Chapter 016 – Unification of Nature and Man【1】

Chapter 16 – Unification of Nature and Man【1】

Li Xuan’s system of cultivation and conceptual theories were completely different the people here. Although it was the same path of cultivation that focused on magic, there was a fundamental difference in between other people’s and Li Xuan’s.

In terms of the ‘Way’, this referred to what the people of this world considered to be one’s understanding of the ‘Origin of the Laws’, and Li Xuan considered that this world’s 6th He or 7th Xing experts were far from being able to match him!

Furthermore, speaking of magic manipulation, only a portion of elemental energy resided in a person’s body. Only after drawing in external elemental energy by passing it through a distinct wave frequency, or in other words, activating magic of the incantation type and aggregating the world’s elemental energy could one attack. However, Li Xuan was different!

Besides the fact that the elemental energy residing within him could attract the elemental energy outside of his body, he could still directly unleash elemental energy from within his body because of that frightful storage within his dantian. Not to mention, he was even able to come up with the idea of compressing that energy. Vapor? Liquid? Solid? Solid compression?

These were all stages he could advance through.

In his past world, he cultivated to the point that his inner jin within his dantian had condensed into near solid orb. As to how enormous the power contained within that orb was, it was simply unimaginable, or else, how would he have been able to tear space apart?

Using the same theory, it wasn’t that compressing elemental energy into liquid was nonexistent in this world, but that there were no powerful souls (soul = spirit; author explains later). This was a subject that people wouldn’t even bother thinking about because for those energy channels which were so difficult to heal (aka magic roots), the result of fixing them was completely unimaginable.

It was exactly these things that allowed Li Xuan to have a certain confidence in doing things.

For example, condensing a fire needle.

To Li Xuan, this was only a small toy, a trick, and with just a thought, he could condense more than ten of them effortlessly. However, in order to send them out forcefully, three was the most ideal number. Of course, using his whole power for one needle would definitely display the most might, but definitely unnecessary.

But just a small fire needle that held such performing potential was able to instantly kill a 2nd Hui 7th layer mage after being compressed.

Then how many powerful opponents could one fire needle condensed from Li Xuan’s total strength kill?

Li Xuan was unable to give an estimate because there was a distinct difference between each realm, and this issue also touched on the subject of magical equipment. A person’s own affinity with the magical elements, their understanding, as well as their own experiences and such were more complicated. Although it was all quite complicated, between a lower realm and a higher realm, it was basically impossible for a person at the lower realm to prevail over a person at the higher realm. The number of those who were able to prevail over those in realms above them could be counted on one’s fingers, so the people of this world only wished to advance in realm instead of consolidating their power and strengthening their foundation. The concept was kind of like ‘absolute power brings multiple powers into submission’.

In regards to battle techniques, they weren’t necessarily undesirable. It’s just that, in a true battle between mages, if neither parties could suppress the other, then the most crucial point would be close combat.

However, close combat didn’t really consist of battle techniques that focused on martial skills, but rather battle techniques that were accompanied by elemental energy. Skills like [Blazing Meteor Fist] and [Sky-Splitting Fire Leg], which involved the fists and legs, all carried a significant amount of elemental energy, similar to *Quan Gang.
(*TL: IDK what this 拳罡 is and have no idea how to translate it. I’m assuming it’s a fighting style, but I can’t be sure because it doesn’t come up when I search. Quan = fist, gang = tail of the Big Dipper. This is also the name of a light novel. I saw something that said it meant something like a ‘forceful manner’, but I can’t be sure because it was a forum kind of thing.)

Li Xuan gradually began to get a clearer picture of these things, but only to a certain degree. As such, a major reason why he was so excited to go to the Li Clan in Iris City was because he desired to gain access to the library of a large clan.

From Ning Xuan’s description of Yajia Luojia, Li Xuan could tell that this person was a very conceited, arrogant, and frivolous youth.

Second, this youth possessed strength nearing the 3rd Fen 8th layer and had 7th Xing innate meditative talent. He was the future successor to the Yama Clan in *Barbalias City, as well as a genuine talent in the clan. Even in Iris City, or to go so far as to say the entire Wade Empire, he would still be very famous.
(*TL: I’m confused because when they first Yajia Luojia in chapter 14, this city was not mentioned as the city where the Yama Clan is, but rather Balanby City. 芭比利亚斯城 chap 16 versus 巴伦比城 chap 14.)

