Chapter 014 – Ning Xuan’s Predicament

“Even for people of other worlds, the feelings of emotion are still identical.” Li Xuan remarked in his heart. After seeing that flash of sorrow flit past Ning Xuan’s eyes, he at once thought of the situation that she had overstrained herself. He pondered in his heart, after which he slapped his older brother who was currently standing there in a foolish daze like a blockhead and laughed: “Big Bro, it’s fine if you space out at home, but to do so right now in front of such a beauty as Ning Xuan is really too shameful. Didn’t you thump your chest and tell me that you wouldn’t knit an eyebrow even in front of a mountain of blades and a sea of fire for the sake of Ning Xuan? How come you don’t even have the courage to meet her now?”

Li Xuan purposely spoke in this manner.

“Ah—what? Hoh, how does Big Bro lack courage, Big Bro is—Ah, you brat! What did you say? You’re looking for a beating!”

Li Mo had finally returned from his daze, his face becoming incredibly red and violet even more. Looking at his bashfulness, no wonder, Li Xuan thought. Looking through the past Li Xuan’s memories, it seemed as though the past Li Xuan had been cast through a mold. Li Xuan suddenly understood why the past Li Xuan had cared so much about a woman—this was damn genetics! As expected, there was a reason why Father was afraid of Mother.

“No, no. Hurry up and go in and sit. En, sit, Elder Sister Ning Xuan is waiting for you!” Li Xuan snickered as he spoke.

When Li Mo looked towards Ning Xuan, all thoughts of taking revenge on Li Xuan immediately dissipated from his mind. He trembled slightly and his tongue seemed to be tied in a knot, almost unable to speak clearly, “Ning, Ning Xuan you, you, you, don’t, don’t listen to his nonsense. I, I, I did, didn’t say such, such words.”

Ning Xuan was a bit embarrassed and a bit disappointed, slightly expectant yet also a bit perplexed. However, these emotional fluctuations lasted only a short while, and externally, she only seemed very natural as her large eyes looked at Li Mo as if asking: “You really didn’t say that?”

Seeing how Li Mo was still as bewildered and at a complete loss like ants on a frying pan, even more sorrow appeared in the depths of Ning Xuan’s eyes. Li Xuan was thoroughly let down by his brother’s reaction, and he immediately whispered at Li Mo’s ear: “Bro, a man should be a bit responsible. So what if you admit it? Don’t tell me you’ll die? Be ashamed? You already know how shameful your little brother was in the past, but Bro, have you thought about your current situation? You’re like a ridiculous coward who doesn’t have any courage to face your emotions! How can this kind of cowardice win Ning Xuan’s love?!

If you’re a man, then bravely face it!”

Li Xuan softly spoke, and then his spirit slightly enveloped Li Mo to allow him to calm down a bit. He had specifically emphasized the word ‘courage’ to provoke that feeling of inferiority lodged in the depths Li Mo’s heart.

Li Mo stared blankly, then suddenly thought of the many times that Ning Xuan had risked her life for him, as well as her numerous expressions of disappointment and despair. He suddenly firmly lifted his head, the hot blood in his chest seeming to explode instantly with energy!

“It’s true, Ning Xuan. Xuan Er, I love you!”

Li Mo suddenly shouted, and the passerby’s in the distance immediately stopped and turned their gazes towards his direction when they heard.

As for Ning Xuan, whose big eyes were constantly on Li Mo, her lovable figure faintly trembled, then a sparkling faint mist gathered in her eyes.

“Brother Mo, I’m sorry…” Ning Xuan’s head drooped.

“For my parents’ matter, I need to strive to become a 5th Xing envoy and become the wife of Young Master Yajia Luojia (*雅佳罗迦 Yǎ jiā luō jiā), the future successor to the Yama Clan, then rely on the clan to allow myself to break through the 5th Xing bottleneck.”

Ning Xuan went silent for a while, and finally responded with a cruel answer.

