Chapter 013 – You Damn Slave

“This slave doesn’t dare! May the young master please forgive this slave for forgetting his place!”


“Young Master—”

“Xuan Er—”


Li Xuan lightly barked, and an indescribable pressure enwrapped Manager Li. Immediately, Manager Li’s face turned deathly pale in a flash, at once not daring to resist. With a “peng!” sound, he fell on his knees before Li Xuan.

“Remember this, you are only a damn slave! There’s no difference between killing you and killing a dog! As for me who has recovered my innate talent, no matter what is said, I am still one of the core elite disciples of the Li Clan! You can’t even dare to think about such a large disparity! This time you’ve offended your superior, but I’ll take it as though you don’t understand etiquette! Next time, there won’t be a next time!”

Li Xuan took two casual steps, and that immense pressure didn’t disappear, but rather grew even more oppressive.

And that brawny body of Manager Li couldn’t help but start shuddering.

Li Xuan walked over, then used a foot to press Manager Li’s head onto the floor, and Manager Li’s body fell along with it, not daring to resist.

“Young, Young Master is correct! This slave will never dare to do such a thing from now on!” At this moment, the heavyset lunk didn’t even let out a single squeak out of fear. His face had gone utterly pale, and bean-sized beads of sweat already covered his entire forehead.

“Li Xuan’ you’ve improved again?!”

Li Ning asked in pleasant surprise.

“En. At first, I only re-cultivated up until my past level, then just randomly trained after that, so I’ve only improved by one layer, reaching 2nd Hui 6th layer.”

Li Xuan calmly answered, and his tone seemed to say that those ten days of re-cultivation in addition to reaching another layer was just a ridiculously easy task!

At this moment, no one suspected that he was lying because of his confident and blunt tone. Therefore, Li Ning’s and Manager Li’s face once again distorted into a wonderfully strange face.

This, this was simply too terrifying!

Seeing the two show identical faces as though they’d seen a ghost, Li Xuan laughed calmly and shook his head without a word.

Just this is already astonishing? What if they knew that I have already cultivated all eight elements to 2nd Hui 6th layer, and have even stepped through the gateway to cultivating spatial magic? How would they react, I wonder?

Genius? What genius could compare with me? Before me, all geniuses are trash!

Li Xuan chuckled faintly, and then spoke to the Li Ning who had recovered from his wonderfully astonished face: “Father, I’m going to go wash myself. After that, I’m going to go with Big Bro to find Elder Sister Ning Xuan to repay her for saving my life. Didn’t I also kill that Kyd as well? For my spoils, I got my hands on a 2-star superior grade elemental elixir, which I conveniently gave to Big Bro to recover his cultivation. Right now, Big Bro should have already recovered, and it’s time for him to meet Elder Sister Ning Xuan.”

The words Li Xuan spoke really weren’t lies. After he had healed Li Mo, he gave him an elemental elixir worth one million gold coins so that there would be a plausible reason for his recovery.

Furthermore, before he had done that, he had also explained himself to Li Mo, and Li Mo had thus firmly determined not to say a word of the healing matter. One must know, if this kind of incident got out, then it would definitely cause a ruckus because it was so unusual.

“En, I already learned about Mo Er’s affairs that day, and thankfully he stood up yesterday. Originally, he was so impatient to go look for that 3rd Fen mage Ning Xuan, but he insisted on going with you.
Before this, I also went with your mother to express our gratitude, but we didn’t get to meet her. We heard that she had gone to the Magical Beast Forest to go look for medicinal materials, so she’s probably risking her safety for your older brother.”

Li Ning’s words caused Li Xuan’s heart to involuntarily surge with warm. A woman like this, she admitted that she put cultivation above all else and that romantic relationships were only a small matter. Nevertheless, that she still silently expended her own efforts was indeed something hard to come by in such a woman.

When will a woman like this be willing to expend so much effort for me?

A sliver of envy flitted across Li Xuan’s heart, but it vanished as fast as it had appeared. He had seen this Ning Xuan, and she was beautiful, touching, and carried an air of sacred, ice-cold purity. She truly wasn’t a simple woman.

Furthermore, because she was a light mage and had awakened 5th Xing innate meditative talent, she received much respect from others, and thus no influential young masters would come and bother her—of course it was hard to avoid developing a sort of fondness for her, but no one would dare to use force with her.

“In order to heal me last time, she seemed to have forcefully used an [Intercessory Prayer] skill that exceeded her realm. I’m afraid it will be quite dangerous for her to have entered the Magical Beast Mountain Range this time…” Li Xuan muttered silently in his heart, and then determined to swiftly head over to where she was to take a look.

