Chapter 012 – Kneel!

After returning home, Li Xuan ignored the people who had come by after they had received news that he had recovered his innate talent, and rather completely threw himself into studying magic books at home.

And the most basic book was [7th Xing Tempering Skill]. To this book, Li Xuan also only examined it and turned it over a few times in his mind. However, a number of subsequent looks later, the expression on his face had turned a bit odd.

This [7th Xing Tempering Skill] book could be said to be a book that explained about the ‘energy channels’ concerning cultivation. On the Moyuan Continent, ‘energy channels’ were referred to as ‘magical roots’, which basically meant the origin of magic.

And this book told how some ‘energy channels’ were complicated or simple and plain, and a large majority of those described within were actually energy channels that Li Xuan, this martial emperor, didn’t know. Clearly, this book was either mistaken, or the energy channels themselves were incorrect.

However, the fact that this book had been passed on clearly demonstrated that it wasn’t too big of a problem, and the only questionable topic was those energy channels.

After pondering a bit, Li Xuan returned to his magic-enchanted bed and then sat in a meditative posture, simultaneously invoking his spiritual abilities to go into a state of spiritual perception. Following that, he began to cultivate according to how the book had explained.

The energy channels within the human body were extremely complicated, and even Li Xuan of the Earth couldn’t swear that he possessed a very deep understanding. Therefore, in handling this matter, he was extremely cautious and careful.

Under Li Xuan’s detailed inspection, he suddenly discovered that the degree of permeation of those questionable energy channels enabled his body to be able to connect with the elemental energy within the world fairly quickly. Clearly, these energy channels were useful.

And these energy channels weren’t located far from a few broader energy channels, intercrossing with each other. Once he opened these channels, it would result in a situation where they would intermix with other energy channels, and to the Li Xuan whose circulation path through his energy channels was quite rigid, this was a challenge.

If his inner jin branched off to another path while circulating, it would bring about delusions, causing the whole person to go madly insane—however once Li Xuan thought about his powerful spirit and unwavering willpower, he gritted his teeth and rammed towards these energy channels.

The agonizing suffering throughout this whole period of time was something that didn’t need to be said. In the process of opening an energy channel, Li Xuan’s soul would always suffer a pain as though his soul was being pierced through, so one could imagine how painful it was. However, it didn’t go on for too long, and before an hour was up, Li Xuan had already fully opened seven main energy channels. It was just that, at this time, an unfathomable feeling of his soul shuddering began to arise, and his heart getting chills, all the tiny hairs on his body involuntarily pricked up.

Almost without any hesitation, Li Xuan’s hand successively poked at a number of acupuncture points on his body in a jerking manner, as though his hand had cramped up to seal those energy channels.

After he had sealed them, droplets of cold sweat had already appeared on Li Xuan’s forehead.

He momentarily deliberated for a bit, then directly condensed the elemental energy in the outside world into the seven energy channels he had just sealed. Following that, Li Xuan ceaselessly rammed against these channels in order to fully open up the remainder of the main channels to allow them to be nourished.

This process persisted for a long while, and from using around ten minutes or so to open up one channel, it grew to requiring a few hours in order to open up another. The speed of the process gradually began to slow down.

Although the amount of aggregated elemental energy within the energy channels grew larger, and the might of the condensed fire needles along with the vortex increased more and more, the difficulty of connecting everything also grew tougher.

Finally, after inhaling a deep breath and tolerating his shuddering body, Li Xuan ruthlessly rammed towards the final channel in one breath, which was the channel referred to as the ‘magical root’ located between the eyebrows.

After this, Li Xuan’s heart violently thumped, and following a boundless wave of heaven and earth elemental energy surging forth, his body blossomed with a rainbow colored radiance.

This process only passed by in a flash, but Li Xuan felt as though he had suddenly gained another eye, which felt extremely strange.

Before this, his eyes had been shut. However, at this moment, how he perceived the world seemed a bit unusual within his vision. It was as if he was part of the world, and could see from all perspectives, possessing an omni-directional sight.

Not only that, Li Xuan also felt that the speed and efficiency with which he absorbed elemental energy had had a huge upgrade. However, it was clear that his cultivation speed had slowed down a bit. But, this was because during the process of absorption, the area between his eyebrows would naturally purify the elemental energy from the world.