“Xuan Er, you don’t have to rely on Yajia Luojia. Although he has 7th Xing innate meditative talent, and although he is an outstanding genius with strength that surpasses the ordinary person, how would he cherish you—”

“Between love and strength, I choose strength. Brother Mo, before this, I’ve already given you four chances, but you never took hold of them. And with regards to myself, I determined not to let this happen more than five times. Before, when I went to the Magical Beast Forest for the last time, I had already made this kind of determination. The only thing that comforts me is that you’ve overcome your cowardice. But, it’s a pity that this time when I went into the Magical Beast Forest, luckily I was saved by Young Master Yajia Luojia when I ran into danger…”

Ning Xuan calmly narrated the whole thing as if it was a matter not worth mentioning. Her expression was extremely indifferent, but Li Xuan knew that this was all a front.

Whether or not Ning Xuan loved Li Mo could be completely deduced from a few of her words, although these words of hers were quite heartless.

“Ah—no, Xuan Er, no, it can’t be like this. You’re lying to me right?” Li Mo suddenly crumbled.

Seeing how this scene was almost turning into a melodramatic soap opera, Li Xuan patted Li Mo’s shoulder and suppressed his emotions a bit, following up with a soft whisper: “Bro, don’t say anything, just believe me. I’ll take care of this, Elder Sister Ning Xuan going through some trouble.”

“A-Xuan, you—”

Li Mo still spoke, but Li Xuan had already shut his mouth with a meaningful glance.

“Bro, go into the house and rest for a bit first. Elder Sister Ning xuan and I are going to go to the cultivation room to say a few words.” Li Xuan sternly said.

“A-Xuan, just say whatever you’d like to say here. Not long from now, Young Master Yajia Luojia will probably come here. If he sees that you guys are still here, then he won’t be pleased.” Ning Xuan faintly spoke in a low voice, continuing to let out even harsher words.

Li Mo’s body shook, and his fist suddenly tightened.

“Go in and sit, then wait for a bit and I’ll pass you some good news.” Li Xuan pushed Li Mo in and helped to contain his anger a bit.

After this, he gave Ning Xuan a look, then without even turning his head, he walked through the big doors onto a meditation ground towards the side of the entrance.

This place was very closed off, and even had a certain degree of magical restrictions which allowed the environment to maintain absolute silence. Therefore, the soundproofing effect was quite good.

Seeing that Ning Xuan followed after him after a moment’s worth of contemplation, Li Xuan casually closed the magic enchanted doors, which resulted in the whole room sinking into absolute silence.

Under the dusky light, Li Xuan discovered that his body had a special reaction to the natural illumination, as though life existed in this dim space as well. This feeling caused him to quickly realize that this was due to his affinity to the light and dark elements. The recent transformation he had gone through which had purified his body allowed him to increase his affinity with the natural elements even more. As a result, his actions as well as his bearing seemed to contain some essence of the ‘Way’.

This was also why Ning Xuan felt as though Li Xuan’s disposition had gotten firmer, which was why she had followed Li Xuan into her cultivation area. This choice was made in addition to the fact that she suddenly felt as though there was something within him which caused her gravitate towards him, as though it was a feeling of kinship.

She didn’t know that this was because the light element within Li Xuan was even purer than that of her own.

“A-Xuan, have you led me to here to try to dissuade me? If that is so, then I’m afraid you’ll only be disappointed.” Ning Xuan’s tone was just as before, carrying a certain degree of cold indifference.

Li Xuan could only admit that he was defeated by this woman. Such a person, if she really threw herself into love, then she truly wouldn’t spare any kind effort, regardless of whether her body was torn and her bones crushed. This kind of truth was truly moving.

 “Elder Sister Ning Xuan, you’ve saved me three times, and for the sake of Big Bro, overdrafted your body’s origin of magic energy. To people like us who cultivate, overdrafting one’s origin of magic energy even once will drain us of much of our life force. Although you don’t show it on the outside, cannot the appearance of my father and my mother explain it?
Right now, I’ve already seen through the fact that you’re injured. If you trust me, then I can heal it for you and help restore the injury back to health.
En, from this time’s escape from death, I’ve understood a method of restoring injuries. With a few magic pills to accompany this method, I should be able to heal you.”

After momentarily pondering, Li Xuan carefully and deliberately communicated this to Ning Xuan.



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