Chapter 011 – Cultivation? Too Easy!

The ranking of this world’s equipment was identical to pills, and was divided into ten layers classified as stars. Each star layer consisted of lower grade, middle grade, upper grade, and superior grade.

And when the quality of magic equipment reached a certain level, the equipment would naturally connect with nature to form a unique ‘star symbol’. For example, 3-star grade goods would simultaneously light up with 3 star symbols, while goods with 4 star symbols would almost light up entirely, with only a few dim and unclear sections.

Li Xuan only glanced at these gold coins and didn’t think much of it. His mind was, for the most part, focused on the vitality energy he had absorbed from those two mages who had died—this absorption was quite odd. Besides the other party’s cultivated and pure elemental energy, unexpectedly, a portion of pure soul force had also been absorbed.

This kind of soul force was quite mysterious and profound, but Li Xuan was still able to clearly sense it. Hence, he could also sense that his soul had strengthened by a tiny bit.

It was as if he had suddenly entered into a mysteriously wonderful dreamlike state, but this fantasy had actually become somewhat reality. At the same time, his whole body felt as though it had been vitalized and become stronger. This kind of feeling was especially marvelous, yet also very real and tangible, a feeling that could be distinctly and clearly understood. Therefore, Li Xuan could recognize that his soul had probably undergone some sort of variation. Besides having a perception type ability, it even had an absorption ability.

After thorough contemplation, Li Xuan felt that this change was due to the fact that his body had cultivated to the level of the soul back on earth. That had enabled it to absorb the spirit energy in the world, to the extent that although there was no spirit energy in this world, he was still able to absorb the soul force of other people.

These were merely speculations, but they could more or less be confirmed. As such, Li Xuan was in a pretty good mood.

Concerning all this, he had only slightly inspected the situation of his body, and after discovering that there were only benefits and no harm done, he didn’t bother thinking about it further.

Besides getting ahold of 730,000 gold coins, Li Xuan had also obtained three gale rings, a staff, and even an interspatial ring which contained a few magic pills. Regarding the gale rings, one was limited to only being able to wear two because the stacking effects of wearing rings of the same type weren’t big. After wearing two, the third basically had no effect, so the third gale ring was basically extraneous.

Li Xuan took a look at the equipment shop, then stepped forward and entered in.

“100,000 gold coins? This ring is only 100,000 gold coins? Manager Peilin, you’re certain that you’re referring to this ring?” Li Ning’s voice carried a bit of anger as he spoke.

“Naturally. For this ring, 300,000 isn’t that high, but you must know that gold coins are a bit scarce right now, and this ring of ours is already a bit worn out and old-fashioned. To get 100,000 gold coins for it is already pretty good. If you agree, then for that staff you want to buy, I can give you a ten percent discount, you might as well agree!”

That middle-aged man by the name of Peilin retorted in a standoffish manner. To a useless person like Li Ning, he didn’t have any polite or good words to say.

For this useless person, with a useless son on top of that, even if he bought better equipment, it would be of no use.

“Fine, then let it be that way! Remember that this object must not be sold, and another day, I’ll pay you 500,000 gold coins to buy it back!” Li Ning answered as he gritted his teeth.

“Father, that’s not necessary. Look at this.” Li Xuan chuckled as he stopped Li Ning from handing over the ring, and then took out a staff surging with fire elemental energy.

It was a 2-star superior grade fire element staff, and was of much higher quality than the 2-star upper grade staff Li Ning was going to buy.

“Huh?” Li Ning walked towards Li Xuan and inspected the staff in his hands, his face expressed confusion and doubt.

“Father, don’t worry. Just before, I ran into Amar and Philroth outside and got into a scuffle. These are the profits I reaped from winning—of course, not as the result of a bet. It’s only the price they paid for overstepping their bounds and bullying me.”

Li Xuan gave a brief explanation, because to this father of his, he was truly obligated to give him an explanation.

Li Ning looked distracted for a moment, and then nodded: “This is also fine. We’re about to return to Iris City, so giving a proper demonstration is also called for. As for that Roth Clan, I expect that they don’t even have the courage to act against us anyway, and even though we don’t really have any status within the Li Clan, we’re not people that an insignificant group like them can take advantage of!”

Li Ning’s tone was firm and resolute, simultaneously carrying an air of dignity and presence. When Manager Peilin heard him, his originally arrogant manner and insincere face immediately expressed fawning and flattery.

If he still did not understand, then he would’ve spent all those years opening shop in vain. Clearly, that useless piece of trash most likely recovered his innate talent.

Furthermore, even if he didn’t recover his innate talent, Li Ning’s words were very accurate. For someone belonging to Iris City’s Li Clan, whether servant or slave, their status was much higher than his own as a simple store manager, which was an indisputable fact.

“Li, Master Li, I’m truly ashamed of my rude conduct just before. I’m only a small storekeeper, and the practical function of this ring is not high, mainly only something to be included in one’s collection. In that regard, I don’t believe that I, Peilin, was excessively—”

“En, there’s no need for further words, I understand. However, regarding the words that were spoken before, I’m afraid I can no longer sell this ring. Not because I’m going back on my word, but because the meaning and sentimental value this object holds to me is extremely special. I’ve bothered you.”

