Chapter 015 – Little Lady, You Have a Lot of Love

(*Note: For the first part of the title, Chinese uses the word loli, so a young and cute girl – Japanese loanword. Anyways. I find little lady acceptable, so I’m keeping it that way.)

“Was Brother Mo also healed this way?”

“He was.”

“But I’ve already accepted Young Master Yajia Luojia—”

“Him? He’s only a clown. Do you seriously care about him?” Li Xuan stared at Ning Xuan’s eyes as he laughed coldly.

“You, ai. A-Xuan, it seems that you’ve really changed. However, for my situation, it will be hard to heal me unless you have a 4-star or 5-star grade pill or elixir. 4-star or 5-star, do you know what this means?” Ning Xuan sighed as she answered.

“Excuse me, I actually have this thing already. Although it’s not a 4-star superior grade good, it’s at least reached the 4-star upper grade level. However, this pill can only be useful under the condition that I’m the one healing you. In this manner, I can heal you in one go.” Li Xuan earnestly said.

“How, how is this possible? How do you have a 4-star grade pill? Wouldn’t you give this kind of pill to Lisa?” Ning Xuan couldn’t really believe him. After all, she understood Li Xuan too well.

“Don’t mention her anymore. Just sit down first, and I’ll heal you!”

At this, Li Xuan requested her to begin meditating and clearing her mind, after which he used his spirit force to investigate, getting an approximate understanding of the circumstances of Ning Xuan’s body.

Ning Xuan’s situation was actually more or less identical to the repercussions following when martial artists in Li Xuan’s past world spat out essence blood to catalyze their inner jin to forcefully enhance their strength. It was just that the majority of the people on this magic continent researched how to utilize magic to strengthen and increase one’s power instead of studying the relationship between elemental energy and one’s energy channels. Hence, whenever one overdrafted themselves, they would require a long time to recuperate. If one overdrafted themselves once more within that recuperation period, then that was essentially piling one disaster on top of another. Without a doubt, Ning Xuan’s situation was exactly like this.

As for nourishing energy channels, Li Xuan was naturally quite adept, not to mention that he was ‘prescribing the right medicine for an illness’, and even had the assistance of all the elements. For example, the effect the light attribute’s [Intercessory Prayer] and so on had on injuries was understandably quite effective. However, this type of healing method required a certain target in order for it to be used, and energy channels within the body weren’t large enough for them to be targeted, on top of the fact that elemental energy ran through those energy channels. Furthermore, because different elements could possibly incite different negative reactions, just giving direct but basic healing was ineffective.

Li Xuan knew the root of the problem, and also knew how to prevent the channels from rejecting the elemental energy, subsequently following up with light and wood attribute elemental energy to nourish and restore the channels. Hence, these types of injuries were just a simple matter to him.

After around thirty minutes later, when the process was nearly done, Li Xuan took a medicine pill that didn’t even exceed the 2-star upper grade level and crushed it, using the fire element to melt it into liquid and vaporize it. He then took this vapor and completely pressed it into Ning Xuan’s head, which caused her to deeply feel the huge medicinal ‘effect’ and hastily begin meditating to absorb it.

Under Li Xuan’s meticulous manipulation of the natural elemental energy which surged into her, Ning Xuan misunderstood the feeling to be the medicinal effect of the medicine, and therefore absorbed it without any kind of worry…

Like this, the process continued for around ten minutes more when a force suddenly exploded from Ning Xuan’s body and she unexpectedly advanced a layer higher in the realm. Forget about having her cultivation recovered, she could faintly tell that her innate talent had unexpectedly increased by a level!

Even Li Xuan hadn’t predicted this kind of outcome.

“3rd Fen realm, 5th layer! 6th He innate meditative talent!” Ning Xuan was very pleasantly surprised. To be able to reach the 3rd Fen 5th layer at her current twenty-one years of age, this would be absolutely shocking to people! This was because Yajia Luojia himself was only at 3rd Fen 6th layer only!

Ning Xuan stood up with tears suffused in her beautiful eyes and emotionally looked at the sweat-soaked Li Xuan who had also stood up, then abruptly pulled him into an embrace and firmly gave him a kiss without the slightest hesitation.

Li Xuan only felt a sweet fragrance passing through his throat, following the soft curves of a beautiful lady pressing against him. He further felt a cool yet warm feeling on his face, and for a moment, he also went into a daze.

