wasn’t able to hear what these people said, but under his ‘vision’, the tones, actions, attitudes, lip shapes, expressions, and mood shifts allowed him to more or less guess the meaning of their conversation. Within the depths of his heart, he couldn’t help but be a bit shocked.

And this state of ‘unification of nature and man’ was a state Li Xuan was able to bring over from his past world. In this state, he wouldn’t have any sort of ** or desires, and his whole person would instead be like a cold and rigid killing machine, able to display 100 percent of his strength, or as far as 120%! However, the more he maintained this kind of state, the more his nature and temperament would be susceptible to the attack of human **.
(*TL: those asterisks in the paragraph are in the raws)

This was a bit like backlash. By forcefully suppressing one’s emotions and state of mind, one would become more cold-blooded. However, once this sort of state passed, all those emotions would explode forth after being contained for so long.

Because Li Xuan had done this in his past world by throwing himself into the wilderness for twenty-some years, he had then came out of the wilderness into a capital city for around five years in an attempt to dissolve this state of this. However, even up until the time he had torn space apart, he was still unable to get out of his situation, although the backlash from those suppressed emotions had mollified somewhat.

In this world, he had all of sudden naturally entered a state of enlightenment and insight, once again entering a state of unity between nature and man. However, at present, a sense of being began to emerge. It wasn’t a cold-blooded or harsh feeling, but what he felt most keenly in this state was that this vision that allowed him to see so far into the distance was an unprecedented and unimaginable power.

The combination of all the elements had already far exceeded Li Xuan’s imagination and expectations in terms of his development, and as the only one of his kind in such a completely unfamiliar world with a totally unique cultivation system, his progress was basically like groping around in the dark.

Now, Li Xuan was able to realize that this young master was probably Yajia Luojia. He just hadn’t expected that there would be six 4th Xiang 10th layer experts guarding him. This kind of disparity was truly too vast, to the point that he was basically unable to take any kind of action.

If the other party could already sense his gaze, then if he truly and physically went over, he’d most likely get detected not too far away. By then, it would be hard to say if he could survive.

Li Xuan understood in his heart that he could instantly kill 2nd Hui 7th layer, or even 8th layer mages, but for those in the 4th Xiang realm, even if the other party just stood there like a sitting duck, his spiralling fire needle probably wouldn’t be capable of even breaking through his opponent’s elemental protective guard.

After one’s strength had reached a certain extent, one’s body would naturally form a layer of protection would improve and grow more durable in succession with the promotion of strength. As such, this kind of gap in strength was honestly too wide. If Li Xuan chose to directly confront such an opponent, he would most likely already be killed in an instant without even having the chance to attack.

This was absolute disparity. An absolute disparity between realms was considered to be insurmountable pressure for lower level mages. There was no exception! Except, maybe, if one was fully armored in 4 or 5-star, or even higher grade magical equipment. But, that was a whole nother matter.

In any case, how could ordinary people utilize such precious and valued magical equipment? For a 4-star lower grade magical equipment, one could already calculate its value with moyuan coins. One moyuan coin was equivalent to ten million gold coins!

However, no matter how many gold coins a person might have, most were unable to acquire moyuan coins. Moyuan coins, as its name suggests, were coins created and casted through origin magic. Regardless of whether it was the coin’s origin magic code or its material, they were all top of the top, unable to be destroyed, and incapable of being damaged! And the arisal of these coins originated from various higher dimensions, so only genuine experts might carry moyuan coins, and even then, only a small amount!

Under these circumstances, even if people had the money, they generally couldn’t obtain quality equipment. Hence, the factor of good equipment was something most people basically didn’t even consider.

His vision lingered on this group of people, yet Li Xuan could not find any opportunity to act.

However, if he just gave up on his operation because of this, he would feel unreconciled and uncomfortable. After all, this kind of chance was hard to come by, and to have located this fellow was an even more difficult task. Once these people headed back to their clan, it was essentially impossible to even touch him.



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  2. I’m still lost as to why he wants to kill this guy again? The guy saved his brother’s supposed girlfriend’s life after the brother was too much of a pussy to ask her out.

    Then you saw before the author tried to rationalise a fight scene by painting the guy as arrogant, etc. Now we’re only to accept that and all the guy has been doing is training he’s going to try and kill him? I mean I like a fairy tale story every now and then but it must make sense and this doesn’t.


    • it’s because with his ‘vast experience’, he can tell that yajia luojia is the kind of guy who already sees ning xuan as his own woman, whether ning xuan agrees or not. SO, he’s getting rid of him because his kind of character is bound to go kill li mo because he’s with ning xuan, and li xuan doesn’t want that to happen. he’s also pretty sure that in the process of getting rid of li mo, yajia luojia will get rid of him at the same time, so he’s dealing with future trouble, because there’s still the matter of how yajia luojia has supposedly entered into marriage agreement with ning xuan, so he definitely won’t allow li mo to have her


  3. thank you very much!
    well, for some forest reserves, they’d allow wild animals to roam free, right? so people would be entering at their own risk and be facing danger, i suppose. well, that vision! woah—-! but, hm, the clan really protects the heir, huh! and a rather powerful clan, it seems!


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