At once, after momentarily pondering, he spoke: “Father, stay at home with Manager Li for around two days and wait for me and Big Bro to handle this matter, then we’ll return to the clan.”

“En, rest assured and go take care of it. If it isn’t handled, then your older brother won’t be at ease when we go to Iris City.” Li Ning nodded and agreed at once, and then seemingly after some deliberation, he allowed Manager Li to stand up.

As for Li Xuan, he had already walked out of the room by then and filled a wooden bucket with clean water, going to the courtyard to wash himself.

Actually, he originally only needed to use water elemental energy to cleanse himself, but he temporarily gave up on this idea.


Half an hour later, Li Xuan and Li Mo departed together.

This time, the two brothers’ goals were identical, which was to find the light mage Ning Xuan.

“Big Bro, put on these two gale rings. They can help you reduce air resistance while advancing.” As he said this, Li Xuan had already taken out the two gale rings.

“That’s not necessary, A-Xuan. Just use it for yourself, Big Bro doesn’t need such material things,” Li Mo refused.

“Just take it. We’re brothers, not outsiders. If you don’t like it, then just go sell it off. It’s worth around 200,000 gold coins anyway.”

“Then…. then I’ll take it!”


The two brothers chattered and laughed, very quickly arriving at the noble residences where Ning Xuan lived. This place was similar to a manor and a villa, and was a place that Ning Xuan herself was awarded with by the city lord of Iris City when she reached the 3rd Fen realm with her own efforts.

Originally, Li Xuan worried on the way here that something had happened when Ning Xuan went to the Magical Beast Forest. If something really happened, then he would forever feel indebted to Ning Xuan as well as his older brother. However, after arriving, he stopped worrying because he realized that Ning Xuan had returned home.

“Big Bro, Elder Sister Ning Xuan is at home~ properly grab this opportunity!” Li Xuan snickered and teased his older brother.

“You brat, stop speaking drivel!” Li Mo immediately sunk into embarrassment, his entire face flushing red.

As the two people happily chatted upon their arrival, a cute young girl had already ran to notify Ning Xuan. A short while later, Ning Xuan walked out and welcomed the two with a calm smile.

However, when Li Xuan saw the woman this time, he thought that her entire body seemed to be a bit overworked and sick. This was, of course, just an instinctual feeling, but Li Xuan could guarantee that it was right.

“A-Xuan, you’ve come…” When that woman glanced towards Li Xuan and saw that he stood there steadily, his figure carrying an imposing air of strength and steadfastness, her heart couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

However, right as she was saying these words, her gazes suddenly fell upon Li Mo who was standing beside Li Xuan.

“Brother Mo… you, you’re healed?” Ning Xuan’s voice was a bit tremulous. Before, she was still preoccupied with the matters within her heart, and didn’t notice that Li Mo was already standing besides Li Xuan. She had previously seen him at a distance from her room, but she didn’t care too much, thinking that it was only Li Xuan and his father Li Ning who had come together.

At this moment, suddenly seeing the man she loved, Ning Xuan who was constantly viewed as icily pure and sacred couldn’t help but be ‘emotionally moved’! Not only that, it seemed as though her feelings had gone out of control.

Facing this woman, the eyes of Li Mo who was previously stalwart and strong unexpectedly began flashing with chaos and panic.

“Ning, Ning Xuan, I’m, I’m healed.” Li Mo stuttered, his elegant face turning so red it seemed like it’d explode.


Seeing Li Mo like this, Ning Xuan covered her mouth and began laughing, her curvy figure and those two upright mounds at her chest slightly shaking. This caused the Li Mo standing before her to further sink into embarrassment, making this man unexpectedly bashful to the point that he lowered his head.

“You, you’re still like this. But seeing that you’re better now, it can be said that a burden’s been lifted from my heart. Come in, don’t just stand there stupidly. You two brothers should come in and sit.”

The sadness in Ning Xuan’s eyes receded in a flash, and after teasing Li Mo, this ice beauty’s face revealed a bright and sunny smile for the first time, making people feel warm and dear.



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  1. even if this is good, i think this a bit too op. i mean all element are already enough and whats more? dat crazy cultivation talent. give him 3-4 years and he will already be at the peak.


  2. That “description” that you’re referring to is found in A~~~LL the other novels XD.

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      • yeah it was a little bit misleading since the girl was like taking care of the mc
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      • oh i see. i remember there was one sentence that said something like “Considering my relationship with Brother Mo, I will definitely try my hardest” in chapter 2, which is referring to li mo. guess it was too vague since li mo wasn’t even introduced yet


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