And that Yama Clan was incredibly large and well-known, a fact that the past Li Xuan had known. Hence, present Li Xuan knew that there would definitely be numerous valuable things on Yajia Luojia’s body.

This was Li Xuan’s intent. Killing someone to plunder them while getting rid of a future obstacle at the same time.

With this kind of character, once this person sees the woman he likes with another man, he’ll most likely get in between them, whether publicly or in the dark. At that time, even if I don’t go looking for him, he’ll go looking for Big Bro and get rid of me at the same time.

As Li Xuan pondered, he was already contemplating how he would take action against Yajia Luojia.

And that previous [Rainfall Technique] of that little lady suddenly gave Li Xuan a wicked idea. He would take advantage of the enemy while he was poisoned and use the [Rainfall Technique] as a cover, ambush him with a fire needle, and intimidate him with his soul, instantly killing him!

The people in this world all believed that the most vital area was the crown of the head, but not one person cared for the forehead or the dantian. If one possessed a dantian in their body, then their body would essentially be protected as if fully armored.

As for the lethal pressure point at the space between the eyebrows, because of its location, it was barely guarded.

Although the shielding element of magic equipment would envelop the whole body evenly, could such a shield defend against the powerful piercing force of a sharp fire needle?

Once Li Xuan used his whole spirit to condense a fire needle, the resulting speed was one that surpassed the speed of sound and created a powerful sonic boom, causing ripples in the air!


During the evening in Wulanke Town, it was generally quite cool.

Slowly walking down the most bustling street of the town, Li Xuan’s heart was a layer of tranquility. The current him was a skinny, forty year old man whose two eyes carried a bit of gloom and wildness. That weathered appearance as well as that sorrowful mustache seemed to cause people to feel as though—this man was an expert, an expert with a story behind him.

As he walked on the road, although he attracted the gazes of many young ladies and young wives, he didn’t have the slightest feeling of satisfaction. With his experience from the past world, Li Xuan knew what kind of man would attract a woman—a man with his current appearance was a devastating attraction to both cute ladies as well as graceful young wives.

Of course, disguising himself like this was, to a certain degree, for the purpose of attracting people’s attention.

Although Wulanke Town could be counted as one of the bigger towns, the vast majority of people who passed through in this town were all quite familiar. Once such an eye-catching man appeared, there would definitely be people who would recognize him, but because none of the people present could say who he was, it only indicated that he was an outsider.

And this type of news quickly spread through the majority of the people in Wulanke Town.

Only after passing through that bustling street and setting off the ‘news’ about himself, did Li Xuan resolutely step onto the road that led towards the Magical Beast Forest.

After walking past numerous small paths among the hills, Li Xuan entered into the Magical Beast Forest.

The edges of the Magical Beast Forest weren’t located too far from Wulanke town, so after only around two hours, Li Xuan had already arrived on the outskirts of the forest.

At once, Li Xuan swept a glance at this dense and towering Magical Beast Forest that covered both the skies and the ground, his heart slightly astonished.

This Magical Beast Forest didn’t seem that huge when up close, but from a far away, there were ranges and ranges of mountains that alternately rose and fell in succession, touching the sky, connecting it to the ground, and piercing into the clouds. It was simply an infinite and boundless terrain with no end in sight.

“What a gigantic mountain! Furthermore, the paths on this mountain are overgrown with brambles and thistles and have some unstable footings. Within the overgrowth, if anyone encountered any viper-type species, it would truly be dying without the slightest hint…”

Li Xuan grew a bit solemn. However, with this twenty plus years of experience in the wild on the mountains in his past world, this kind of mountain range was well within his grasp and very easy to traverse.

Furthermore, after he stepped into the mountain range, fresh and clean external elemental energy immediately fell upon him like a [Rainfall Technique], cleansing him in both body and mind, and allowing him to suddenly feel as though his body and mind had grown wings.

“Naturally, the feeling of returning to nature is always a splendid feeling.” Li Xuan muttered to himself as he soaked in this feeling, completely intoxicated.

For a time, he had even completely let go of his body and mind to sense the nature around him.

At this moment, his powerful soul seemed to directly sync up with nature, and the elemental energy of the world converged towards him with a frightening speed.

Although this occurred only on the outskirts of the forest and not in its depths, this immense movement caused the magical beasts within the forest to collectively quiet down.

After all, with such a powerful elemental energy fluctuation, as long as those magical beasts weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t deliberately interrupt the activity of an ‘expert’ at this kind of level and attract his notice.



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