Li Ning looked towards Li Xuan, then subsequently spoke these few words to Peilin and accompanied Li Xuan out the equipment store.

“En, en, no problem, no problem. It is my special honor and privilege that Master Li came to *my store.” Peilin laughed good-naturedly, his attitude very polite and modest.
(*TL: humble way of referring to himself e.g. lowly me)

Li Ning only chuckled calmly, and his and Li Xuan’s figure gradually disappeared into the distance.

And Manager Peilin, on the other hand, heaved a big sigh. He looked towards those straight-postured figures, and mumbled a bit to himself: “It seems that good days have come to Li Ning and his son. That useless Li Xuan was actually neither servile nor overbearing today, and actually had the air of a genius, to the point that not even Balan whom I saw before is equal to him… A member of the Li Clan, as expected, is truly a member of the Li Clan.”


“It pleases me that you practiced restraint. As a true expert, it is admittedly important to be ruthless and destroy from the root, but it is even more necessary to grasp your own safety at the moment as well as the situation’s alterations and fluctuations. Even in the case that the situation is unchanging, you must be aware and prepared to suppress any changes that may occur and handle them. Amar and Philroth are only two people of the younger generation who are vain and care about appearances. However, in regards to their heart, they’re not too bad, but it’s just that they bully the weak and fear the strong. You beat them up once, but they’re not idiots, so while they will definitely hold a grudge, they won’t retaliate, so don’t worry.
These things which you’ve acquired can also be counted as your spoils of war, so Father doesn’t want it. When we return to the clan, Father will have the opportunity to advance in cultivation a bit, and that is enough.”

On the road, Li Xuan had narrated the whole gist of what had happened, and Li Ning had analyzed the circumstances as well as how well Li Xuan had handled it and thought about the appropriate response. As such, he was deeply satisfied with Li Xuan’s actions.

“En, I’ve already seen through these things, which is why I was a bit lenient, or would I forgive them? However, Father, up till now, there’s still no traces of Ru’er…”
(TL: his sister)

“Her? Don’t worry. It’s true that something almost happened back then, but after that, that girl Ning Xuan introduced her to Iris Institute, and over there, Siyu is taking care of her, so there shouldn’t be any problems. In the future, properly make it up to her… what you did before was really too excessive.”

Li Ning spoke in a bit of a rebuking manner.

“Oh, then that’s fine. I don’t have to worry anymore, and I won’t always be thinking about it when I train.” Li Xuan heaved a sigh of relief as he spoke.

“En. Now that you mention cultivation, you instantly killed a 2nd Hui 7th layer wind mage? Even if the opponent had underestimated you, wouldn’t you have to be at least at the level of 2nd Hui 7th layer? Are you that strong?”

Li Ning spoke a bit skeptically.

“Uh, Father, it’s like this. Yesterday night, I was mulling it over, and felt that it’d be better for me to cultivate for the whole night. Father, you also knew that yesterday night, I was at 2nd Hui 1st layer. After you left, I began to cultivate, and felt that it was pretty simple. In one stretch, I cultivated up until 2nd Hui 5th layer.”


“En, exactly so. It felt very easy to me, and there was no type of difficulty. If it’s like this, then I should be able to reach 3rd Fen realm very quickly.” Li Xuan casually spoke.

This was the truth because he wasn’t only training in just one element, but rather all of them. What did all-element mean? Besides wood, fire, wind, lightning, water, earth, light, and darkness, these eight elements, there were still the elements of time, space, dimension, and fate. It’s just that, he could only manifest wood, fire, wind, lightning, water, earth, light, darkness, and space, and temporarily couldn’t get a grasp on the rest.


For the Li Ning who was, up till now, still a fire mage at 2nd Hui 1st layer, despite his staunch demeanor, his face couldn’t help but twitch a bit. Especially with that spazzing muscle on his face, his entire expression was really too wonderful.

Li Ning looked strangely at Li Xuan, and then nodded: “Simple, that’s good, that’s good!”



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  1. Who was the girl in the green in chapter 9 can someone plssssss tell me?? and who is siyu in this chapter? PLS AND TY and TY very much for chapter immensely appreciated 😀


  2. I LOVE it when I see super genius MC >:D . I wonder what his father will feel like if knows the ACTUAL truth. I think I’m gonna go sketch his expression XD.


    • i saw the post 😛 btw why don’t people like the mc? there’s the old li xuan who was just a plain cowardly ass, and there’s the new li xuan who was from earth. new li xuan = mc (who hasn’t done anything bad), not the old jerk li xuan, so why are people saying mc deserves what he gets? o.O


      • yeah…I think they didn’t read it properly. Probably they just skimmed though the pages.
        Anyway, this LN is quite different since it looks like it’s a world of mages. I’m pretty sure people will love it in due time. I want to see more magic^^


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