This feeling was comparable to the difference between when he had trained on Earth by absorbing world qi and when he had begun absorbing natural qi. The amount was less, but the quality was much better.

Opening his eyes, the gorgeous rainbow colored world before his eyes suddenly dimmed. Li Xuan was a bit unaccustomed to this feeling. It was as if he had left a state of unity with the natural world.

“Could it be that this is the Heaven Opening Eye that the book talked about? It should be that once the two types of channels were connected, it truly opened my magical roots, and from now on, I can absorb the world’s elemental energy from the source. Like this, my innate talent should be difficult to imagine, but why does it still feel as though it hasn’t reached 100th Jie? What’s going on?”

Li Xuan hesitated in his heart, and then he stood up.

At this moment, after Li Xuan had opened the ‘magical root’, he felt that his soul had undergone a definite change. At the same time, he felt as though if he wished, he could completely conceal his aura and presence.

At his will, he condensed and restricted his aura, and then activated a technique from his past world, ‘Body Compression’. After a few creaking and cracking sounds, Li Xuan’s height abruptly shortened by a small amount, his whole body unexpectedly becoming skinny and lean in an instant. At the same time, his cheekbones slightly shifted and expanded outwards, causing his two eyes to sink in and appear smaller.

Waving his hand, Li Xuan materialized some water elemental energy into a mirror. He took a look at his appearance which had grown wretched, sinister, cunning, and greedy, to the point that it was simply indescribable.

“This form is a genuine cow.. Tsk tsk, this wretched appearance…”

Li Xuan was at a loss for words. He had only tried it on a whim, but didn’t imagine that he would unexpectedly truly be able to contract and compress his bones at will. What did this mean? This meant that his identity could be completely hidden even further, and it was even more convenient to exploit this method to take care of some special affairs.

Immediately, his body crackled and made popping sounds like a bean at his will, then his body had returned to its original taciturn, handsome, and graceful and refined visage.


“Xuan Er, you’ve basically finished training for now. How was it, how much did you improve in this time’s training session?” Li Ning’s pleased voice inquired of Li Xuan. At this moment, there was a man beside him of brawny stature apparelled with a dark red 2-star superior grade magic robe. The man’s gaze revealed a bit of skepticism and probed at Li Xuan, seeming as though he was extremely concerned with his cultivation.

Looking at this situation, Li Xuan already understood. This man was probably sent by the Li Clan. However, this man’s current arrogance as well as his probing look of pity put Li Xuan off a bit.

Just by looking at this man’s expression, Li Xuan could determine that he was most likely a servant of the Li Clan. Yet such a servant dared to stand at his father’s side in such an unrestrained manner?

“Father, how long have I trained for?” Li Xuan didn’t rush to answer, and instead asked a question.

“Xuan Er, you’ve trained for ten whole days and nights this time! Manager Li has already been waiting here for two days. If you didn’t come out today, then Manager Li would have had to return due to the matters of the clan. It’s good that you’ve already awoken.” Li Ning spoke rather excitedly.

“Ten days and nights?” Li Xuan stared blankly and then understood. It was also reasonable. With one hundred ‘magical roots’, to open all of them in ten days and nights was within expectation.

“En, I heard you instantly killed Kyd? En? I don’t sense your cultivation. Don’t tell me that all of this was fabricated by you to catch the attention of the Li Clan?” Manager Li arrogantly spoke.

“Oh? Just because you can’t sense it, then it means this young master has no power? Whether or not this young master possesses any power, do I need to prove it to a lackey like you? En? There’s killing intent? Very good!”

Li Xuan indifferently swept a glance over Manager Li, and a cold light flashed across his eyes. Immediately, the killing intent in Manager Li’s eyes vanished, and an indescribable feeling of horror instantly engulfed his entire body.

At this moment, the body of this youthful Li Xuan seemed to merge with the figure of that elder of the clan, identically unfathomable and profound.

“This slave doesn’t dare! May the young master please forgive this slave for forgetting his place!”


“Young Master—”

“Xuan Er—”


Li Xuan lightly barked, and an indescribable pressure enwrapped Manager Li. Immediately, Manager Li’s face turned deathly pale in a flash, at once not daring to resist. With a “peng!” sound, he fell on his knees before Li Xuan.



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  2. Thank for the chapter
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