This wasn’t because he had no elegance, nor because he didn’t have enough time to evade her movements, but rather because he had assumed that Ning Xuan would only gratefully help him wipe away his sweat or something. He had never expected the current scene to have unfolded.

However, after Ning Xuan seemed to realize how she was pressing against him, her pretty face suddenly turned red, yet she still enfolded him into a fierce hug as she said in a lovable voice: “A-Xuan, I truly thank you. Since Elder Sister’s injuries are all healed, and I no longer need to worry about suddenly relapsing and dying, then Elder Sister no longer has any misgivings.”

At this, she seemed to have thought about Li Mo, and her face couldn’t help but reveal a joyful smile.

As for Li Xuan, he only felt the sweet fragrance and charm in that short while, an odd feeling arising in him for a while.

In his heart he thought, I didn’t do such a thing to take a bite of *‘Big Bro’s wife tofu. This, ah, I’ve sinned, I’ve sinned.
(*TL: raw means older brother’s wife/sister-in-law, so he didn’t mean to make a move on her but something of the like happened anyway.)


The following matters were simple, and after settling the matter of feelings between Li Mo and Ning Xuan, along with Li Mo understanding what had happened and giving his heartfelt thanks to Li Xuan, he genuinely got together with Ning Xuan. As such, Ning Xuan agreed to go with them into the Li Clan.

And with Ning Xuan’s presence, Li Mo’s status within the clan would naturally soar crazily. 6th He innate meditative talent. This was an existence that the entire Li Clan would revere and cherish.

This position could be considered to have already been settled.

After eating lunch, Li Xuan had already gotten acquainted with the servant girl at Ning Xuan’s side, which was that extremely adorable young girl by the name of ‘Ning Shuang’. She also had the same surname as Ning Xuan.

In regards to the family name, because the characters in this world were similar to that of Chinese characters on oracle script, Li Xuan didn’t find it strange that there existed similar family names in this world either. The universe was boundless, and nothing was too bizarre.


“Shuang Er, this young master really likes you—” Li Xuan teasingly said. Little lady, ah, little lady. En. This little lady has a lot of love.

“You vulgar guy, peh—” Little Shuang Er was only around twelve years old, yet already looked like a beautiful young lady. Hearing Li Xuan’s words, she immediately opened her mouth and scolded.

*Cough cough, “You’ve misunderstood, Little Shuang Er, you’re truly thinking too much. What this young master likes is your water magic’s [Rainfall Technique]. This magic isn’t passed about within the magic circle, and using it on one’s body is truly quite comfortable~”

Li Xuan continued to speak with a beaming smile as he laid on a ‘hammock’ strung between two Rhom trees. From time to time, the little lady would swing it reluctantly with pouting lips so that he would sway back and forth in the air. Adding a few [Rainfall Technique]’s on top of that was even more satisfying.

This type of method wasn’t something fashionable in this world, but rather something Li Xuan had gotten accustomed to when he was living in the countryside in his past world. One could actually just sleep on a cord, but this definitely wasn’t as comfortable as sleeping on a net of rope.

“I’m going to use [Rainfall Technique] now! Hmph!”

“Ah, use [Rainfall Technique]? Ay, don’t get angry little sister. Uncle will treat you to a lollipop.” Li Xuan coolly said.


After teasing the little lady and seeing her huffing in anger as she ran to go clean the room, Li Xuan didn’t try to stop her.

Li Mo and Ning Xuan were currently in the midst of *’deep water and scorching fire’, and had already colluded to disappear to who knows where. Therefore, with Li Xuan’s empty time, he casually tumbled out of the ‘swing’ and then walked towards Ning Xuan’s private meditation room, controlling the elemental energy to condense into a physical form and lock the cultivation room from the inside. After this, he looked for a dark corner where there was nobody around, and with a whole bunch crackling and popping sounds, his height had already diminished to around 180 centimeters. He then changed his magic robe for a gray, 1-star lower grade magic robe that was the most basic good.
(*TL: idiom for ‘abyss of suffering’)

In the next moment, following the ripples and fluctuations of the wind element, earth element, and the rest of the elements, Li Xuan’s figure immediately dissolved into a shadow, swiftly disappearing from the courtyard.

Yajia Luojia? Very awesome? Magical Beast Forest? It’s convenient that I want to test out how powerful I am! Li Xuan thought deeply in his heart, then rapidly left *Wakelyn Town.
(*TL: In case you’re wondering, no, this town’s name was not mentioned previously)



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